Hello. This is your portal to all things of asian dance origin. I'll post all my favorite Jpop and Kpop dancers and singers like DBSK, SHINee, SuperJunior, and MBLAQ, plus many more such as, 2NE1, Big Bang, L'arc en Ciel, and High and Mighty Color (which is no more but I still love them) Plus Bollywood. I love Bollywood. The dancing wears me out. Enjoy! If you have a favorite Bollywood artist tell me!

Korean Indie Music Videos

These are from a couple months ago but I'm just now finding out about them. I really like Thornapple. I'm gonna start listening to them more. They're both really good. They're from the same record company.

Roy Kim, VIXX, and new Kpop

Ailee-Don't Touch Me MV

I was gonna post this before but my computer died. Ailee's voice is so good. She sounds extremely good live also. Like exactly like the studio version. I really like this song too. It's so catchy. And her outfit is really cute.

2PM 4th album "Go Crazy" Preview

Ladies Code Tragedy

So apparently the kpop girl group's van crashed into a guardrail during a rainstorm and the 22 year old member EunB passed away and the driver and the others are in the hospital. Two are in critical care. There were 2 staff members who were hurt. This is so sad to hear.

Update: Rise has just made it out of surgery after 9 hours after they had to stop because of brain swelling and high blood pressure and Sojung is being stabilized. Rise is still unconscious. Police are further investigating the crash. Apparently the van they were using was a rental.

Update 2: So sad to hear that Rise also died Sunday. The police are suspecting that the driver was speeding.