Hello. This is your portal to all things of asian dance origin. I'll post all my favorite Jpop and Kpop dancers and singers like DBSK, SHINee, SuperJunior, and MBLAQ, plus many more such as, 2NE1, Big Bang, L'arc en Ciel, and High and Mighty Color (which is no more but I still love them) Plus Bollywood. I love Bollywood. The dancing wears me out. Enjoy! If you have a favorite Bollywood artist tell me!


My two favorite things together haha.

Taeyeon and BTS

Only You-Miss A

Hopeless Love-Jimin Park

I love her voice. Looking forward to the rest of her solo debut.

EXO-Call Me Baby MVs

Finally! I've been waiting so long. I'm so addicted to this song right now and their clothes are amazing.