Hello. This is your portal to all things of asian dance origin. I'll post all my favorite Jpop and Kpop dancers and singers like DBSK, SHINee, SuperJunior, and MBLAQ, plus many more such as, 2NE1, Big Bang, L'arc en Ciel, and High and Mighty Color (which is no more but I still love them) Plus Bollywood. I love Bollywood. The dancing wears me out. Enjoy! If you have a favorite Bollywood artist tell me!

Taemin-Danger MV

Having difficulties again. I'll try to fix it later or tomorrow. But anyway, Taemin came out with a solo album!

EXO-L fanclub!

So guys I have officially joined the exo fanclub (Stars) EXO-L. The L stands for love and it joins together exo-k and exo-m making them one. I really like it! You have until sept. 5 to register. It's free to join and you can get the app in the google play store for android to download your membership card. You can enter into the august contests once you sign up and make sure you get sent your authentication email to get your L-card. They're going to give members lots of cool offers and things. You can sign up here. http://exo.smtown.com/Intro

One Ok Rock-Mighty Long Fall MV

I love Taka's haircut so much and the song is awesome.

New Music


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Nu'est Good Bye Bye MV

It's up!