Character Info

About My OC Character

Age:Unknown (looks around 16-18)
Actions/Emotions:Happy-go-lucky, laid back, sly, Short tempered, Patient, humourous(I don't know if used correctly but you know what I mean), Kind intelligent, and shy.
Likes:Night, spring, water, fire, music, sweets, and teasing people
Dislikes:Sun, summer, winter, hot, cold, spicey food, mean people, boring things/people
Best Friend(s):Gin Ichimaru, Tia Harribel

OC Looks

Hair:3 pony tails(sides and back), Bangs on left cover eye and pointy at end same on right but doesn't cover eye
Hair color:Purple
Eye color:Tone eyes Left:green Right:yellow
Hieght:5 feet
Markings/tattoos:espada number upper left breast, 3 black dots on both side of nose going down
Mask:Unreleased, left cheek 2 jagged plates to ear curving around neck.
Released, same as unreleased but wraps around both arms and completely covers both hands and makes claws, with twin tails.
Outfit:Unattached sleevs connected at neck hooked with flower broach. Mid tummy shirt with hooked criss crossed belt from bottom of shirt to top of skirt. The skirt is tight and see through on sides, length between torso and knees. Center of top skirt flower pin to hook peice of cloth down middle os skirt length to knees. Shoes High hills with laces tied up the legs length to knees. Every thing is white except for a thin line on top of skirt and bottom of sleeves.

Chapter 1

All Kohana could remember was darkness flooding her vision, and all other senses were going numb. But before she was devoured by darkness she could see a man clothed in white and black robes and slicked back brunette hair. When Kohana came to, she saw people she’d never seen before, and there was the man clothed in white and black robes again standing right in front of her with a sly smile on his face as he watched her closely .She looked around and counted twelve people besides the strange man, ten people around her and 2 standing by the entrance. There was a man that caught her eye with bright blue hair, who looked very angry or disgusted. But she didn’t think about is too much, all Kohana could think about was how she was going to get out of here and away from these strangers. She thought about running past the strangers and out the door, but seeing how everyone here had a weapon, she didn’t want to think what would happen to her if they caught her. So instead she tried to get up and ask some questions but it seems here legs were numb, she couldn’t even get up on her feet, how pathetic she thought. Kohana heard someone clear their throat and she looked up to see the mystery man open his mouth to speak. “My name is Sosuke Aizen, and what would you be called?” Kohana looked at him skeptically, and said “I believe I’m not obliged to tell you my name.” Some of the people in the room snickered at this comment; the mystery man so called Aizen even chuckled at this comment as well. “You’re quite amusing, I’m glad that I saved you.” Kohana looked at him in disbelief and thought saved me, saved me from what? Seeing her confused look Aizen offered a trade, “If you tell us your name,” he moved his hand out in a motion referring to the others. “Then I will tell you what I saved you from and why.” Kohana looked hesitantly at Aizen and then at the others then back at Aizen. “I’ll agree, but only if you reassure my safety here, and introduce me to these strangers.” Aizen thought for a while then smiled, “Very well then, so what do you call yourself?” Kohana hated that she had to tell these strangers her name before she knew theirs, but she wanted some answers damn it! She looked down and mumbled “Kohana, my name is Kohana.” It seemed as though everyone was starring at her, even though they already were but more intently, with more interest. Aizen walked to a chair behind him, which looked more like a throne then a chair, while Kohana just sat there on the floor since her legs were still a bit numb. “Would you rather me introduce you to the people here, or would you rather me tell you how I saved you?” asked Aizen. Kohana looked up and thought for a minute. “Hmm…what did you save me from?” “Very well then, we will start off with the story.”
“I was going to the world of the living to gather some research. While I was there I saw a young female soul, which would be you, and she caught my eye, but I don’t know why…..well anyway you were starting to turn into a hollow. I just knew there was something about you I would need. So instead of letting you turn into a mindless savage beast I brought you here and made you into an arrancar.” Kohana looked confused “that wasn’t much of a story, and you didn’t even save me from anything.” Aizen smirked at Kohana “I guess it is quite a short story, but I did save you, I saved you from becoming a mindless beast. Actually I am very glad that I made you into an arrancar, because just from feeling your reiatsu you are quite strong. Actually I think you’re stronger than the others.” Kohana was completely sure that everyone was staring at her because she could hear the shuffling as everyone sat up and turned to stare at her. After a while a thin and lanky man started to chuckle “Aizen-sama you have to be joking, a brat like her couldn’t possibly be stronger than any of us.” Kohana whipped her head around and gave the man dagger eyes and said “how dare you call me a brat, you child molester.” (Note: sorry he just looks like one to me)After this comment the man looked at Kohana with fierce eyes “why you little” but he was cut short by the man with blue hair. He burst out laughing, while still in the middle of his laughter he said “this girl is hilarious we should have gotten her sooner.” After hearing this Kohana had to smile, at least someone seems to like her, even if it was because of her rude comment. A few started to whisper amongst each other, but Aizen silenced them “now now everyone calm down don’t be so alarmed. I only said she might be stronger than all of you by the feel of her reiatsu. Now everyone I would like you to introduce yourselves to Kohana in order.” A very large man stood up and announced “I am Yammy Riyalgo, and I am the tenth espada.” A man with a tall tube like head stood and said “I am Aaroniero Arruruerie, and I am the ninth espada.” A man with glasses and pink hair stood “I am Szayel Apporro Granz, and I am the eighth espada, and it is a pleasure to meet you Kohana.”This man looked at Kohana as if he might eat her. A tall dark man stood and said “I am Zommari Leroux, and I am the seventh espada.” The man with Bright Blue hair stood and practically yelled out “I am Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, I am the sixth espada! And remember that because we are going to fight to see if you really are strong!” The tall and lanky man who Kohana so far hated stood and said “I am Nnoitra Jiruga, I am the fifth espada.” A short thin man stood and recited in a monotone voice ”I am Ulquiorra Cifer, and I am the fourth espada.” A tall woman with blond hair stood “I am Tia Harribel, and I am the third espada.” An older man stood and said “I am Baraggan Luisenbarn, and I am the second espada.” A man with wavy shoulder length brown hair stood ”I am Coyote Starrk, and I am the first espada.” There were two other men in the back, a man with fox eyes and a creepy grin said “I am Gin Ichimaru, I am not an espada. I hope to get to know you better in the near future.” Even though he looked creepy Kohana didn’t really think he was. A thin dark man next to him said “I am Kaname Tosen, I am also not an espada, and I hope you will help us with our mission.” Kohana looked confused, yet again, and turned to Aizen and asked “what mission?” “All in good time my dear, but first we should get you into some real clothes, and show you to your room.” “But I didn’t say I was going to stay.” “But where else are you going to go?” asked Aizen. Kohana looked down knowing she didn’t have anywhere else to go, she didn’t even know where she was, which isn’t a good place to be.

Chapter 2

Kohana looked down at herself and up to the mirror and then back down at herself. It’s not like she didn’t like her new appearance, but it was a bit….revealing. She actually liked it, especially the flower pins at her neck and the top of her skirt; she thought it matched her name well. (Note: Kohana means tiny flower) There was a knock at the door and still looking in the mirror Kohana said “Come in”, Gin walked in, looked at Kohana and smiled. “You look great, do you like it?” There was a pause before she answered “hmmm…I do, but it’s a bit revealing don’t you think?” Gin tilted his head to the side still grinning, “If you don’t like it we could get you a different outfit.” “No its fine I like it.” Kohana said smiling back at him. “Okay then let’s go, Aizen still has some things to discuss with you.” Kohana followed Gin down the enormous halls, she noticed that there were no windows, and she rarely saw a door. She was about to ask but then Gin stopped and turned to the left Kohana turned and looked. She saw two giant doors, Gin walked towards them and touched one door and pushed, a smaller door opened. He turned to the side and motioned her to go in. When she went in she saw a long oval table and a bunch of chairs along the sides with everyone she met earlier and at the head of the table there was a throne chair, obviously Aizen was sitting in that one. But there was a chair that looked out of place; it was placed right next to the throne chair. A hand came from the throne chair and patted the arm of the chair next to it. “Kohana you can sit by me” Kohana heard Aizen’s voice say. She hesitantly walked to the chair next to Aizen and slowly sat down. She looked down at her hands in her lap, not wanting to look up and see everyone staring at her. But when Aizen started to talk, Kohana looked up at him. “So we have gained a new arrancar and maybe even a new espada.” The man with glasses named Szayel asked “But just by her reiatsu what rank would she be put in as an espada?” Aizen looked at him then at Kohana and said “I believe number zero” A few people turned to each other and started to whispered, Kohana looked up at Aizen and asked “Number zero, what do you mean by number zero?” Aizen looked down at her and said “Arrancars are given numbers by which the order they were created, but number ten through zero are given to the strongest arrancars who are called espada.” Kohana looked down in confusion and then back to Aizen “So if I am number zero then I’m the strongest arrancar?” Aizen looked at her and smiled “Why yes, you would be.” Kohana looked at the others, none of them looked displeased but none of them liked happy either. Kohana just remembered something; she sat up abruptly and turned to Aizen making others jump to the sudden burst of energy. “Oh yeah, Tosen-san said something about a mission, what does he mean?” Aizen thought for a second “Well I will explain but not now, not until we know where you stand.” Kohana looked confused “but you just said I would be ranked number zero.” “Yes by your reiatsu, I need to see how strong you are when you fight.” Kohana didn’t really like fighting, from what she could remember she’s never been in a fight before “but why must I fight?” “Because you are going to help us with the mission, there are some people who are against it, and have chosen to fight us to stop us.” Kohana started to think But if people are fighting us to stop us then doesn’t that mean that the mission is something bad? Kohana didn’t say this out loud because she didn’t know if it would anger Aizen. “So who should we pick to fight Kohana to test her strength?” the blue haired man named Grimmjow stood up and said “I want to be the one to fight her.” Aizen smiled at him and was about to say something but was cut off by Kohana “I agree I will fight you Grimmjow.” A few looked at Kohana stunned, but couldn’t find an ounce of fear in her. Aizen looked very pleased, “if you are sure, then let us go to the training grounds.” When everyone got up to go to the training grounds Grimmjow passed Kohana and said “you’re dead.” Kohana looked up at him and replied “No Grimmjow, actually I’m quite alive.”
They soon arrived at a huge area that looked like a desert like place. But instead of sand it was rock flooring and there were a few boulders here and there. Grimmjow jumped out in an opened area away from the others, and then looked over at Kohana with a huge grin on his face. Kohana looked at him and said low enough that only Aizen could hear her “He’s going to try and kill me isn’t he” Aizen smiled “Yes, but don’t give him the privilege.” Kohana just nods and walks forward, and stops and turns towards Grimmjow. Grimmjow got down in a ready position and growls “You better be ready cause I’m not holding back.” Kohana just looked at him and said “I wouldn’t want it any other way.” Grimmjow’s grin got bigger, and then he quickly jumped towards Kohana. She quickly dodged by rolling out of the way and then jumping to her feet. But as she was getting up Grimmjow bounced off a boulder towards her, he was faster then she expected. She didn’t have time to dodge or counter attack, so she did what any other sissy girl would do. She put her left hand out in front of her and the other over her stomach to block, and closed her eyes so she wouldn’t see the blow. But a few seconds passed and Kohana didn’t feel any pain so she slowly opened one eye and then the other, she looked at Grimmjow and he was just floating there. She got out of her defense position, but kept her left arm up. He was just floating in mid air, in a pouncing like position with his hand out about to hit her. Grimmjow looked angry and confused, and then he yelled out “Aizen did you do this?!” Aizen smiled amusingly and said “No, this all Kohanas doing.” Kohana was confused as well, her arm started to hurt so she put it down and Grimmjow fell to the ground. When he started to get up Kohana jumped back a few yards to get some space in between them. When he was up he started running towards Kohana, she wanted to see if it would work again so she put her left hand up, and Grimmjow stopped moving. She thought for a second, and then moved her arm towards the left and Grimmjows Body followed, and his back collided with a boulder nearby. She then moved her right hand towards Grimmjow thinking this power of hers will push him through the rock. But instead violet flames came straight from her right hand. She looked down towards her right hand expecting to see burn marks on her hand but she was perfectly fine. She looked up to see Grimmjow’s sleeve engulfed in violet flames. He quickly took off his jacket (*drool* oh sorry I couldn’t resist ) and cursed under his breath. He looked up at Kohana and said “this is gunna be harder than I thought.” Kohana just smiled down at her hands then looked back at Grimmjow, Kohana got down into attack position.

Chapter 3

Grimmjow was gasping for air after an hour or so of fighting Kohana. What got him was that she was perfectly fine, he hasn’t laid a blow on her, she wasn’t out of breath and she was barely breaking a sweat. Grimmjow was quite lucky actually since Kohana just learned her new powers she couldn’t quite control them. Her flames got close but always missed him; the real problem was the power where she can control his body. Kohana has thrown him against boulder, high up in the air, and against the rock flooring. She was treating him like a rag doll. He had bruises and scratches all over his body, his left arm might have even been broken. But all he wanted to do was lay one blow on her, if he was able to at least do that he could injure her enough to win this match. But Kohana kept her distance she knew he could win this with just a punch, but she wasn’t going to let him. Kohana thought I should probably end this now as Grimmjow went at her once again she caught him in her controlling like power. Actually she didn’t think her power had the ability to people, but something else. Once she caught him there were two boulders on both sides of him, so she slammed him into the one on his left and then into the one on his right. She did this until he seemed unconscious or not able to move anymore and she gently put him down. Once he was on the ground he didn’t move but his eyes fluttered open and then closed again, so the match was over; and Kohana won. Kohana was so happy that she won, even though she hurt someone horrible in the process, but she was supposed to though, right? The sound of someone clapping broke Kohana out of her thoughts. She turned to see Aizen applauding her “what a magnificent power. Now while Grimmjow is being healed we will go back and discuss your position and your new ability.” Kohana looked down at herself with a frown “but I’m all sweaty, can I wash up a bit?” Aizen looked up and down at Kohana then looked at her face, she had a miserable expression. “Sure, Gin show her to the bathroom so she may wash up.” Gin gave him a grin that looked fake or pained “sure, Lord Aizen.” While Grimmjow was taken by people in white robes and a full mask everyone filled out of the training grounds and into the enormous hallways. Aizen and the others went one direction and Gin and Kohana went the other way. When they were out of ear shot Kohana walked next to Gin and turned to look at him. After a while “Gin asked is there something you need.” Kohana looked at him a few seconds longer and said “No, but I was wondering do you hate Aizen, or are you afraid of him?” Gin gave Kohana a smile that looked real this time.”No I don’t hate him, and I’m not exactly afraid of him. But He is a man to be feared; he’s powerful and can easily kill anyone he wants.” Kohana kind of understood what he was saying “so you’re not afraid of him, but afraid he might kill you?” “Or get me killed, but yeah you’re right.” For a few seconds there was silence, then Gin asked “now what made ya wanta ask that question?” It took Kohana a second to relies he was saying something, because she was deep in her thoughts. “Hmm, what, Oh! Well before when you smiled at Aizen it looked fake or pained, that’s why.” “Oh so you’re very observant that is a good quality to have.” Gin gave Kohana a genuine smile this time, she guessed that they were becoming what most people call friends. Gin stopped and gestured Kohana to a door; he said “well this is the bathroom, and I’ll get someone to bring you some more clothes. There will be a closet in there, and the towels and cloths will be in there. And you know the works of a bathroom right?” Kohana looked at him like are you serious but replied “yes.” Kohana went inside the bathroom, and waited for a second expecting to hear footsteps walk away. But she didn’t hear anything, so she opened the door to tell Gin to go away, but no one was there. How weird she thought, but she just shrugged it off and closed the door, she locked it just in case. When she finally looked around, the room was huge, there was a door closed near her, it was most likely the closet. She opened it, and it wasn’t that big but big enough for her to get in and close the door. She got her towel and wash cloth, she went closer to the bath but across from it was a huge walk in shower. She decided to take a shower because it was quicker. She walked towards the shower and noticed that the door was glass. It wasn’t see through clear glass, it had a texture to it, you could she through it but only figures, you couldn’t see details. She was a bit nervous to take her clothes off, she felt like someone was watching her. So she stepped inside the shower and undressed, and laid her dirty clothes outside the shower door. When she turned to look at the inside of the shower, it was equipped with everything needed. It had a few bars of soap here and there; a couple bottles of body wash, different types of shampoo and conditioner, there were even stuff to specifically used wash your face with. When Kohana finally turned the water on, water splashed all around her. It must be one of those multiple shower head, type shower. She didn’t really like it because it scared her, but after a while it felt so comfortable and warm, she felt she could stay in there forever. But she had to hurry up to meet with Aizen and the others.
Kohana turned off the water, wrapped the towel around herself, and stepped out of the shower. She looked down and noticed her dirty clothes were gone, but she didn’t notice anyone come in, also she locked the door. This freaked her out a bit, but she shrugged it off, Gin did say he’d have someone bring her clean clothes, so she guessed they took the dirty ones to be washed. When she got to the counter and found her clean clothes, she dried off and got dressed. When she was done she unlocked the door and walked out into the hall. She looked to the left and saw an unending hall, she looked to her right and it was the same. Since they came from the left she decided to go that way. As she quickly turned and takes a step she ran into something big and hard, she lost her balance and fell back on her butt. As she started to get up she mumbled “what was that?” When she was standing up straight, two inches in front of her face was a chest, then she heard “don’tcha mean who was that?” Kohana looked up to see a displeased looking Grimmjow; it took her a few seconds to realize she should say sorry. But it was hard for her to look away from those bright blue eyes. But she finally broke her gaze away and stuttered “I..I’m so..sorry, I didn’t see you.” Grimmjow rolled his eyes in annoyance and replied “obviously.” Grimmjow walked around her, and started walking down the hall, Kohana turned and stopped him “wait.” Grimmjow turned his head towards her and said “what?” Kohana replied “have you seen Gin, I don’t know my way around here yet, and I need to get to the meeting Aizen is having.” Grimmjow rolled his eyes again, and while scratching the back of his head he said “I’m going there now if you want to follow me.” Kohana hesitated for a second but then smiled at him and said “that’d be great.” She ran up next to him and they started walking towards the meeting room. Kohana kept glancing at him, at first Grimmjow ignored it, but then it got on his nerves, so he turned to Kohana and said “what?” Kohana was startled by the anger in his voice but she replied “umm, ahh, got healed quickly, ar…are you okay?” He looked at her skeptically; no one has ever asked or cared if he was okay so she kind of caught him off guard. He answered “yeah I’m fine, and it was only a few scratches.” Kohana looked down disappointed and said “oh.” Grimmjow looked down at her and asked “why do you look so disappointed?” Kohana looked up at him surprised “well I’m glad you’re not hurt and all, but the way Aizen puts it I’m supposed to b strong enough to do some damage, and only being able to give someone scratches isn’t much damage.” Without looking at her Grimmjow replied “is that all you’re worried about? You just learned your new powers you just gotta train and practice with them, and actually you broke my left arm too.” Kohana smiled at him and Grimmjow got a small blush on his cheeks so he looked away while Kohana said “I didn’t break your arm the boulder did, and thank you Grimmjow.” Grimmjow looked at her from the corner of his eyes and asked “for what?” Kohana smiled at him again and said “for making me feel better.” His blush got deeper so he looked away and replied “uhh, yea you’re welcome.” Good thing Grimmjow looked over, because he would have missed the big doors to the meeting room. Grimmjow stopped and so did Kohana, he opened the door and they both walked in. A few of the espada were up arguing about something, but when they noticed Kohana and Grimmjow, all of them stopped to look at Kohana. Aizen turned his chair around to look at her and with a smile he said “well Kohana I think we agreed on your rank."

Important Note

I know I have stated I've been busy so I haven't written anything and I had some valid reasons then. But now I don't, I haven't written for this fic in over a year and really I lost my interest in this fic and in Bleach. So do not expect me to write anymore chapters for this fic, but I will keep it up for that slight chance I might pick it up again (don't get your hopes up), and for people to read what I have already written.