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You can fly?!?

Nayona: You know that tingling sensation you get when you fall or are flung into something? Well my whole body tingled with that cold unnerving felling as the stranger seemingly jumped. The strange part of that so thought to be jump was the very fact that they did not seem to make contact with the ground again. It was almost as if they were no longer on the ground. Which was impossible... right? My body began to tremble again as I felt that we were moving but the heavy sound of foot falls could not be heard there for I came to the conclusion that something was not right. All I could think of was to get the binds undone or at least the sack off my head. Wriggling slightly I attempted to knock off the blinding sack but only managed to undo the poorly tied gag. "Undo these bloody binds!" I shouted a bit unsure if I should even bare any aggression against this person. But my short temper got a hold of me and it just slipped out in my moment of frustration.
Jun: I was about to land on a roof far enough away that our pursuers could no longer see us when finally she started to squirm a little. Out of nowhere she shouted at me to take off her bindings. I ignored her for the moment, waiting until I had landed on the roof of some sky scrapper before responding. "Sure." I shrugged as I said it. I didn't really care. She could go if she wanted to. The game had ended anyway. There was no way the people after her would catch up to us up here. I set her down on the glass roof of the sky scrapper and began to untie her. Taking the bag off of her head last and stepping back. Then I remembered humans can't fly... I probably should have put her on the ground. Especially considering there was no door off of the roof. I was fine with the idea of helping her to the ground but she looked angry and I wondered if she would let me.

Nayona: "about bloody time!" I complained even further not looking up at who ever had helped me. I merely rubbed my rope burned wrists and pouted, trying to sort things out. Going back to my thoughts of the vile
(Flash Back....)
“Now listen Nayona and listen good." my grandfather said slowly as if he were speaking to an average child. It aggravated me greatly because I was no mere child; I had a photographic memory which put me ahead of most people of my age group. But I nodded obediently as my grandfather continued, "you see this?" he asked holding up a small vile of liquid. It had a purple color to it but seemed to be glowing like a neon light and it reflected into my blue eyes. I quickly memorized the glass vile. Clearer then crystal and shaped like a jewel the bottle was small and fit nicely into his hands; the top that prevented the strange liquid from spilling out, was sharp and could easily cut through flesh. "Yes grandfather, what is it?" he smiled and began rambling words that did not make senses to me. It was like a different langue. But even though I could not understand, the words burned into my memory. "That is all you need to know." he said nodding his head in approval. "But what do those words mean?" he paused as if debating on whether or not to tell me his smile faded and his eyes meant mine. "Let us hope you'll never know, because if you did..." he trailed off not finishing what he was about to say. “If I did what?" "Just never forget those words, you and I are the only ones in the world who know what I told you but sadly I am not the only one who would know what those words mean...just...keep yourself safe if the vile is ever brought up again and do not tell anyone what I have told you"
(End Of Flash Back...)
I finely came back to reality and mumbled out loud "Back in England....of coarse the vile!"

Jun: "What vile?" What an odd human, I thought to myself. Once I had taken off the blind fold she started rambling on to herself until finally exclaiming The Vile! I know humans are weird but this is bordering on my type of crazy. The type of crazy where I had been alone for too long and started to talk to myself constantly, even when around others. Then I found a friend who got me out of the habit. After meeting her I stopped talking to myself (in public). But I haven't talked to her in about a century, so I don't even really know if she's still alive. I never could figure out if she was human or not for some reason. Although with this one I could smell that she was human. Usually I could smell what species people were, seeing as vampires have acute smelling senses. I looked her up and down; when I had been kidnapping her I hadn't gotten to see what she looked like. She had long blonde hair down to her ankles that was flowing far out behind her in the breeze and cold blue eyes like the sky back in Kotzebue, where I grew up, that seemed to be avoiding looking at me. She was really beautiful and young looking. She looked to be around the age I was when I was turned.
My eyes widened. The soft breeze carried a sharp, light scent only vampires and those with a good nose could smell. It made me cringe and shudder. Whatever it was it smelled pure evil like nothing I had ever smelled before. My attention snapped back to the girl in front of me once the breeze died down. I wondered what that was, my eyes still wide and startled. I didn't want to stay around and find out. We needed to get out of here, whatever that was it couldn't be far away.

Nayona: I looked up at the stranger for the first time there voice startling me a bit. I couldn't help but give the stranger a glare “The vile is none of yo..." I stopped mid-sentence the young stranger before me was inhumanely beautiful he had short red hair that danced in the strong breeze it reminded me of fire, glowing in the blackened night and his eyes of onyx. Even though he seemed so young his eyes seemed so old, as if they had seen years upon years of life. I had to shake my head to pull myself from the trance. "As I was saying it is none of..." again I was cut off as I realized how high up we were. My eyes winded as I grasped his leg suddenly feeling unsteady. “How the Bloody Hell Did We Get Up Here?!?!" clutching to his left leg but quickly pulled away not wanting to seem too scared. (I’m on a roof, I’m on a roof.) I kept telling myself to calm myself down, (were on something attached to the ground, were not flying.) I kept repeating to sooth my fears in which did not calm me by much just because the fact that I had no idea of how I had gotten up there.

Jun: The girl seemed a bit disoriented by how high up we are. We really weren't up very high either; I didn't understand what she was scared about. We were just on a glass roof three stories up. You could even see people if you looked into the building waayyyyyy down on the first floor, they looked like tiny spots of color, nothing scary to me. It seemed as though the second and third floors were built with a giant hole in the middle so they all could see the glass sky light we were currently standing on.
But her dislike of it up here might work out for me because I want out of here as fast as possible and I don't want to have to leave her or force her to come- if she screamed for all I know it might attracted unwanted attention, such as the evil smell that was getting stronger and closer by the second...
"Hey, um..." I struggled wanting to say a name but not knowing what to call her “girl! We should get off the roof now..." I looked toward the direction it was coming from but the moon had been blocked out by storm clouds and all I could see was blackness. The wind was beginning to pick up and was whipping my hair into my eyes and I could feel rain drops picking my skin every now and then. It was getting hard to see anything, including her and she was sitting right next to my leg. We needed to find shelter from the storm and whatever was lurking in it. But in a way the storm was a blessing. It would cover our scents and we probably wouldn't be found, plus we were down wind. There was no chance it knew we were here. But that didn't mean I wanted to stand around in the rain and chance it finding us. "Come with me." I said holding my hand out towards her. "Trust me we need to leave."

Nayona: "My name is not girl, its Nayona." I grumbled in utter displeasure that we were up so high and that this man did not even try to ask my name. The boy looked around as if looking for something but whatever he was searching for was not found in the growing inky darkness. I tried to glare at the man only to fail, too unnerved to show much aggression. I turned blushing from my shaken voice "but as to getting down from here it sounds delightful..." I thought for a moment after I spoke, giving myself time to look around. "But... how did we get up here there are no bloody stairs..." my eyes narrowed in suspicion at the young looking man. He was taller than me and since I was still knelled by his feet I only seemed smaller. "Well... BOY?" I added smugly at the end just to get him back for calling me girl.

Jun: I grimaced when she didn't move. I really wanted to leave but not without her. I would feel so guilty if something bad happened to her seeing as it's my fault that she's up here. "O.K. Nayona." I said her name since it seemed important to her that I used it instead of girl. "We flew up here." I said in a patronizing voice that resulted from my growing fear. I moved towards her about to grab her and fly off but it got so dark I could no longer see her. It was as if the evil had come and sucked out all the light. The building below us was dark as well as though they had had a power outage because moments ago it had been light.

Nayona: It took a minute to understand what he said “we flew up here..." I repeated the words to myself slowly. My eyes slanted in thought, okay he’s crazy... I thought sadly to myself and I’m on a roof with him... my thoughts were cut off when I realized I couldn't see any more "wha... what’s going on?!" my heart began to race all over again and the air seemed to grow eerie and thick with darkness, it didn't seem like normal darkness ether. It seemed too heavy too suffocating, I began to shiver my mind seemed to yell at me to run. "Wha... going..." I tried to say again but couldn't continue to speak from fear. Something wasn't right.

Jun: The darkness was overpowering to the point where it was hard to breathe. I looked around hoping to find light somewhere but there was nothing. It was like a giant angry storm cloud had enveloped us... Then I heard something, only a whisper, barely audible above the wind. It sounded like a girl’s voice, like those sirens that lured sailors to their death by leading their ship to rocky shores. Although this voice sounded ...familiar. I couldn't quite place where I had heard it before but something about it... I caught the last half to what she was saying when the wind unexpectedly died down "...I'm going to come for you, soon..." A shiver ran down my spine. What? Is she after me? But Why? The wind stopped completely and the darkness lifted. The night went back to normal almost peaceful. The lights in the building under us went back on and people started coming out again. Before I knew it, it was as if nothing had happened at all and I was the only one that remembered. I looked around and spotted Nayona, the look on her face told me I wasn't the only one that remembered what had happened. Although judging from the people below we might be the only ones. I walked back over to Nayona "Come on, let's get off the roof." I said once again holding out my hand for her to take.

Nayona: the darkness was suffocating and I gasped for each of my breaths. Suddenly the air went clear and I could once more breathe normally. Thoughts raced through my mind faster than I was able to understand I felt weird like I was stuck in between a dream and reality. Swallowing hard I tried to calm myself, great, just great I thought numbly. First I’m abducted, then a so said flying boy saves me, and now an evil darkness just went by. A voice once again pulled me out of my thoughts, barely hearing the man’s words I looked up still in shock and I could only nod. I could no longer try and question the boy, "O..Okay" I said in a shaky voice, still not completely feeling right. Still kind of in that dreamy state of shock as I took the strangers hand.
I slowly stood feeling weak at the knees, "um any idea what that darkness was?" I questioned but quickly changed my mind. "Um... on second thought I don't think I want to know..."

Jun: She took my hand and I pulled her to her feet. She asked what the darkness had been but thankfully took back the question because I had no idea what it was. That voice that had spoken to me in the darkness though, it seemed to haunt my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about it, why did it sound so familiar? My mind came back to focus on the present and I picked her up like I did before holding her in my arms, in one fast motion, and lifted off the roof. I slowly descended us to the ground, because there was no need to go fast, and landed in a back alley behind a large trash bin so that it would be less likely to be spotted by pedestrians.

Nayona: My jaw nearly hit the pavement, "Y…You really can bloody fly?!" I wiggled out of his arms and eyed him. No longer thinking about the darkness only able to focus on the fact this person was not human. I began to back up slowly as if I were faced with a wild animal, and quick movement would provoke it to attack. "W…Well th...thank you very much for helping me get away from those men, and I would love to stay a little longer but I’m very busy, and I should be going home... or to a friends." I tried my best not to show fear in my voice but my voice had cracked a couple of times. I continued to back up only to step on a beer bottle and slip. I fell on my back onto the wet pavement and I could of sworn I saw stars before I jumped to my feet. Now freaked out and scarlet red from embarrassment I turned and ran as fast as I could away from the fire haired boy.

The Begining...

Nayona: The cool night air blew against her black leather tail coat; her long hair that usually hung down to her calf was put up into two pigtails with black satin ribbon. Her long bangs tickled her knees as the wind's breeze made them dance. She hurried into the warm club to escape the cold night air. A young man took her coat as the girl made her way in she nodded to him in thanks. She went passed the bar and dancing men and women, making her way to the stairs that would lead her to her grandfather’s apartment. She needed not knock; her grandfather knew she was coming. She opened the door to the mafia man’s room only to be greeted by a man she had never seen. Biting her lip piercing nervously she opened her mouth to ask who he was. Before she could he grabbed her covering her face with a bag and dragging her out a window and down to a small car that awaited them. The young girl stomped on his foot, running blindly her hands tied behind her back she knew she was in the back ally way so she ran straight and fast her heart pumping wildly.

Jun: I was sitting on the top of a large building that was only used during the day. I flew up here a lot at night and would watch the people coming to and from the dance club next door. I like people watching, they're interesting. They're so different from vampires. They act strange; they have emotions that I long ago forgot how to use. They should just be nourishment to me but...
Jun got distracted by a flash of movement. Looking over, a person was climbing out of a window at ground level dragging a struggling tinier body out with him. The smaller one broke free and ran and Jun wondered what was happening. Fear was in the air, its scent sharp and captivating. Jun was drawn forward hypnotized by the scene below wanting to get closer...
Next thing I knew I had flown down and was standing in front of her. I don't know why I did that, as interested in this odd scene as I was, because now she was going to run right into me.

Nayona: I continued to run as sweat began to bead my forehead I felt weak with fear as I ran for my life. The echoing sound of heavy foot falls slapping against the wet pavement only made my fear grow. Thoughts filled my mind as I tried to understand why the man was after me. But nothing came to mind at all. Sure my grandfather was a mafia man but he had no rivals and nothing of value. But then a thought came into my mind, "Of course the....!" I was cut off mind sentence when I made impact with something my heart picked up its pace in fear. Had I been caught?!

Jun: I watched with a dead expression as the girl ran into me. Fear was seeping off of her peaking my interest, I could hear loud footsteps coming, there must have been more than one person following her. I was up for a game of chase. Sounded fun. I grabbed her and started running away from the footsteps. Not what I would call fast, if I did that I would lose them, but just ahead far enough ahead that they can hear the footsteps which I'm intentionally making loud enough for them to hear without actually seeing me.

Nayona: Fear struck me along with confusion; whoever was carrying me could not be one of the men chasing me, they seemed to be running away from them. But that did not ease the fear inside me, it only increase it as I began to wonder who this person was and why they were running off with me. Were they helping me? Or just kidnapping me as well? Either way it seemed better to give this person a chance. (At least they were running away from the other men.) I thought hopefully to myself as I planed my escape as soon as I had a chance I would hurry to find a man who would be capable of helping me his name was unknown... well his real name anyhow. And if I was being kidnapped for what I thought I was being kidnapped for then he would be able to confirm my suspicions. That is if I could get away from all these untrustworthy people, and if I could get to my detestation safely.

Jun: I was carrying the girl in my arms how most people would carry a sleeping child. Although I did wish she would squirm or kick me or something. It would make it more challenging. I was starting to lose interest as our pursuers seemed to be getting tired. I wonder how they would react to seeing me fly? It sounds more fun than this anyway. I went around the next corner and waited for them to catch up. I could hear them shouting in the distance, they thought she was tired and had stopped and that now was their chance. I can't wait to see the look on their face when they see how wrong they are. Finally they reached us and were just turning the corner. I jumped back (quite a ways) so they wouldn't crash into us. They saw me and the leader of their group started yelling attack orders. I let them get right in front of me, keeping a blank look on my face, pull out tons of weapons and completely encircle me. They looked smug. "Give us the girl and we might let you live." They said. I smiled an unnerving, large, completely mental smile and flew straight up. I paused just out of their reach to get a good look at their faces and laughed as I flew out of their sight.


Name: Jun Tachihana
Hair: red and short
Species: Vampire
Looks: 14?
Eyes: Black
Gender: Male

Name: Nayona Chi
Hair: yellow Gold.
Species: Human.
Age: 12 soon to be 13.
Eyes: ice bright blue.
Gender: Girl.
Piercings: silver lip cuff, and a single silver cuff on left ear.