Now Aang need to learn Earthbending with a master. So our journey begins with returning to Omashu…

At Omashu…

Aang- We back to Omashu. (happy)

Temujin- I don’t like this place. (looking green)

Kya- Wait you been here before? (annoyed)

Temujin- Don’t remind me. (pale)

Kya- Temujin I am going to teach you lesson! (grr)

Temujin- (Look at the city) Kya be quiet. (shh)

Kya- I will not.

Temujin- (Pull her in) It not safe here.

Aang- The Firenation took over the city.

Kya- So what we can take it back. (brave)

Temujin- We can’t do that. (calm manner)

Aang- We have to find Bumi.

Temujin- I agree with Aang. (nod)

Katara & Sokka- We agree too.

Temujin- Let me go in first to check things out. (plan)

Kya- I want to come too. (beg)

Temujin- No Kya, I am better at spying since from the firenation, and can blend in.

Kya- (Put on a red outfit) I can blend in just as well.

Temujin- Fine. (agree)

Into the city…

Temujin- Okay let’s stick together. (plan)

Kya- Don’t worry about me I can take care of myself.

Temujin- Come on Kya take this serious. (face palm)

Kya- I am. (walking out)

Firenation solider- What are you kids doing out? (huh)

Temujin- We just heading home.

Firenation solider- I wasn’t to you. Hey sweetie, ditch young one, and come have some fun with us.

Kya- Okay.

Temujin- What are doing Kya? (pulling her aside)

Kya- Let go of me Temujin.

Firenation solider- Wait did say Temujin?

Temujin- No she didn’t say that.

Firenation solider- Really because this person on this wanted poster looks a lot like you kid?

Temujin- Run! (grab Kya’s hand and run for it)

Later on then…

Temujin- I think we will be safe here. (lean against a wall)

Kya- Temujin tell me what’s going on?

Temujin- The Firenation is under the control of my grandfather Fire Lord Ozai who will stop at nothing to take over the world. Since I am traveling with the Avatar that means I am an enemy of the Firenation.

Kya- I see, and that means Zuko not on our side either? (hmm)

Temujin- Not exactly at the moment. (frown) I know my dad will be good again.

Kya- Maybe he does not to be good right now.

Temujin- How can say that Kya? (upset)

Kya- Because you can’t change him, Zuko has to change himself.

Temujin- (Annoyed look.) You don’t get it Kya.

Kya- I just trying to tell you to come home, because I miss you and nothing is right without you. ( crying)

Temujin- I am sorry Kya. (meaning it)

Mai- (Appear) This scene is sickened to watch.

Temujin- Mai what are doing here? (surprised)

Kya- Wait you know her? (looking really mad)

Temujin- It not like that. (shaking his head)

Mai- My dad is the governor of this city.

Kya- So you’re the one making everyone lives terrible! (blame)

Temujin- Don’t say that! (defensive)

Kya- Are you on their side? (huh)

Temujin- No I am not on anyone’s side. (trying to explain)

Kya- You have change. (turn away from him) I am going back. (start to walk away)

Temujin- Kya wait! (run after her)

Mai- Whatever. (leaving)

Temujin- Kya please wait up. (finally catch up to her)

Kya- (Crying) Why don’t you go back to that other girl you don’t need me. (upset)

Temujin- Kya I am not with any other girl, but you.

Kya- (Sniff) Then how come you knew her?

Temujin- That because she my mom.

Kya- Wait your mom? (huh)

Temujin- Yep.

Kya- Why didn’t you tell me that early? (annoyed)

Temujin- I tried to tell you, but you didn’t listen.

Kya- I am sorry Temujin I didn’t believe you.

Temujin- It is okay, but better tell the others the information we found.

Kya- Right. (nod)

Later on then the trade off…

Aang- (Holding Tom Tom) Okay let’s trade.

Mai- Fine. (single to someone)

Bumi- Hello people.

Azula- Can I say something Mai?

Mai- Yes Princess Azula.

Azula- We trading for a two year old compare to an Earthbending King. I just think it is unfair.

Mai- I agree. The deal is over.

Bumi- Bye bye then. (going back up)

Aang- Bumi. (run after)

Azula- Not so fast. (shoot blue fire)

Temujin- I don’t think so. (block it) Aang go get Bumi I will handle her.

Mai- (Eyes widen) Why are with them?

Ty Lee- Do you know him Mai? (huh)

Mai- No.

Ty Lee- Oh really because he is a cutie. (wink)

Kya- Lay off of him. (water whip)

Ty Lee- (Cartwheel away) This going to be fun.

Azula- Mai & Ty Lee deal with those two I am going after the avatar. (go after Aang)

Ty Lee- I go for blue girl. (going after Kya)

Temujin- (Stare at Mai) So Mai what do want to me?

Mai- I don’t know. I thought you were with Zuko.

Temujin- I was, but I had to leave him I didn’t want to. But he is fine, and if tell how you feel then I think he will like it.

Mai- (Blushing) You know nothing about how I feel. (throw shirken)

Temujin- (Avoid them)

Mai- Why you!? (annoyed)

Temujin- (Keep moving)

Ty Lee- Come on girly.

Kya- (Throwing ice shards)

Ty Lee- ( Hitting Kya pressure points)

Kya- Huh? (trying to bend) Temujin!? (scream)

Temujin- Kya! (run to her)

Ty Lee- Now to take down your boyfriend. (flipping along)

Sokka- Not so fast. (throwing his boomang)

Katara- Yeah we are here to help our team mates. (going to Kya)

Kya- Be careful Katara she can stop you from bending. (warn)

Katara- (Healing Kya) Don’t worry Sokka and Temujin will handle her.

Kya- Thank you Katara. (greatful)

Katara- Come on Ming. (pulling her to her feet)

Kya- Let’s go help Aang.

Katara- Right. (both go)

Ty Lee- I will take you two down easy. (hehe)

Temujin- Sokka I let you handle her. (patting his shoulder)

Sokka- Wait what are you going to do? (huh)

Temujin- Trust me it is important. (leaving)

Sokka- Oh man.

Much later on…

Temujin- (Drop off Tom Tom) You be good.

Back at camp…

Aang- Looks like I have another earthbending teacher.

Kya- What about Riku?

Temujin- (Looking at her in an annoyed way.)

Sokka& Katara& Aang- Who? (huh)

Temujin- Never mind. I am sure you find a teacher Aang.

The end.

Riku's Dad

To see the world in different light is how my life is.

At the Ba Fong estate…

Toph- Okay Riku we are going to step up your training!

Riku- Right. (put on blind fold)

Toph- Good now find you way to forest.

Riku- Yes I will. (walking away)

By the forest…

Yue- I wonder how Riku is doing? (hmm)

Riku- (Still walking forward)

Kyou- (Appear) Hey kidoe. (greet)

Riku- Dad!? (huh)

Kyou- Yeah Riku.

Riku- (Take off blind fold) It really is you. (happy)

Yue- (Behind a tree) Who is that with Riku?

Kyou- Looks like you got yourself a fan Riku. (notice Yue)

Riku- What do you mean? (looking behind him)

Yue- Hi Riku. (smile)

Riku- Oh hi Yue. (greet)

Kyou- Hey there I am Kyou Riku’s dad. (wink)

Yue- It is nice to meet you I am Yue. (smile)

Kyou- Yue? (thinking) Oh you are Sokka’s daughter.

Yue- Yes I am. (wink)

Kyou- It is nice to meet one of Riku’s friends. (rubbing Riku hair)

Riku- (Frowning) Are you staying?

Kyou- Of course Riku, and plus I am sure that Toph will be happy to see me. (smile)

Riku- (He is going to die)

Back at the Ba Fong estate…

Kyou- Hello Toph. (smiling)

Toph- That voice; it can’t be Kyou? (hmm)

Kyou- Yep.

Toph- You jerk! (punching him)

Riku & Yue- (Hanging back)

Kyou- Why are beating me up? (hmm)

Toph- You know why Kyou! (grr)

Kyou- Riku why don’t you go into the house while I talk to your mother. (clam manner)

Riku- Okay dad. (going in)

Kyou- You too Yue. (frown)

Yue- Yes sir. (exit)

Kyou- So you are still mad at me for walking out?

Toph- That is big yes.

Kyou- I am sorry about that day, but I wasn’t ready for it.

Toph- Don’t explain it to me. (shaking her head) Explain it to Riku. (crying)

Kyou- Oh yeah that will go well with him.

Toph- I thought I told you to stay away from us. You will just get his hope ups, and I will not let you hurt him.

Kyou- I got you. But Riku not a baby anymore he can take care of himself.

Toph- I know that, but Riku wouldn’t tell you how he truly feels.

Kyou- (Looking at Toph.)

With Yue and Riku…

Yue- So that is your dad?

Riku- Yes that is him. (semi smile)

Yue- Why didn’t you tell us? (hmm)

Riku- Because my father has a skill of not sticking around for very long.

Yue- Aw Riku. (tears)

Riku- I don’t need you pity Yue. (looking mad)

Yue- I am sorry.

Riku- Yue. (looking at her) It is my fault. (frowning)

Yue- Riku! (hugging him)

Riku- (Bright red)

Kyou-(Appear) Hello kiddies. (cough)

Yue- (Letting go of Riku) Um that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Kyou- So is she your girlfriend? (look at Riku)

Yue- You got the wrong idea mister. (waving her arms)

Kyou- You can call me Kyou or I am also known as the yellow flash.

Yue- Yellow flash? (confused)

Kyou- I am a firebender, but I can only use lighting. (wink)

Riku- Are you staying dad? (innocent look)

Kyou- (Looking at his son) I can’t answer that.

Riku- Why not? (huh)

Kyou- I am sure your mother can answer it for you.

Riku- But I want you to stay! (burst into tears)

Kyou- I am sorry Riku, but I am not the person you want. (he was gone)

Riku- (Wiping his eyes.)

Yue- Riku I will help you no matter what! (aw so cute)

Riku- Thanks Yue. (smiling again)

Outside in the forest again…

Kyou- She is always right. (sitting in a tree)

Yue- (Walking along) Kyou! (calling him)

Kyou- Hello Yue. (appear next to her)

Yue- Ep (backing up)

Kyou- Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.

Yue- It is okay.

Kyou- I know what you are going to ask me, but I cannot stay. (he knew)

Yue-But Riku need you to stay. (eyes shinnying)

Kyou- Trust me it better if I just disappear.

Yue- How can say that? (hmm)

Kyou- You are the all knowing moon sprit aren’t you? (stare at Yue)

Yue- Yes I am, but what does have to do with Riku?

Kyou- I guess let’s go back to the begging of the story of how I meet Toph.

Into the pass they go…

Yue- Huh what just happen?

Kyou- You are seeing into my past.

Yue- Your past. Is that you? (point)

Younger Kyou- But I don’t want to join the firenation army.

Taro- You have to son.

Kyou- Yes that’s me joining the firenation army.

Yue- I still don’t get it? (hmm)

Kyou- You will see.

A blur of colors past them by…

Kyou- Yes this is the day my fate change. (nod)

Yue- Fate?

Kyou- Yes we were rounding up trouble earthbenders, but I couldn’t do it to her. (point at Toph)

Yue- You loved her right, so I can understand.

Kyou- It’s not that at all back then we were both outcast. (grim)

Yue- Outcasts? (huh)

Kyou- Yes being the only guy who can use lighting is very weird. So saving someone like me wasn’t a big deal to me.

Yue- Then why can’t you stay with them?

Kyou- Because if they knew Riku was my son they would track him down. I don’t I want to happen to him.

Back in the present…

Riku- So dad are you staying? (hmm)

Kyou- Riku we need to talk. (pull him to the side) I am sorry Riku I can’t stay I wish I could, but if I do that I hurt the people I love the most. (hug Riku)

Yue- (Standing by watching this.)

Kyou- I want you to watch over your mom for me. (patting his head) I am proud to have a son like you Riku.

Riku- Dad.

Kyou- One more thing here. (giving him a massager hawk) Send me a letter whenever you want to talk. See later Riku. (walking away)

Riku- (Watching him go)

Yue- I am sorry that I couldn’t make him stay.

Riku- It is okay Yue, I am fine.

Yue- I am glad. (smile)

Riku- (Yue the best thing that has ever happen to me.)

The end.

North Pole 2

I do not own anything.

Even though I saw Kya come back it is hard to believe she is really staying.

At the North Pole…

Temujin- (Fast Asleep)

Kya- (Hovering over him) Temujin. (saying it)

Temujin- What!? (waking up & then stare)

Kya- I am sorry I woke you. (sweet)

Temujin- Um you didn’t wake me. (really nervous) In fact I was about to get up.

Kya- Right, now that I am staying with the team you should introduce me. (smile)

Temujin- Right. (nod) You know can’t be called Kya while your with us. (telling her)

Kya- Okay. (happy)

Temujin- Um you are okay with changing your name? (unsure)

Kya- It is fine with me Temujin just as along I get to spend my time with you. (aw)

Temujin- Okay then I will introduce you to the team. (really confused)

With the team…

Sokka- (Gloomy) Why did Temujin want us to wait here? (hmm)

Katara- No clue.

Aang- I beat it something cool! (excited)

Sokka- Like what? (hmm)

Kya- (Entering) Hi there.

Sokka- Hi I’m Sokka. (wink) What’s your name lovely?

Kya- (Shivers)

Temujin- I told you to wait for me. (running in)

Kya- Sorry Temujin. (innocent eyes)

Temujin- It is okay you were just excited. Everyone I want you to meet my girlfriend Ming.

Sokka- I am sorry I hit on you. (very sorry)

Kya- It is okay. (giggle)

Katara- Aw you two make such cute couple! (eyes shinny)

Aang- It is nice to meet Ming Temujin talks about you all the time. Maybe you can train me sometime.

Kya- Sure thing Aang. (smile)

Temujin- Um Aang maybe that’s not a good idea.

Aang- Why not? (hmm)

Kya- Come on Temujin it will be fun! (so cute)

Temujin- Okay. (agree)

Katara- Wow he agrees with you. (amazed)

Kya- It is quiet easy. (giggle)

Temujin- (Annoyed) I am not that easy. (anger)

Kya- (Tears) I don’t know what I did. (run away)

Sokka & Aang- (Glare at him)

Katara- (Looking really tick off.) You jerk! (water whip)

Temujin- I am sorry for my action. (truly)

Katara- Say that to Ming not me. (glare)

Temujin- (Run after Kya)

Later on then…

Temujin- Where are you Kya? (running around like crazy)

Yue- Hey Kyou. (greet)

Temujin- Oh hi Yue.

Yue- Are you looking for someone?

Temujin- Yes my girlfriend Ming. (worried tone)

Yue- Oh yeah I saw her. (smile)

Temujin- Where!? (hmm)

Yue- She went that away.

Temujin- Thanks. (run off)

With Kya…

Kya- (Siting on a rock and crying)

Temujin- Kya! (shouting)

Kya- Huh that sounded like Temujin? (looking up)

Temujin- Kya I am sorry. (standing there)

Kya- Temujin! (hugging him)

Temujin- Kya I didn’t mean to yell at you, and I am trying sorry if I hurt you in anyway.

Kya- Just be quiet. (kissing him)

Sokka- (Coming in) Um.

Kya & Temujin- (Break away from each other) Sokka!? (annoyed)

Sokka- Sorry.

The next day…

Kya- Come on Avatar Aang! (dragging him)

Aang- Ming it is so early can’t I sleep. (puppy face)

Kya- That won’t work on me. (glare)

Aang- Temujin please tell her we can train later.

Temujin- I did warn you that she was strict teacher. (smile)

Aang- But she seemed so nice.

Temujin- That’s how she get you. (laughing)

Katara- (Enter) Wow I never see you laugh.

Sokka- Guys the Fire Nation is going to invade the North Pole. (enter looking sweaty)

Kya- Wait what!? (shock)

Temujin- Okay we need to plan for the invasion. Ming I need talk to you alone. (serious look)

Kya- Okay. (staying put)

Temujin- I will meet up with later.

Aang- Okay. (all three exit)

Temujin- Kya I need you to go into your avatar state.

Kya- Temujin you know I don’t know how to get in or out of the avatar state.

Temujin- I am sorry Kya. I should not ask so much of you.

Kya- Temujin if the Fire Nation is evil at this time does that mean your father is too? (innocent look)

Temujin- I don’t want to talk about that at the moment come on we better get ready for the fight ahead. (walking ahead)

Kya- Temujin. (worried tone)

The next day…

Temujin- Dad, dad, dad! (rolling in sleep)

Kya- (Watching him) Temujin what happen to him?

Temujin- He with them. (mummer)

Kya- Temujin I need you. You have to help us after you are very good leader.

Temujin- I know I am. (he was wake the whole time.)

Kya- Come on we better help out the gang. (smile)

That night then in the spiritual place…

Aang- (Mediating)

Yue- Maybe we should get some more people.

Katara- Don’t worry we have two waterbenders. (smile at Kya)

Yue- I don’t know. (unsure)

Temujin- I am here too. (pout)

Yue- Sorry I will be back. (exit)

Zuko- There you are avatar! (dramatic music)

Temujin- (Step in front of Katara & Kya)

Kya- Temujin what are you doing? (shock)

Temujin- I am keeping you safe.

Katara- You can’t do on your own. (hmm)

Temujin- Trust me this is better. No one else can get hurt if it is this way. (wow)

Zuko- You again! (anger)

Temujin- Yes me again. (smile) So let’s go Zuko! (glare)

Zuko- I am going to make you regret fighting me. (start the fight)

So as the fight goes on between Temujin and Zuko in the end Zuko win…

Kya- You are going to pay for that Zuko! (fury)

Temujin- (Face down) Kya. (weakly)

Katara- (Healing Temujin)

Zuko- (What the deal with this girl?) Who are you?

Kya- I am Ming of the Northern water tribe! And you just hurt my boyfriend. (grr)

Zuko- He your boyfriend!? (stun)

Kya- (Blush)

Zuko- Too bad girly. (evil grin)

Temujin- Kya! (running in front of her and create a fire barrier)

Zuko- (Taking Aang & he disappeared)

Temujin- Are you okay? (stare at Kya)

Kya- It is my fault that he got Aang. (crying)

Temujin- If it anyone fault it is mine and mine alone. I am going to get Aang back!

Katara- How are you going to do that?

Sokka- (Entering) Where is Aang?

Temujin- Zuko take him away.

Later on when got Aang back Zuko and head back to kayo fish pond…

Zhao- You to late Avatar. (holding up the moon spirit)

Aang- Don’t do it!

Zhao- It is my destiny to kill the moon spirit. (killing the fish)

The sky went black & white.

Zhao- (Runs away)

Kya- What are going to do? (sniff)

Aang- I am to make this better. (entering to pond & goes out as Kyozullia)

Katara- What are we going to do? (holding up the white fish)

Temujin- Yue you are blessed by the moon.

Yue- I know I must take the place of the moon.

Sokka- Yue don’t go. (whaa)

Yue- I must Sokka. (walking over to the fish and give away her life force.)

Temujin- Sokka. (walking over to him)

Sokka- She is gone. (break down)

Temujin- Don’t worry she will always be with you. (patting his shoulder)

Sokka- Really?

Temujin- (Nod)

The end.

North Pole part 1

Finally we have made it to North Pole. Which means I have blend in and have wear the color blue.

Temujin- (Wearing winter coat) Whoa the North Pole is big.

Katara- I am finally going to meet our master Aang.

Aang- Yeah!

Sokka- Who is that? (look at Yue.)

Temujin- (Look at her too.) I don’t know but she seems familiar.

Aang- Never mind about her we are here. (excitement)

Later on that night…

Yue- (Sitting next to Sokka & Temujin.) Hello there.

Sokka- So Princess Yue this is great party.

Temujin- Wait she Yue!? (finally got it)

Sokka & Yue- (Both stare at him)

Temujin- I am sorry Lady Yue your well know. (wow he is good)

Yue- And what’s name kind sir? (hmm)

Temujin- I am Kyou.

Sokka- He our cousin, and also he should be sitting next my sister.

Temujin- Right. (exit)

The next day…

Katara- (Very depressed)

Temujin- What’s up Katara?

Katara- Master Pakku won’t teach me. (grr)

Temujin- Really why not?

Katara- Because I am a girl. (pout)

Temujin- I see he thinks girl can’t fight.

Katara- Wait one second isn’t your girlfriend Ming is a waterbender! (idea)

Temujin- Yeah she is. (nod)

Katara- Maybe she can teach me.

Temujin- I don’t think that not a good idea. (quick)

Katara- Why not? (puppy face)

Temujin- Um because she not here at the moment.

Katara- Where is she? (hmm)

Temujin- (Stare at off in the distance) She very far away. (tear fell to ground)

Katara- I am sorry Temujin. (sad face)

Temujin- Why are you sorry? (huh)

Katara- Well it sounds like she is gone. (looking confused)

Temujin- (Pale at that point) She isn’t dead.

Katara- Oh!? (realization) Maybe you can help me to get master Pakuu to teach me.

Temujin- Sure I got idea. (smile)

Later on at center of the North Pole…

Temujin- Master Pakuu I challenge you! (bold)

Pakuu- What!? (stare at him)

Temujin- If I win you have to train Katara.

Pakku- What if you lose?

Temujin- Then I will serve you.

Katara- Um Temujin are you sure about this?

Pakku- Are scare little girl? (hmm)

Katara- No! (grr)

Temujin- Let me handle him Katara.

Katara- No way Temujin! I am going to teach him lesson.

Temujin- (Smile) Way to go Kya! (stupid)

Katara- Did you just call Kya? (stare)

Temujin- No I didn’t. (shaking his head)

Katara- Temujin! (freezing him)

Temujin- What was that for? (annoyed)

Katara- You are not going away until you answer my question.

Temujin- The question I will try to answer it, but I can’t grantee that will like the answer.

Katara- Why did call me Kya? (hmm)

Temujin- Because my girlfriend is name Kya. (wow)

Katara- No way! You can’t be him! (shaking her head)

Temujin- Be who Katara? (hmm)

Katara- You not my father!

Temujin- You are correct I’m not that.

Katara- Then how do you know my mother’s name?

Temujin- I come from different place and time far away from this place.

The sky was shinnying bright white…

Temujin, Katara, Pakku- What was that?

The Doctor- (Appear) Hello there. (wave)

Temujin & Katara- Who are you?

The Doctor- I’m the Doctor.

Katara & Temujin- (Blank stare.)

The Doctor- Anyway I suggest that you don’t say what you were going to say Temujin. (pull out sonic screw driver & melt the ice around Temujin.)

Temujin- Wait how do know my name?

The Doctor- Never mind about that. (hand him a watch) Press this button.

Temujin- Why? (huh)

The Doctor- Trust me just push it. (wink)

Temujin- Okay. (press the button)

Time reset itself…

The Doctor- My job is done. (exit)

Temujin- What just happen? (shaking his head)

Katara- Temujin guess what?

Temujin- What? (hmm)

Katara- Master Pakku is willing to train me. (happy)

Temujin- That is great Katara. (still looking confused)

Katara- What up Temujin? (hmm)

Temujin- I can’t remember what I did this morning.

Sokka- Temujin! (annoyed enter)

Temujin- Sokka what’s up?

Sokka- You stole my boomaang!

Temujin- No I didn’t. (shaking his head)

Aang- (Enter) What’s going on here?

Katara- Sokka think Temujin stole his boomaang.

Sokka- It is the truth. (pout )

Temujin- It is Yue isn’t it?

Sokka- Wait how do know that? (huh)

Katara & Aang- Know what?

Sokka- About me and Yue?

Katara- You are dating Yue!? (shock)

Sokka- Well sort of. (rubbing his head) But how did you know about that? (look at Temujin)

Temujin- It is easy to tell when you are in love. It is like a flower in bloom since is the beauty of it can only last for a little while.

Katara- (Eyes shining)

Aang- Wow that was so wise.

Sokka- I don’t get it. (frowning)

Temujin- If you truly love someone you shouldn’t let them go.

Sokka- I still don’t get you Temujin.

Temujin- Of course you don’t only one person got me, but she not here at the moment.

Sokka- Okay you got way too serious lighten up. There are a lot of girls out there you can find some who suits you.

Katara- Sokka! (glare at him)

Temujin- It is okay Katara. (not bother with it)

Katara- Temujin?

Sokka- I am going to get Yue then. (exit)

Aang- We should leave him alone Katara.

Katara- Okay. (both exit)

Temujin- (Just staring at the whiteness of the snow.)

Kya- Can I join you? (walk up to him)

Temujin- (Look at her) Kya? (stun) Or is mind playing trick on me. (blinking)

Kya- (Grab his hand)

Temujin- But how did you get here Kya?

Kya- No clue Temujin, but I was told to give you this. (handing him a letter)

Temujin- Wait you called Temujin!? (shock)

Kya- Of course I did silly that is your name. (giggle)

Temujin- (Take the letter & read it.) Who is the Doctor?

Kya- Huh? (look at the paper) Um Temujin there is nothing on this paper.

Temujin- Okay this day has been crazy. I think I am going to lay down.

Kya- What about me? (cute face)

Temujin- Well are you staying?

Kya- Yes.

Temujin- Then stay with the team.

Kya- Yeah!

The end

Meeting old friends

I own nothing.

Missing home is just one thing you think about when you are on the road. Then again seeing old friend might not always be a good thing.

In Earth Kingdom town…

Kuzon- Where are we? (huh)

Kya- I think it is Earth Kingdom.

Kuzon- How did that happen? One minute we were at home and now we here.

Kya- No clue? (shrug)

Temujin- (Entering) Why I am the one who always has get firewood? (talking to himself)

Kuzon- (Grab Kya & pull her behind a tree.)

Kya- Kuzon are you crazy or something? (stare at him)

Kuzon- Look Kya he a part of the Firenation.

Kya- So what?

Kuzon- What Firenation kid doing out here in Earth Kingdom?

Kya- You think too much. (going out to talk Temujin.) Hi there.

Temujin- Kya!? (frozen)

Kya- Hello. (waving her hand in front of his face)

Kuzon- See you broke him.

Temujin- (Rubbing his eyes) It is really you guys. (hugging them)

Kuzon & Kya- Who are you? (huh)

Temujin- Come on guys you have to remember me right?

Kya & Kuzon- Nope.

Temujin- I am Temujin. (hint hint)

Kuzon & Kya- We don’t know a Temujin.

Temujin- (Depressed cloud.)

Kya- Are you okay? (nice)

Temujin- Sure.

Aang- (Enter) Hey Temujin what taking you so long? (huh)

Kuzon & Kya- Whoa! How are you that young?

Temujin- Be quiet and follow my led. (shhing)

Aang- Do you know them?

Temujin- Yeah these are my friends Ming and Taro.

Kuzon- Taro? What kind of name is that? (anger)

Temujin- Ha-ha he is so funny sometimes. (grabbing Kuzon & rubbing his hair)

Aang- Right well I see you back at camp. (exit)

Temujin- That was too close. (let go of Kuzon.)

Kuzon- What is your deal crazy guy? (yell at him)

Temujin- Look you guys are stuck in a parallel world back before the war was over. That is why you don’t remember me since my world got switch. By the way I’m Temujin your best friend.

Kuzon- (Stare at him.) Yep you are crazy. Come Kya let’s go.

Kya- I don’t know Kuzon he does seem filmier to me. (cute)

Kuzon- I still don’t trust him, but I have watch over you. (agree)

Temujin- Then follow me. (walking ahead)

Kuzon- I can find my own way.

Temujin- Fine you led then. (letting him led)

Kuzon- That is right. (smirk)

Temujin- (Walking next to Kya) So Kya how are you?

Kya- I’m fine. (smile) So who this Ming is she your girlfriend? (giggle)

Temujin- What!? Why would you say that? (stare at her)

Kya- I was only kidding you. (patting his shoulder)

Temujin- Right. (bummed) (Kya do not feel the same where about me anymore?)

At the camp…

Kuzon- See I told I could find it. (victory)

Sokka- (Stare at Kuzon) Who is this? (hmm)

Temujin- (Run in) I told you to wait for me. (huff)

Kuzon- I don’t listens to firebenders. (glare with dislike)

Kya- Don’t say such things big brother. (appear)

Sokka- Hey what is deal kid? (stare at him)

Kuzon- How can you trust him? He one of your enemies and yet he is a part of your team.

Sokka- Temujin is trustworthy you clearly don’t know him like I do. (wow)

Temujin- It is okay Sokka. Maybe it was mistake to bring my old friends. (sadden)

Kya- Kuzon say you’re sorry! (acting older)

Kuzon- Kya that first time you every sounded older than me. (stare at her)

Temujin- What!? (confused)

Kuzon & Kya- We are twins. (wink)

Aang- Neat I always wanted to be twin. (laugh)

Temujin- I think need to be alone. (walking away.)

Kuzon- What is his deal? (hmm)

Aang- You mean Temujin. He seem like complex young man, and think he is trying find out who he truly is. (wise)

Kya- See he is lost just like us.

Kuzon- I don’t think he is lost. (shaking his head) Who are his parents? (hmm)

Sokka- He only mentioned his father. His father is a good firebender, and taught him peaceful way of the fire.

Kuzon- That is odd. (thinking about it) If his parents were firebenders of this time period they wouldn’t teach him that. (talking to himself.)

Kya- That must mean he from time. (she is right.)

Kuzon- Maybe. (puzzled face)

Kya- Maybe I should talk to him?

Kuzon- Good idea he seems to like you.

Kya- Okay. (exit)

With Temujin…

Temujin- (Staring out over the fields.)

Kya- Hey Temujin mind if I sit with you?

Temujin- (Shaking his head.)

Kya- It is odd if you think about we could have been friends.

Temujin- I think we are more than that.

Kya- What are saying? (hmm)

Temujin- I know you really well Kya, but I am kind of on an important mission. So I guess it my fault you are this way.

Kya- What do you mean? (huh)

Temujin- If I wasn’t so determined to find out the truth about my family then I could have hung out with you more. (Aw)

Kya- I get it. (hmm)

Temujin- I am really bad boyfriend. (frowning)

Kya- Why are you bad boyfriend and to who? (hmm)

Temujin- Because I left my girlfriend Kya to try change Zuko back to good.

Kya- (Going red) Don’t call me your girlfriend! (annoyed)

Temujin- It is true Kya. I know you very well. (looking at her)

Kya- You are crazy. (back away slowly)

Temujin- Kya daughter of Avatar Aang and Katara, you can bend water & earth, and you can go into the avatar state.

Kya- Wait how do you know that?

Temujin- Believe me Kya. (begging face)

Kya- I don’t know. (unsure)

Kuzon- (Enter) Kya.

Kya- Kuzon Temujin is Zuko’s son. (saying it)

Kuzon- What!? (shock) How is that possible? Ta Ming is an only child.

Kya- He just listed things about me no one else knows.

Kuzon- How can that be possible?

Temujin- Because I kind already existed before I came back to the past.

Kuzon- That makes no sense. (frowning)

Temujin- Look we have to get you two home before we mess up time anymore.

Kya & Kuzon- How do we do that then? (hmm)

Temujin- I have no clue. (shrug)

Kuzon- I have an idea Kya since your part avatar & we have dad. (plan)

Back at camp…

Kya- Hey Aang we need to talk. (appear)

Aang- Hey Ming what do want to talk to me about? (hmm)

Kya- I am the future Avatar! (huh)

Aang, Katara, and Sokka- What!? (shock)

Kya- I can show you. (signal to Kuzon & Temujin)

Temujin- Are you sure this will work?

Kuzon- Trust me this will work. (smile)

Kya- First water, earth, fire, and air. (getting ready)

Aang- You are full avatar? (hmm)

Kya- I will show you. (bending all four elements)

Katara, Sokka, and Aang- Whoa!

Temujin & Kuzon- (Stroll in) What just happen?

Katara & Sokka- She the next avatar? (shock)

Kuzon- Yes and we need Aang’s help to get back home.

Aang- Okay. (agree)

Kya- Are coming with us Temujin? (hmm)

Temujin- No thanks I think stick around here for awhile.

Kya & Kuzon- Okay then.

Aang- This way then. (showing them)

Temujin- Goodbye my old friends.

The end.