Now Aang need to learn Earthbending with a master. So our journey begins with returning to Omashu…

At Omashu…

Aang- We back to Omashu. (happy)

Temujin- I don’t like this place. (looking green)

Kya- Wait you been here before? (annoyed)

Temujin- Don’t remind me. (pale)

Kya- Temujin I am going to teach you lesson! (grr)

Temujin- (Look at the city) Kya be quiet. (shh)

Kya- I will not.

Temujin- (Pull her in) It not safe here.

Aang- The Firenation took over the city.

Kya- So what we can take it back. (brave)

Temujin- We can’t do that. (calm manner)

Aang- We have to find Bumi.

Temujin- I agree with Aang. (nod)

Katara & Sokka- We agree too.

Temujin- Let me go in first to check things out. (plan)

Kya- I want to come too. (beg)

Temujin- No Kya, I am better at spying since from the firenation, and can blend in.

Kya- (Put on a red outfit) I can blend in just as well.

Temujin- Fine. (agree)

Into the city…

Temujin- Okay let’s stick together. (plan)

Kya- Don’t worry about me I can take care of myself.

Temujin- Come on Kya take this serious. (face palm)

Kya- I am. (walking out)

Firenation solider- What are you kids doing out? (huh)

Temujin- We just heading home.

Firenation solider- I wasn’t to you. Hey sweetie, ditch young one, and come have some fun with us.

Kya- Okay.

Temujin- What are doing Kya? (pulling her aside)

Kya- Let go of me Temujin.

Firenation solider- Wait did say Temujin?

Temujin- No she didn’t say that.

Firenation solider- Really because this person on this wanted poster looks a lot like you kid?

Temujin- Run! (grab Kya’s hand and run for it)

Later on then…

Temujin- I think we will be safe here. (lean against a wall)

Kya- Temujin tell me what’s going on?

Temujin- The Firenation is under the control of my grandfather Fire Lord Ozai who will stop at nothing to take over the world. Since I am traveling with the Avatar that means I am an enemy of the Firenation.

Kya- I see, and that means Zuko not on our side either? (hmm)

Temujin- Not exactly at the moment. (frown) I know my dad will be good again.

Kya- Maybe he does not to be good right now.

Temujin- How can say that Kya? (upset)

Kya- Because you can’t change him, Zuko has to change himself.

Temujin- (Annoyed look.) You don’t get it Kya.

Kya- I just trying to tell you to come home, because I miss you and nothing is right without you. ( crying)

Temujin- I am sorry Kya. (meaning it)

Mai- (Appear) This scene is sickened to watch.

Temujin- Mai what are doing here? (surprised)

Kya- Wait you know her? (looking really mad)

Temujin- It not like that. (shaking his head)

Mai- My dad is the governor of this city.

Kya- So you’re the one making everyone lives terrible! (blame)

Temujin- Don’t say that! (defensive)

Kya- Are you on their side? (huh)

Temujin- No I am not on anyone’s side. (trying to explain)

Kya- You have change. (turn away from him) I am going back. (start to walk away)

Temujin- Kya wait! (run after her)

Mai- Whatever. (leaving)

Temujin- Kya please wait up. (finally catch up to her)

Kya- (Crying) Why don’t you go back to that other girl you don’t need me. (upset)

Temujin- Kya I am not with any other girl, but you.

Kya- (Sniff) Then how come you knew her?

Temujin- That because she my mom.

Kya- Wait your mom? (huh)

Temujin- Yep.

Kya- Why didn’t you tell me that early? (annoyed)

Temujin- I tried to tell you, but you didn’t listen.

Kya- I am sorry Temujin I didn’t believe you.

Temujin- It is okay, but better tell the others the information we found.

Kya- Right. (nod)

Later on then the trade off…

Aang- (Holding Tom Tom) Okay let’s trade.

Mai- Fine. (single to someone)

Bumi- Hello people.

Azula- Can I say something Mai?

Mai- Yes Princess Azula.

Azula- We trading for a two year old compare to an Earthbending King. I just think it is unfair.

Mai- I agree. The deal is over.

Bumi- Bye bye then. (going back up)

Aang- Bumi. (run after)

Azula- Not so fast. (shoot blue fire)

Temujin- I don’t think so. (block it) Aang go get Bumi I will handle her.

Mai- (Eyes widen) Why are with them?

Ty Lee- Do you know him Mai? (huh)

Mai- No.

Ty Lee- Oh really because he is a cutie. (wink)

Kya- Lay off of him. (water whip)

Ty Lee- (Cartwheel away) This going to be fun.

Azula- Mai & Ty Lee deal with those two I am going after the avatar. (go after Aang)

Ty Lee- I go for blue girl. (going after Kya)

Temujin- (Stare at Mai) So Mai what do want to me?

Mai- I don’t know. I thought you were with Zuko.

Temujin- I was, but I had to leave him I didn’t want to. But he is fine, and if tell how you feel then I think he will like it.

Mai- (Blushing) You know nothing about how I feel. (throw shirken)

Temujin- (Avoid them)

Mai- Why you!? (annoyed)

Temujin- (Keep moving)

Ty Lee- Come on girly.

Kya- (Throwing ice shards)

Ty Lee- ( Hitting Kya pressure points)

Kya- Huh? (trying to bend) Temujin!? (scream)

Temujin- Kya! (run to her)

Ty Lee- Now to take down your boyfriend. (flipping along)

Sokka- Not so fast. (throwing his boomang)

Katara- Yeah we are here to help our team mates. (going to Kya)

Kya- Be careful Katara she can stop you from bending. (warn)

Katara- (Healing Kya) Don’t worry Sokka and Temujin will handle her.

Kya- Thank you Katara. (greatful)

Katara- Come on Ming. (pulling her to her feet)

Kya- Let’s go help Aang.

Katara- Right. (both go)

Ty Lee- I will take you two down easy. (hehe)

Temujin- Sokka I let you handle her. (patting his shoulder)

Sokka- Wait what are you going to do? (huh)

Temujin- Trust me it is important. (leaving)

Sokka- Oh man.

Much later on…

Temujin- (Drop off Tom Tom) You be good.

Back at camp…

Aang- Looks like I have another earthbending teacher.

Kya- What about Riku?

Temujin- (Looking at her in an annoyed way.)

Sokka& Katara& Aang- Who? (huh)

Temujin- Never mind. I am sure you find a teacher Aang.

The end.

Riku's Dad

To see the world in different light is how my life is.

At the Ba Fong estate…

Toph- Okay Riku we are going to step up your training!

Riku- Right. (put on blind fold)

Toph- Good now find you way to forest.

Riku- Yes I will. (walking away)

By the forest…

Yue- I wonder how Riku is doing? (hmm)

Riku- (Still walking forward)

Kyou- (Appear) Hey kidoe. (greet)

Riku- Dad!? (huh)

Kyou- Yeah Riku.

Riku- (Take off blind fold) It really is you. (happy)

Yue- (Behind a tree) Who is that with Riku?

Kyou- Looks like you got yourself a fan Riku. (notice Yue)

Riku- What do you mean? (looking behind him)

Yue- Hi Riku. (smile)

Riku- Oh hi Yue. (greet)

Kyou- Hey there I am Kyou Riku’s dad. (wink)

Yue- It is nice to meet you I am Yue. (smile)

Kyou- Yue? (thinking) Oh you are Sokka’s daughter.

Yue- Yes I am. (wink)

Kyou- It is nice to meet one of Riku’s friends. (rubbing Riku hair)

Riku- (Frowning) Are you staying?

Kyou- Of course Riku, and plus I am sure that Toph will be happy to see me. (smile)

Riku- (He is going to die)

Back at the Ba Fong estate…

Kyou- Hello Toph. (smiling)

Toph- That voice; it can’t be Kyou? (hmm)

Kyou- Yep.

Toph- You jerk! (punching him)

Riku & Yue- (Hanging back)

Kyou- Why are beating me up? (hmm)

Toph- You know why Kyou! (grr)

Kyou- Riku why don’t you go into the house while I talk to your mother. (clam manner)

Riku- Okay dad. (going in)

Kyou- You too Yue. (frown)

Yue- Yes sir. (exit)

Kyou- So you are still mad at me for walking out?

Toph- That is big yes.

Kyou- I am sorry about that day, but I wasn’t ready for it.

Toph- Don’t explain it to me. (shaking her head) Explain it to Riku. (crying)

Kyou- Oh yeah that will go well with him.

Toph- I thought I told you to stay away from us. You will just get his hope ups, and I will not let you hurt him.

Kyou- I got you. But Riku not a baby anymore he can take care of himself.

Toph- I know that, but Riku wouldn’t tell you how he truly feels.

Kyou- (Looking at Toph.)

With Yue and Riku…

Yue- So that is your dad?

Riku- Yes that is him. (semi smile)

Yue- Why didn’t you tell us? (hmm)

Riku- Because my father has a skill of not sticking around for very long.

Yue- Aw Riku. (tears)

Riku- I don’t need you pity Yue. (looking mad)

Yue- I am sorry.

Riku- Yue. (looking at her) It is my fault. (frowning)

Yue- Riku! (hugging him)

Riku- (Bright red)

Kyou-(Appear) Hello kiddies. (cough)

Yue- (Letting go of Riku) Um that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Kyou- So is she your girlfriend? (look at Riku)

Yue- You got the wrong idea mister. (waving her arms)

Kyou- You can call me Kyou or I am also known as the yellow flash.

Yue- Yellow flash? (confused)

Kyou- I am a firebender, but I can only use lighting. (wink)

Riku- Are you staying dad? (innocent look)

Kyou- (Looking at his son) I can’t answer that.

Riku- Why not? (huh)

Kyou- I am sure your mother can answer it for you.

Riku- But I want you to stay! (burst into tears)

Kyou- I am sorry Riku, but I am not the person you want. (he was gone)

Riku- (Wiping his eyes.)

Yue- Riku I will help you no matter what! (aw so cute)

Riku- Thanks Yue. (smiling again)

Outside in the forest again…

Kyou- She is always right. (sitting in a tree)

Yue- (Walking along) Kyou! (calling him)

Kyou- Hello Yue. (appear next to her)

Yue- Ep (backing up)

Kyou- Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.

Yue- It is okay.

Kyou- I know what you are going to ask me, but I cannot stay. (he knew)

Yue-But Riku need you to stay. (eyes shinnying)

Kyou- Trust me it better if I just disappear.

Yue- How can say that? (hmm)

Kyou- You are the all knowing moon sprit aren’t you? (stare at Yue)

Yue- Yes I am, but what does have to do with Riku?

Kyou- I guess let’s go back to the begging of the story of how I meet Toph.

Into the pass they go…

Yue- Huh what just happen?

Kyou- You are seeing into my past.

Yue- Your past. Is that you? (point)

Younger Kyou- But I don’t want to join the firenation army.

Taro- You have to son.

Kyou- Yes that’s me joining the firenation army.

Yue- I still don’t get it? (hmm)

Kyou- You will see.

A blur of colors past them by…

Kyou- Yes this is the day my fate change. (nod)

Yue- Fate?

Kyou- Yes we were rounding up trouble earthbenders, but I couldn’t do it to her. (point at Toph)

Yue- You loved her right, so I can understand.

Kyou- It’s not that at all back then we were both outcast. (grim)

Yue- Outcasts? (huh)

Kyou- Yes being the only guy who can use lighting is very weird. So saving someone like me wasn’t a big deal to me.

Yue- Then why can’t you stay with them?

Kyou- Because if they knew Riku was my son they would track him down. I don’t I want to happen to him.

Back in the present…

Riku- So dad are you staying? (hmm)

Kyou- Riku we need to talk. (pull him to the side) I am sorry Riku I can’t stay I wish I could, but if I do that I hurt the people I love the most. (hug Riku)

Yue- (Standing by watching this.)

Kyou- I want you to watch over your mom for me. (patting his head) I am proud to have a son like you Riku.

Riku- Dad.

Kyou- One more thing here. (giving him a massager hawk) Send me a letter whenever you want to talk. See later Riku. (walking away)

Riku- (Watching him go)

Yue- I am sorry that I couldn’t make him stay.

Riku- It is okay Yue, I am fine.

Yue- I am glad. (smile)

Riku- (Yue the best thing that has ever happen to me.)

The end.

North Pole 2

I do not own anything.

Even though I saw Kya come back it is hard to believe she is really staying.

At the North Pole…

Temujin- (Fast Asleep)

Kya- (Hovering over him) Temujin. (saying it)

Temujin- What!? (waking up & then stare)

Kya- I am sorry I woke you. (sweet)

Temujin- Um you didn’t wake me. (really nervous) In fact I was about to get up.

Kya- Right, now that I am staying with the team you should introduce me. (smile)

Temujin- Right. (nod) You know can’t be called Kya while your with us. (telling her)

Kya- Okay. (happy)

Temujin- Um you are okay with changing your name? (unsure)

Kya- It is fine with me Temujin just as along I get to spend my time with you. (aw)

Temujin- Okay then I will introduce you to the team. (really confused)

With the team…

Sokka- (Gloomy) Why did Temujin want us to wait here? (hmm)

Katara- No clue.

Aang- I beat it something cool! (excited)

Sokka- Like what? (hmm)

Kya- (Entering) Hi there.

Sokka- Hi I’m Sokka. (wink) What’s your name lovely?

Kya- (Shivers)

Temujin- I told you to wait for me. (running in)

Kya- Sorry Temujin. (innocent eyes)

Temujin- It is okay you were just excited. Everyone I want you to meet my girlfriend Ming.

Sokka- I am sorry I hit on you. (very sorry)

Kya- It is okay. (giggle)

Katara- Aw you two make such cute couple! (eyes shinny)

Aang- It is nice to meet Ming Temujin talks about you all the time. Maybe you can train me sometime.

Kya- Sure thing Aang. (smile)

Temujin- Um Aang maybe that’s not a good idea.

Aang- Why not? (hmm)

Kya- Come on Temujin it will be fun! (so cute)

Temujin- Okay. (agree)

Katara- Wow he agrees with you. (amazed)

Kya- It is quiet easy. (giggle)

Temujin- (Annoyed) I am not that easy. (anger)

Kya- (Tears) I don’t know what I did. (run away)

Sokka & Aang- (Glare at him)

Katara- (Looking really tick off.) You jerk! (water whip)

Temujin- I am sorry for my action. (truly)

Katara- Say that to Ming not me. (glare)

Temujin- (Run after Kya)

Later on then…

Temujin- Where are you Kya? (running around like crazy)

Yue- Hey Kyou. (greet)

Temujin- Oh hi Yue.

Yue- Are you looking for someone?

Temujin- Yes my girlfriend Ming. (worried tone)

Yue- Oh yeah I saw her. (smile)

Temujin- Where!? (hmm)

Yue- She went that away.

Temujin- Thanks. (run off)

With Kya…

Kya- (Siting on a rock and crying)

Temujin- Kya! (shouting)

Kya- Huh that sounded like Temujin? (looking up)

Temujin- Kya I am sorry. (standing there)

Kya- Temujin! (hugging him)

Temujin- Kya I didn’t mean to yell at you, and I am trying sorry if I hurt you in anyway.

Kya- Just be quiet. (kissing him)

Sokka- (Coming in) Um.

Kya & Temujin- (Break away from each other) Sokka!? (annoyed)

Sokka- Sorry.

The next day…

Kya- Come on Avatar Aang! (dragging him)

Aang- Ming it is so early can’t I sleep. (puppy face)

Kya- That won’t work on me. (glare)

Aang- Temujin please tell her we can train later.

Temujin- I did warn you that she was strict teacher. (smile)

Aang- But she seemed so nice.

Temujin- That’s how she get you. (laughing)

Katara- (Enter) Wow I never see you laugh.

Sokka- Guys the Fire Nation is going to invade the North Pole. (enter looking sweaty)

Kya- Wait what!? (shock)

Temujin- Okay we need to plan for the invasion. Ming I need talk to you alone. (serious look)

Kya- Okay. (staying put)

Temujin- I will meet up with later.

Aang- Okay. (all three exit)

Temujin- Kya I need you to go into your avatar state.

Kya- Temujin you know I don’t know how to get in or out of the avatar state.

Temujin- I am sorry Kya. I should not ask so much of you.

Kya- Temujin if the Fire Nation is evil at this time does that mean your father is too? (innocent look)

Temujin- I don’t want to talk about that at the moment come on we better get ready for the fight ahead. (walking ahead)

Kya- Temujin. (worried tone)

The next day…

Temujin- Dad, dad, dad! (rolling in sleep)

Kya- (Watching him) Temujin what happen to him?

Temujin- He with them. (mummer)

Kya- Temujin I need you. You have to help us after you are very good leader.

Temujin- I know I am. (he was wake the whole time.)

Kya- Come on we better help out the gang. (smile)

That night then in the spiritual place…

Aang- (Mediating)

Yue- Maybe we should get some more people.

Katara- Don’t worry we have two waterbenders. (smile at Kya)

Yue- I don’t know. (unsure)

Temujin- I am here too. (pout)

Yue- Sorry I will be back. (exit)

Zuko- There you are avatar! (dramatic music)

Temujin- (Step in front of Katara & Kya)

Kya- Temujin what are you doing? (shock)

Temujin- I am keeping you safe.

Katara- You can’t do on your own. (hmm)

Temujin- Trust me this is better. No one else can get hurt if it is this way. (wow)

Zuko- You again! (anger)

Temujin- Yes me again. (smile) So let’s go Zuko! (glare)

Zuko- I am going to make you regret fighting me. (start the fight)

So as the fight goes on between Temujin and Zuko in the end Zuko win…

Kya- You are going to pay for that Zuko! (fury)

Temujin- (Face down) Kya. (weakly)

Katara- (Healing Temujin)

Zuko- (What the deal with this girl?) Who are you?

Kya- I am Ming of the Northern water tribe! And you just hurt my boyfriend. (grr)

Zuko- He your boyfriend!? (stun)

Kya- (Blush)

Zuko- Too bad girly. (evil grin)

Temujin- Kya! (running in front of her and create a fire barrier)

Zuko- (Taking Aang & he disappeared)

Temujin- Are you okay? (stare at Kya)

Kya- It is my fault that he got Aang. (crying)

Temujin- If it anyone fault it is mine and mine alone. I am going to get Aang back!

Katara- How are you going to do that?

Sokka- (Entering) Where is Aang?

Temujin- Zuko take him away.

Later on when got Aang back Zuko and head back to kayo fish pond…

Zhao- You to late Avatar. (holding up the moon spirit)

Aang- Don’t do it!

Zhao- It is my destiny to kill the moon spirit. (killing the fish)

The sky went black & white.

Zhao- (Runs away)

Kya- What are going to do? (sniff)

Aang- I am to make this better. (entering to pond & goes out as Kyozullia)

Katara- What are we going to do? (holding up the white fish)

Temujin- Yue you are blessed by the moon.

Yue- I know I must take the place of the moon.

Sokka- Yue don’t go. (whaa)

Yue- I must Sokka. (walking over to the fish and give away her life force.)

Temujin- Sokka. (walking over to him)

Sokka- She is gone. (break down)

Temujin- Don’t worry she will always be with you. (patting his shoulder)

Sokka- Really?

Temujin- (Nod)

The end.

Meeting old friends

I own nothing.

Missing home is just one thing you think about when you are on the road. Then again seeing old friend might not always be a good thing.

In Earth Kingdom town…

Kuzon- Where are we? (huh)

Kya- I think it is Earth Kingdom.

Kuzon- How did that happen? One minute we were at home and now we here.

Kya- No clue? (shrug)

Temujin- (Entering) Why I am the one who always has get firewood? (talking to himself)

Kuzon- (Grab Kya & pull her behind a tree.)

Kya- Kuzon are you crazy or something? (stare at him)

Kuzon- Look Kya he a part of the Firenation.

Kya- So what?

Kuzon- What Firenation kid doing out here in Earth Kingdom?

Kya- You think too much. (going out to talk Temujin.) Hi there.

Temujin- Kya!? (frozen)

Kya- Hello. (waving her hand in front of his face)

Kuzon- See you broke him.

Temujin- (Rubbing his eyes) It is really you guys. (hugging them)

Kuzon & Kya- Who are you? (huh)

Temujin- Come on guys you have to remember me right?

Kya & Kuzon- Nope.

Temujin- I am Temujin. (hint hint)

Kuzon & Kya- We don’t know a Temujin.

Temujin- (Depressed cloud.)

Kya- Are you okay? (nice)

Temujin- Sure.

Aang- (Enter) Hey Temujin what taking you so long? (huh)

Kuzon & Kya- Whoa! How are you that young?

Temujin- Be quiet and follow my led. (shhing)

Aang- Do you know them?

Temujin- Yeah these are my friends Ming and Taro.

Kuzon- Taro? What kind of name is that? (anger)

Temujin- Ha-ha he is so funny sometimes. (grabbing Kuzon & rubbing his hair)

Aang- Right well I see you back at camp. (exit)

Temujin- That was too close. (let go of Kuzon.)

Kuzon- What is your deal crazy guy? (yell at him)

Temujin- Look you guys are stuck in a parallel world back before the war was over. That is why you don’t remember me since my world got switch. By the way I’m Temujin your best friend.

Kuzon- (Stare at him.) Yep you are crazy. Come Kya let’s go.

Kya- I don’t know Kuzon he does seem filmier to me. (cute)

Kuzon- I still don’t trust him, but I have watch over you. (agree)

Temujin- Then follow me. (walking ahead)

Kuzon- I can find my own way.

Temujin- Fine you led then. (letting him led)

Kuzon- That is right. (smirk)

Temujin- (Walking next to Kya) So Kya how are you?

Kya- I’m fine. (smile) So who this Ming is she your girlfriend? (giggle)

Temujin- What!? Why would you say that? (stare at her)

Kya- I was only kidding you. (patting his shoulder)

Temujin- Right. (bummed) (Kya do not feel the same where about me anymore?)

At the camp…

Kuzon- See I told I could find it. (victory)

Sokka- (Stare at Kuzon) Who is this? (hmm)

Temujin- (Run in) I told you to wait for me. (huff)

Kuzon- I don’t listens to firebenders. (glare with dislike)

Kya- Don’t say such things big brother. (appear)

Sokka- Hey what is deal kid? (stare at him)

Kuzon- How can you trust him? He one of your enemies and yet he is a part of your team.

Sokka- Temujin is trustworthy you clearly don’t know him like I do. (wow)

Temujin- It is okay Sokka. Maybe it was mistake to bring my old friends. (sadden)

Kya- Kuzon say you’re sorry! (acting older)

Kuzon- Kya that first time you every sounded older than me. (stare at her)

Temujin- What!? (confused)

Kuzon & Kya- We are twins. (wink)

Aang- Neat I always wanted to be twin. (laugh)

Temujin- I think need to be alone. (walking away.)

Kuzon- What is his deal? (hmm)

Aang- You mean Temujin. He seem like complex young man, and think he is trying find out who he truly is. (wise)

Kya- See he is lost just like us.

Kuzon- I don’t think he is lost. (shaking his head) Who are his parents? (hmm)

Sokka- He only mentioned his father. His father is a good firebender, and taught him peaceful way of the fire.

Kuzon- That is odd. (thinking about it) If his parents were firebenders of this time period they wouldn’t teach him that. (talking to himself.)

Kya- That must mean he from time. (she is right.)

Kuzon- Maybe. (puzzled face)

Kya- Maybe I should talk to him?

Kuzon- Good idea he seems to like you.

Kya- Okay. (exit)

With Temujin…

Temujin- (Staring out over the fields.)

Kya- Hey Temujin mind if I sit with you?

Temujin- (Shaking his head.)

Kya- It is odd if you think about we could have been friends.

Temujin- I think we are more than that.

Kya- What are saying? (hmm)

Temujin- I know you really well Kya, but I am kind of on an important mission. So I guess it my fault you are this way.

Kya- What do you mean? (huh)

Temujin- If I wasn’t so determined to find out the truth about my family then I could have hung out with you more. (Aw)

Kya- I get it. (hmm)

Temujin- I am really bad boyfriend. (frowning)

Kya- Why are you bad boyfriend and to who? (hmm)

Temujin- Because I left my girlfriend Kya to try change Zuko back to good.

Kya- (Going red) Don’t call me your girlfriend! (annoyed)

Temujin- It is true Kya. I know you very well. (looking at her)

Kya- You are crazy. (back away slowly)

Temujin- Kya daughter of Avatar Aang and Katara, you can bend water & earth, and you can go into the avatar state.

Kya- Wait how do you know that?

Temujin- Believe me Kya. (begging face)

Kya- I don’t know. (unsure)

Kuzon- (Enter) Kya.

Kya- Kuzon Temujin is Zuko’s son. (saying it)

Kuzon- What!? (shock) How is that possible? Ta Ming is an only child.

Kya- He just listed things about me no one else knows.

Kuzon- How can that be possible?

Temujin- Because I kind already existed before I came back to the past.

Kuzon- That makes no sense. (frowning)

Temujin- Look we have to get you two home before we mess up time anymore.

Kya & Kuzon- How do we do that then? (hmm)

Temujin- I have no clue. (shrug)

Kuzon- I have an idea Kya since your part avatar & we have dad. (plan)

Back at camp…

Kya- Hey Aang we need to talk. (appear)

Aang- Hey Ming what do want to talk to me about? (hmm)

Kya- I am the future Avatar! (huh)

Aang, Katara, and Sokka- What!? (shock)

Kya- I can show you. (signal to Kuzon & Temujin)

Temujin- Are you sure this will work?

Kuzon- Trust me this will work. (smile)

Kya- First water, earth, fire, and air. (getting ready)

Aang- You are full avatar? (hmm)

Kya- I will show you. (bending all four elements)

Katara, Sokka, and Aang- Whoa!

Temujin & Kuzon- (Stroll in) What just happen?

Katara & Sokka- She the next avatar? (shock)

Kuzon- Yes and we need Aang’s help to get back home.

Aang- Okay. (agree)

Kya- Are coming with us Temujin? (hmm)

Temujin- No thanks I think stick around here for awhile.

Kya & Kuzon- Okay then.

Aang- This way then. (showing them)

Temujin- Goodbye my old friends.

The end.

Blue Spirit

I own nothing.

Being a part of Team Avatar is so different then the life I am use to…

Temujin- (Fast asleep)

In his dream world…

Kya- You left us to protect ourselves.

Temujin- Kya I had no choice.

The blue spirit- (Pull out swords and put close to Kya throat)

Out the dream world…

Temujin- Kya! (shout)

Aang & Katara- Temujin are you okay?

Temujin- Yeah it was just a dream about the blue spirit.

Sokka- The who the what now? (confused)

Temujin- You must have heard of the Blue Spirit.

Sokka& Katara& Aang- No.

Temujin- Really it is old Fire Nation legend of threat who sort rob from the rich gave to the poor. My mom told me all about him.

Aang- Is he really a spirit?

Temujin- I don’t think so.

Aang- Hey Temujin I was wondering if you could train me in firebending?

Temujin- Well I don’t know Aang I am still learning it myself. (unsure)

Aang- Come on Temujin I need to learn firebending. (cute face)

Temujin- (My dad is supposed to teach him. I guess I could teach him the basic.) Okay I can teach you.

Aang- Yeah! (jumping up and down)

Temujin- There is a condition to me teaching you. (smile)

Aang- What? (huh)

Temujin- You must follow ever order I give you.

Aang- Okay. (agree)

Temujin- First all you must understand fire.

Sokka- This sounds boring I’m off to go get meat. (exit)

Katara- Continue Temujin. (smile)

Temujin- Fire is not about power.

Aang- Well isn’t the Firenation about controlling the world. (point out)

Temujin- Look I learn the traditional way of fire. So first we need to calm the mind. (pull out tea pot)

Aang- Isn’t firebending about aggression? (huh)

Temujin- Aang who is your teacher? (glare)

Aang- You are Temujin. (frowning)

Temujin- Good. (smile) Now this where our lesson begins. (set tea pot on the ground and hold up a little fire next to it.)

Aang- Whoa!

Temujin- Now you try Aang. Remember you have maintain a steady flame if you make it too hot that will destroy the pot. If you make the fire to small then the pot of tea will never get boiled. So good luck. (getting up)

Aang- Where are you going? (huh)

Temujin- I have my own training to do.

Aang- So you just leaving me here.

Temujin- (Reminded of the dream) I am not leaving anyone alone. I made sure she was okay.

Katara- Who?

Temujin- Promise me you won’t laugh. (sniff)

Katara & Aang- We promise.

Temujin- Well I have a girlfriend Ming. (going slightly red)

Katara- I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.

Aang- So is she a firebender? (huh)

Temujin- Nope she a waterbender.

Sokka- (Return right that moment) Your not dating my sister. (glare)

Temujin- No I was talking about my girlfriend Ming. (smile)

Sokka- You are allowed to date a waterbender? (confused)

Temujin- Sort of. (smiling)

Sokka- Wow you got game Temujin! (smile)

Katara- Sokka! (slap his head)

Sokka- What was that for? (rub head)

Katara- For treating women like trophies.

Temujin- My girlfriend is treated with much respect. (mention) Anyway Aang go back to your training, while I finish my training. (orders)

Aang- Yes sir. (frowning)

Temujin- Good. (exit)

Aang- (Trying to heat up tea pot.) This is lame.

Sokka- Well I am tired. Night Aang, Katara. (goes into tent)

The next morning…

Katara- Hurry Temujin Sokka is sick.

Temujin- What!? (surprise)

In Sokka’s tent…

Sokka- (Coughing & talking nonsense)

Temujin- This doesn’t look good. (frowning)

Aang- Maybe we can get him some medicine there herbalist up on that mountain top. (point)

Temujin- Okay. (agree)

Katara- What about me? (huh)

Temujin& Aang- You stay here. (exit)

Later at the river…

Temujin- Aang got capture by the Yu Yang archers, and now I have brake him out of firenation prison. (thinking) I have no clue how to do that?

Blue spirit- (Runs past Temujin)

Temujin- Hey wait up! (follow him)

Outside the prison…

Blue spirit- (Sneaking around)

Temujin- (Appear in front of him) Hey there.

Blue spirit- (Back away slowly and pull out sword)

Temujin- I’m on your side. (hands in the air.)

Blue spirit- (Nod and lead on)

Temujin- So you are going help me save Aang?

Blue Spirit- (Nod)

Temujin- So you’re the blue sprit?

Blue spirit- (Looking annoyed)

Temujin- Sorry. (shut up)

Into the prison where Aang was…

Temujin- Hey Aang. (pull out a knife & pick his lock)

Blue spirit- (Going over to them)

Aang- Um who your friend Temujin?

Temujin- He the Blue Spirit. (smile)

Blue spirit- (Cut the chains with his swords)

Temujin- Well that was faster. (put knife away) Let’s get out of here.

Aang- Okay.

Temujin- Go head and lead us blue spirit.

Blue spirit- (Lead on in silent)

Aang- Are you sure we can trust him? (whispers)

Temujin- I trust him. After all he was the one who found you.

Aang- I don’t know. (thinking)

Temujin- If he was a part Firenation army he would have killed us both already.

Aang- Okay I trust your judgment Temujin.

Temujin- Shhh! (hushing him and pull out knife)

Aang- Who is it? (hmm)

Temujin- No clue it guy with side burns. (using the knife as a mirror)

Aang- Zhao. (grr)

Temujin- Who is Zhao? (huh)

Aang- You don’t know him. (questioning look)

Temujin- No. (shaking his head)

Aang- Well he is no good, and we don’t want to get caught by him.

Temujin- Okay.

Blue spirit- (Point down another hallway.)

Temujin- Okay let’s go down there.

Outside Temujin, Aang, and Blue Spirit surrounded by army…

Zhao- Give up you are surrounded and outnumbered. (sneer)

Temujin- I think you outnumber yourself. (pull out red daggers)

Aang- Um Temujin what are you doing? Wouldn’t firebending be better now? (huh)

Temujin- Trust me Aang it is better if they don’t see any firebending.

Aang- Okay.

Zhao- Remember we must capture the avatar not kill him.

Blue spirit- (Stick swords near Aang neck.)

Aang- What is he doing Temujin? (huh)

Temujin- Be quiet avatar. (pull out knife) If you try to follow this knife goes straight into his heart. (creepy)

Zhao- Let them out. (order)

Temujin, Blue spirit, Aang- (Walking out the gates)

Zhao- Shot the guy in the mask.

Yu yan archer- (Shooting the Blue spirit)

Aang & Temujin- (Gasping)

Later on in the forest…

Zuko- (Opening his eyes)

Temujin- (Smiling brightly) We are not so different are we?

Zuko- I am nothing like you! (anger)

Temujin- To think that Prince of the Firenation was the Blue Spirit. Even though say we not alike we are. We both are enemies of the Firenation. (smile)

Zuko- I did no such thing.

Temujin- See this knife. (holding it out) That is the only thing I have left of home.

Zuko- Hey that is my knife! (realization)

Temujin- No my father gave this to me. (remember) Even though I was a bender he wanted me to learn other arts as well. You know you could join us. (sweet)

Zuko- (Fire blast)

Temujin- (Flee away)

Back base camp…

Aang- Where have you been Temujin?

Temujin- Just talking to an old friend. (smile)

The end.