North Pole part 1

Finally we have made it to North Pole. Which means I have blend in and have wear the color blue.

Temujin- (Wearing winter coat) Whoa the North Pole is big.

Katara- I am finally going to meet our master Aang.

Aang- Yeah!

Sokka- Who is that? (look at Yue.)

Temujin- (Look at her too.) I don’t know but she seems familiar.

Aang- Never mind about her we are here. (excitement)

Later on that night…

Yue- (Sitting next to Sokka & Temujin.) Hello there.

Sokka- So Princess Yue this is great party.

Temujin- Wait she Yue!? (finally got it)

Sokka & Yue- (Both stare at him)

Temujin- I am sorry Lady Yue your well know. (wow he is good)

Yue- And what’s name kind sir? (hmm)

Temujin- I am Kyou.

Sokka- He our cousin, and also he should be sitting next my sister.

Temujin- Right. (exit)

The next day…

Katara- (Very depressed)

Temujin- What’s up Katara?

Katara- Master Pakku won’t teach me. (grr)

Temujin- Really why not?

Katara- Because I am a girl. (pout)

Temujin- I see he thinks girl can’t fight.

Katara- Wait one second isn’t your girlfriend Ming is a waterbender! (idea)

Temujin- Yeah she is. (nod)

Katara- Maybe she can teach me.

Temujin- I don’t think that not a good idea. (quick)

Katara- Why not? (puppy face)

Temujin- Um because she not here at the moment.

Katara- Where is she? (hmm)

Temujin- (Stare at off in the distance) She very far away. (tear fell to ground)

Katara- I am sorry Temujin. (sad face)

Temujin- Why are you sorry? (huh)

Katara- Well it sounds like she is gone. (looking confused)

Temujin- (Pale at that point) She isn’t dead.

Katara- Oh!? (realization) Maybe you can help me to get master Pakuu to teach me.

Temujin- Sure I got idea. (smile)

Later on at center of the North Pole…

Temujin- Master Pakuu I challenge you! (bold)

Pakuu- What!? (stare at him)

Temujin- If I win you have to train Katara.

Pakku- What if you lose?

Temujin- Then I will serve you.

Katara- Um Temujin are you sure about this?

Pakku- Are scare little girl? (hmm)

Katara- No! (grr)

Temujin- Let me handle him Katara.

Katara- No way Temujin! I am going to teach him lesson.

Temujin- (Smile) Way to go Kya! (stupid)

Katara- Did you just call Kya? (stare)

Temujin- No I didn’t. (shaking his head)

Katara- Temujin! (freezing him)

Temujin- What was that for? (annoyed)

Katara- You are not going away until you answer my question.

Temujin- The question I will try to answer it, but I can’t grantee that will like the answer.

Katara- Why did call me Kya? (hmm)

Temujin- Because my girlfriend is name Kya. (wow)

Katara- No way! You can’t be him! (shaking her head)

Temujin- Be who Katara? (hmm)

Katara- You not my father!

Temujin- You are correct I’m not that.

Katara- Then how do you know my mother’s name?

Temujin- I come from different place and time far away from this place.

The sky was shinnying bright white…

Temujin, Katara, Pakku- What was that?

The Doctor- (Appear) Hello there. (wave)

Temujin & Katara- Who are you?

The Doctor- I’m the Doctor.

Katara & Temujin- (Blank stare.)

The Doctor- Anyway I suggest that you don’t say what you were going to say Temujin. (pull out sonic screw driver & melt the ice around Temujin.)

Temujin- Wait how do know my name?

The Doctor- Never mind about that. (hand him a watch) Press this button.

Temujin- Why? (huh)

The Doctor- Trust me just push it. (wink)

Temujin- Okay. (press the button)

Time reset itself…

The Doctor- My job is done. (exit)

Temujin- What just happen? (shaking his head)

Katara- Temujin guess what?

Temujin- What? (hmm)

Katara- Master Pakku is willing to train me. (happy)

Temujin- That is great Katara. (still looking confused)

Katara- What up Temujin? (hmm)

Temujin- I can’t remember what I did this morning.

Sokka- Temujin! (annoyed enter)

Temujin- Sokka what’s up?

Sokka- You stole my boomaang!

Temujin- No I didn’t. (shaking his head)

Aang- (Enter) What’s going on here?

Katara- Sokka think Temujin stole his boomaang.

Sokka- It is the truth. (pout )

Temujin- It is Yue isn’t it?

Sokka- Wait how do know that? (huh)

Katara & Aang- Know what?

Sokka- About me and Yue?

Katara- You are dating Yue!? (shock)

Sokka- Well sort of. (rubbing his head) But how did you know about that? (look at Temujin)

Temujin- It is easy to tell when you are in love. It is like a flower in bloom since is the beauty of it can only last for a little while.

Katara- (Eyes shining)

Aang- Wow that was so wise.

Sokka- I don’t get it. (frowning)

Temujin- If you truly love someone you shouldn’t let them go.

Sokka- I still don’t get you Temujin.

Temujin- Of course you don’t only one person got me, but she not here at the moment.

Sokka- Okay you got way too serious lighten up. There are a lot of girls out there you can find some who suits you.

Katara- Sokka! (glare at him)

Temujin- It is okay Katara. (not bother with it)

Katara- Temujin?

Sokka- I am going to get Yue then. (exit)

Aang- We should leave him alone Katara.

Katara- Okay. (both exit)

Temujin- (Just staring at the whiteness of the snow.)

Kya- Can I join you? (walk up to him)

Temujin- (Look at her) Kya? (stun) Or is mind playing trick on me. (blinking)

Kya- (Grab his hand)

Temujin- But how did you get here Kya?

Kya- No clue Temujin, but I was told to give you this. (handing him a letter)

Temujin- Wait you called Temujin!? (shock)

Kya- Of course I did silly that is your name. (giggle)

Temujin- (Take the letter & read it.) Who is the Doctor?

Kya- Huh? (look at the paper) Um Temujin there is nothing on this paper.

Temujin- Okay this day has been crazy. I think I am going to lay down.

Kya- What about me? (cute face)

Temujin- Well are you staying?

Kya- Yes.

Temujin- Then stay with the team.

Kya- Yeah!

The end