North Pole 2

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Even though I saw Kya come back it is hard to believe she is really staying.

At the North Pole…

Temujin- (Fast Asleep)

Kya- (Hovering over him) Temujin. (saying it)

Temujin- What!? (waking up & then stare)

Kya- I am sorry I woke you. (sweet)

Temujin- Um you didn’t wake me. (really nervous) In fact I was about to get up.

Kya- Right, now that I am staying with the team you should introduce me. (smile)

Temujin- Right. (nod) You know can’t be called Kya while your with us. (telling her)

Kya- Okay. (happy)

Temujin- Um you are okay with changing your name? (unsure)

Kya- It is fine with me Temujin just as along I get to spend my time with you. (aw)

Temujin- Okay then I will introduce you to the team. (really confused)

With the team…

Sokka- (Gloomy) Why did Temujin want us to wait here? (hmm)

Katara- No clue.

Aang- I beat it something cool! (excited)

Sokka- Like what? (hmm)

Kya- (Entering) Hi there.

Sokka- Hi I’m Sokka. (wink) What’s your name lovely?

Kya- (Shivers)

Temujin- I told you to wait for me. (running in)

Kya- Sorry Temujin. (innocent eyes)

Temujin- It is okay you were just excited. Everyone I want you to meet my girlfriend Ming.

Sokka- I am sorry I hit on you. (very sorry)

Kya- It is okay. (giggle)

Katara- Aw you two make such cute couple! (eyes shinny)

Aang- It is nice to meet Ming Temujin talks about you all the time. Maybe you can train me sometime.

Kya- Sure thing Aang. (smile)

Temujin- Um Aang maybe that’s not a good idea.

Aang- Why not? (hmm)

Kya- Come on Temujin it will be fun! (so cute)

Temujin- Okay. (agree)

Katara- Wow he agrees with you. (amazed)

Kya- It is quiet easy. (giggle)

Temujin- (Annoyed) I am not that easy. (anger)

Kya- (Tears) I don’t know what I did. (run away)

Sokka & Aang- (Glare at him)

Katara- (Looking really tick off.) You jerk! (water whip)

Temujin- I am sorry for my action. (truly)

Katara- Say that to Ming not me. (glare)

Temujin- (Run after Kya)

Later on then…

Temujin- Where are you Kya? (running around like crazy)

Yue- Hey Kyou. (greet)

Temujin- Oh hi Yue.

Yue- Are you looking for someone?

Temujin- Yes my girlfriend Ming. (worried tone)

Yue- Oh yeah I saw her. (smile)

Temujin- Where!? (hmm)

Yue- She went that away.

Temujin- Thanks. (run off)

With Kya…

Kya- (Siting on a rock and crying)

Temujin- Kya! (shouting)

Kya- Huh that sounded like Temujin? (looking up)

Temujin- Kya I am sorry. (standing there)

Kya- Temujin! (hugging him)

Temujin- Kya I didn’t mean to yell at you, and I am trying sorry if I hurt you in anyway.

Kya- Just be quiet. (kissing him)

Sokka- (Coming in) Um.

Kya & Temujin- (Break away from each other) Sokka!? (annoyed)

Sokka- Sorry.

The next day…

Kya- Come on Avatar Aang! (dragging him)

Aang- Ming it is so early can’t I sleep. (puppy face)

Kya- That won’t work on me. (glare)

Aang- Temujin please tell her we can train later.

Temujin- I did warn you that she was strict teacher. (smile)

Aang- But she seemed so nice.

Temujin- That’s how she get you. (laughing)

Katara- (Enter) Wow I never see you laugh.

Sokka- Guys the Fire Nation is going to invade the North Pole. (enter looking sweaty)

Kya- Wait what!? (shock)

Temujin- Okay we need to plan for the invasion. Ming I need talk to you alone. (serious look)

Kya- Okay. (staying put)

Temujin- I will meet up with later.

Aang- Okay. (all three exit)

Temujin- Kya I need you to go into your avatar state.

Kya- Temujin you know I don’t know how to get in or out of the avatar state.

Temujin- I am sorry Kya. I should not ask so much of you.

Kya- Temujin if the Fire Nation is evil at this time does that mean your father is too? (innocent look)

Temujin- I don’t want to talk about that at the moment come on we better get ready for the fight ahead. (walking ahead)

Kya- Temujin. (worried tone)

The next day…

Temujin- Dad, dad, dad! (rolling in sleep)

Kya- (Watching him) Temujin what happen to him?

Temujin- He with them. (mummer)

Kya- Temujin I need you. You have to help us after you are very good leader.

Temujin- I know I am. (he was wake the whole time.)

Kya- Come on we better help out the gang. (smile)

That night then in the spiritual place…

Aang- (Mediating)

Yue- Maybe we should get some more people.

Katara- Don’t worry we have two waterbenders. (smile at Kya)

Yue- I don’t know. (unsure)

Temujin- I am here too. (pout)

Yue- Sorry I will be back. (exit)

Zuko- There you are avatar! (dramatic music)

Temujin- (Step in front of Katara & Kya)

Kya- Temujin what are you doing? (shock)

Temujin- I am keeping you safe.

Katara- You can’t do on your own. (hmm)

Temujin- Trust me this is better. No one else can get hurt if it is this way. (wow)

Zuko- You again! (anger)

Temujin- Yes me again. (smile) So let’s go Zuko! (glare)

Zuko- I am going to make you regret fighting me. (start the fight)

So as the fight goes on between Temujin and Zuko in the end Zuko win…

Kya- You are going to pay for that Zuko! (fury)

Temujin- (Face down) Kya. (weakly)

Katara- (Healing Temujin)

Zuko- (What the deal with this girl?) Who are you?

Kya- I am Ming of the Northern water tribe! And you just hurt my boyfriend. (grr)

Zuko- He your boyfriend!? (stun)

Kya- (Blush)

Zuko- Too bad girly. (evil grin)

Temujin- Kya! (running in front of her and create a fire barrier)

Zuko- (Taking Aang & he disappeared)

Temujin- Are you okay? (stare at Kya)

Kya- It is my fault that he got Aang. (crying)

Temujin- If it anyone fault it is mine and mine alone. I am going to get Aang back!

Katara- How are you going to do that?

Sokka- (Entering) Where is Aang?

Temujin- Zuko take him away.

Later on when got Aang back Zuko and head back to kayo fish pond…

Zhao- You to late Avatar. (holding up the moon spirit)

Aang- Don’t do it!

Zhao- It is my destiny to kill the moon spirit. (killing the fish)

The sky went black & white.

Zhao- (Runs away)

Kya- What are going to do? (sniff)

Aang- I am to make this better. (entering to pond & goes out as Kyozullia)

Katara- What are we going to do? (holding up the white fish)

Temujin- Yue you are blessed by the moon.

Yue- I know I must take the place of the moon.

Sokka- Yue don’t go. (whaa)

Yue- I must Sokka. (walking over to the fish and give away her life force.)

Temujin- Sokka. (walking over to him)

Sokka- She is gone. (break down)

Temujin- Don’t worry she will always be with you. (patting his shoulder)

Sokka- Really?

Temujin- (Nod)

The end.