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Hello, welcome to my world~ I don't mean just this web page, but to the events in my daily life. *laughs* I have noted there are a lot of strange events that only happen to me, here I will share about these things. My age is not really relevant, and you don't really need to know my name. You can just call me Cleavers. I'm pretty quiet. I like anime; especially Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn, video games, candy, drawing, socks, jellyfish, squares, big hats, my bass guitar, raw fish and balloons.


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-Official graduate of Wammy's House-

{Hey Look} [In which I Explain Myself]


Hello. It has been a really long time since I have posted here- or even left a sorry excuse for a comment on any of your works. *sighs* To put it simply, life is swallowing me whole. *laughs* I am in a mathematics class that is consuming my time like fire on lighter-fluid-soaked couch cushions. More than that,I am having some inter-familial happenings that make it hard to get online like I did before. It’s been a really busy fall, and it doesn’t seem like winter is going to lessen it at ALL. I really wanted to make a post that just tells you all, I miss you terribly. I will be online again, just substantially LESS. Once a week at the most.

In the mean time, I will tell you all a few things I have done, when not wading through a sea of textbooks. So here we go, bullet-point style.

-I have recently watched and gotten into Kuroko no Basket. I really love the characters and the storyline. Midorima is my OCD homeboy. You hoard those lucky items, son!
-I have also gotten into Bakuman. Again, a really strong story, with brilliant characters. One of the funniest things I have watched in ages, simply because of Hiramaru, Eiji and Fukuda. Slow start, but really awesome.

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-Katekyo Hitman Reborn has officially ended. I am in a severe mourning period at this time. All my favorite characters suddenly torn from me. Where is God?
-I went to an anime convention with my roomie for the weekend. It was very enjoyable, and expensive. *laughs* I had a lot of fun as Japan on an Ask a Nation panel, and making the audition video for it with my film-savvy friends.
-I also enjoyed the second convention day as Austria. Drinking out of a teacup in the food court like a boss. Also defeated a slender man who was chasing Xanxus with my crucifix. Partied like it was 1758 up in there.
-Saw Wreck it Ralph today, and laughed till my sides hurt. Genius movie right there.
-Observed during the preview for Rise of the Guardians, that Jack Frost is the spitting image of Prussia. Seriously. Google them.
-Learned to dance Gangnam Style.
-Made some icons, so expect a flood.
-Have a backlog of about 4 cards, so expect those too.

Tell me what’s up with all of you. I really want to know since I have only been dropping on to lurk once every couple weeks. It’s sad not to talk to everyone like I did before.

[Rewind Summer]


Summer, its slipped between my fingers. I can’t believe the way it flew, it felt like just yesterday we were set free. So classes return, and along with it all the chaos. It will take me this week to gear up for it, and put on my winter brain. Though, I thought I would share what the last weeks of my summer held with you all.

I went on a vacation with my cousin JC to a camping/trailer park, where we met up with my grandparents as well. It was really nice to see them all again, considering I usually only spend time with my extended family on holidays. We had time to relax and go on a few adventures. My cousin and I spent our first day running up and down the beach at a nearby lake. The water was really warm considering, and there were less people than I expected to crowd the waterfront. We climbed rocks and chased seagulls Well, at least I chased seagulls, my cousin tanned while I did that. We also walked the pier, and watched those who possessed enough insanity jump off of it for a swim. Although I was in my clothing rather than a bathing suit, I decided that I possessed the same insanity, and threw myself off the edge. Needless to say it was frightening, but it was surely worth it. JC got some great photos with the sport setting on her camera of me in mid air. After eating some Spiderman and Sponge Bob popsicles, we decided to head home- but not before JC dared me to shave my legs in the water. I should have refused, but I didn’t. The looks I received were photo-worthy.

On the second day we cooked a dinner for my grandparents, as we do every year as a tradition. We always spend most of the day in preparation and shopping for ingredients. We baked a carrot cake for dessert this year, so it was even more time consuming. After finishing the actual cooking, we always dress up as a maid and Butler to serve them their food. It started as a joke the first year, but now they seem to expect it. *laughs* My cousin always looks darling in her maid cap constructed from a doily, and I always look like mafia in my three piece suit. After service, which was well received, we always walk the park and drink in the comments. This year, we went even farther by jumping into the park pool wile still fully costumed. It was a blast, and I won’t soon forget it.

Lastly, I accompanied Xanxus and a few other friends to a concert. We had to drive quite the distance, but it was well worth it all. Not only was the band at their best, but we had better seats than I expected. We were most definitely the most “dancey” group, and by far the loudest singer/screamers. I wish that it could have gone on all night. On the way back to the hotel we got some pizza and wings, although it was much too late at night for such food. Not to mention our ride was screaming out the window like a crazy person the whole way back. *laughs* The next morning involved lots of breakfast, and lots of caffeine to keep us awake.

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*Sighs* And so summer comes to an end. I have even changed my world designs accordingly. I will be online much less, but will still do my best to comment on your cards like I always do.
Good luck in classes my home skillets. Next summer can’t come fast enough.

[Summer- Rain- and Trashcans]


[Written on last Sunday]

It’s RAINING. I am so thrilled. My roommate Xanxus has a ton of flowers crammed outside our apartment, and they had been doing really poorly because of the drought. They were drying up, and their leaves were falling off- it was incredibly depressing. Well, not for Xanxus, it just made her mad. There was one part of the flower be she would not stop obsessing over. She would stare, glare, pick and prod at it, thinking it would magically regenerate overnight. I finally forbid her from even looking at it. Anyway, now we are both happy though, because it is pouring. I went outside and ran around in it, letting it fall in my hair and mouth is one of my favorite things. I wish it rained almost every night just so I could jump around. *laughs*
I also hope it cools things down a bit; our air conditioner is non-existent. Xanxus doesn’t adapt to heat well, and neither do I.

Anyway, other than the mood lifting weather, I have been really busy this summer. I am taking a two week music intensive. I have already finished my first week, and the second one starts this Monday. We do song writing, and ridiculous amounts of practice. I pluck the strings on my bass so hard, my fingers like to get blood blisters. To remedy this, I usually wrap them up in some hello kitty duct tape, which just skyrockets my hard-core-rocker image.
We also play lots of games to pass in-between times, including soccer with swords- I would elaborate but it’s pretty self explanatory, and trashcan. Trashcan being an extreme sport, involving trying to push your opponents into a trashcan. No wonder I ended up with skinned knees, and half a black eye. *laughs*
It’s not fun unless you can get hospitalized, yes? I blame myself, because every time someone made a goal, or got me into the trashcan I’m like:

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Making it my personal mission to dethrone them in the next game.

Drawing has taken up some of my time, and I am looking forward to breaking open some watercolors. I just need to kick up the courage to do so. Mistakes are scary, but not making progress is way worse. I need to take some advice from Bakuman characters.
Watched a crap ton of Food Network shows. I can’t seem to tear myself away from that channel, no matter how hungry, or competitive it may make me. *shakes head* Other than that I have been taking more work hours, but that’s not really worth talking about. It’s just work.

In the anime world, I am currently half way through Bakuman, and am waiting for the next season of Katekyo Hitman Reborn to surface. I ordered season 4 of Hetalia- and it was just as side-splitting as the previous seasons. The tomfoolery never gets old, and neither does Japan’s pronunciation of “L’s”. China banging his head on walls, and Austria freeloading never hurts either. Oh, and lastly- Tiger and Bunny…. Wherefore art thou? It’s been almost a year.

Tell me about your lives~ I miss hearing from people lately.

I know this is [SPAM]

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But, I am out of drawing ideas. I usually don't make pointless little posts that are less than three paragraphs. I just would like some character design suggestions. I know what positions and concepts I want, but I'm a little uninspired. *Little hand flail* Just throw out anything. Perhaps it will strike a chord.

THANKS, DA? You may get rewards if I feel like it.


[Important] The USA Deserves...

Hello everyone, I just wanted to get something off my chest.
I have heard so much arguing over this year's election, I thought it was time we otakus stood up for the man...er, aardvark... errr... THE LEGEND- who really deserves to be in office!

That's right folks, the Holy Sword. Who else is fit to run America the beautiful? Please place this button in your world if you believe in the good of this nation.

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