Requests/ Art trades

Hello peoples of theO! mostly to the people following me Haha! I am posting to as if any of you would like me to draw one of your characters, or if you would like to do an Art Trade! Send me a not or comment here. Because I would love to do so. :)


HELLO OOOO PEOPLE OF THEO! I really suck, so here is a lovely picture of Tohru Adachi~(°•°~) he is by far may favorite person on Persona 4. Then it's Kanji and Yosuke. But huzzah! I'm back, but who knows for how long XD

Why am I so stupid (-_-)

Okay so I was had this happy spaz attack about getting a new tower for my computer and didn't realyze that I posted it on my Zelda world and not this one. So if you want to read my spaz attack it is in my other world. Huh.... why am I so stupid at times. It just baffles me... to death. hahaha. anyway you peeps just have a fabulous day/night you fabulous people you.


I was looking through some of my stuff and I found some of the awesome comments and other stuff that are on my profile and shtuffs of that kind. I thought, why have I stopped coming on here? Why did I abandon my friends, and fellow brethren behind? Though it probably hasn't affected most people, and stuff like this happens all the time, but I was just baffled at myself. It seems I was the most welcomed here and everyone has an equal amount of respect for everyone. I love you all, lol, time to start trying to post more art and notification thingies... (=^x^=)


To all the people I don't dedicate art for their birthdays I'm sorry. It is just has been so crazy lately, and also I am just slacking on art... because of art and a few other subjects of the School. But Happy late and very late birthday. and again sorry for the lame post and lameness right now. I am also having a not so lovely day today, it's awful. .-.