Well... this is the place where i say whatever the hell i feel like and if nobody gives a damn oh well BUT!! if you do thank you soooooooooooo much!

OMG!! I can't believe it!!

Omg this is my gf!! I can't believe i actuallky got a pic of her!!! EEk she hates cameras! As you can tell LOL!!! Well here she is!!

MY GF!!!

Ok well I've finally got pics of my cute lil gf ok not really she's the manly one but oh well!! ^^ Here they are ain't she just the sweetest!! LOL! :Image: ...

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Well..... obviously i'm hated but it's ok i did say i didn't care in the beginig any way didn't i? oh well. today was great it was cool we read from alice in wonderland and people couldn't understand why Carrolls words were all made up and me and my friends new them all and were like " Cause he was trippin on opium(sp) LOL!! ^...^ Nah so it was cool we also did an experiment in science and we're starting clay in art!! So yea!! It's really nice! Well ok i'm done unloading all my happy shit on to you guys!! ^^ See ya!!

P.S Happy earth Day!!


Omg!! I finally got a pic of me on the internet i know i'm no beauty but i deal!! ^^ Still i'm happy please no mean comments i get made fun of enough as it is! ^^


Yesterday had to o to school ith 4 hours of sleep!! It sucked!!!!!! I mean it was horrible! And my idiot parents didn't care!! I was like dillusional all day!!!! I felt so bad!!!!!!!! And no one was nice!!! It was horrible!!!! But today was alot better so i'm happy that it was! ^^ Well f you read this thanks!! ^^