Well... this is the place where i say whatever the hell i feel like and if nobody gives a damn oh well BUT!! if you do thank you soooooooooooo much!


well i'll let you know i'm bi and i love yuri so NO HATERS!!!! Ok well i thought i would put up some pics because i recently watched a great yuri called strawberry panic! It was great, the there are a lot of great yuri though this one is the tops. Well i guess i'll just let you check it out for your self if you want.


Yo well today i went to sufocate me drys ,friends sisters birthday party. Well to start the party off there was a easter egg hunt and guess what we stole the candy out of the eggs and closed them and set them back down then watched the kids see them, get surprised, then cry. It was the most fun i have had in months. But by far the best part was stewart. The pinata. We waited till it broke in half then grabbed it and ran to the car and shoved 3 boys who were trying to get it then we tapped it back together. it was awsome.

Well thats it for now.

Hell Girl

Well I hear hell girl is awsome!!!!!! Should i watch it because i'm very inclined to do so.