How it really happened

It was a warm damp night. Riku just got done eating dinner and went to see Saya on the balcony of the ship. " Whats wrong Saya?" he asked. "Oh nothing don't worry about it." she knew that if she told him about her long sleep that he would worry and thats the last thing she wanted him to worry about. "Are you sure" he said suspiciously "You look sad." He started to smile "Wanna have a water balloon fight?" he got a water balloon from behind his back and hit her right in the face with it. "Hey!" she said as she was laughing. Then for about Two hours they were throwing water balloon after water balloon utile they finally got tiered and lay down to rest. And they finally feel asleep under the stars. "A perfect ending to a perfect day." Saya said quietly to herself before she drifted off to sleep. At about 4:50am Hagi woke her up and told her that her evil twin sister has there and to hurry before it was to late. So she rushed to the front of the balcony to find Diva feasting on one of the security guards. "Diva!" she shouted "Oh hello sister." replied Diva "What are you doing here!" Saya yelled. "Just looking for a new toy." said Diva. She looked directly at Riku.


This is when Diva got a hold of Riku in the show and well if u'v seen the show then u know what happened to him. Well I hope u liked it!