Mayu's Fight

I'm writing this because I'm bored. So I hope you like it!(Oh and I'm sorry if I make spelling mistakes.)

"Ugh what time is it?" Mayu got up and looked at her alarm clock "Oh no
I'm late!"She cried. "He is going to kill me!" She rushed out the door. Mayu lives in a one room apartment by herself because she us to live with her mother and sister but they were killed in a car wreck two years ago. Well its summer brake now and she is being trained by a boy ,named Hagie, to fight demons and save the city.

"Your late!" Said Hagie.

"I'" she said under her breath. "But...I tried to make it this time." "Well we have to go. He is here."said Hagie. "Already?"
Replied Mayu. They finely got there just in time for the head demon was there.


This is Mayu