Mayu's Fight Part III

Sorry I keep Stopping and writing TO Be Continued
Its just that either I run out of time or I run out of ideas. But anyway enjoy!

"WHAAATT!" Cried Mayu "A FEW DAYS? I swere when he gets back I'll..." *Scrach* *Scrach* It was Tie ,her pet kitten. "Tie tie there you are!" Mayu said "I was getting worried Uh O you hungry hu!" She got up and filled her bowl. "There you go!" "Mayu!" Yelled a happy voice. "Its kumakie!" she said quitetly to herself I'm coming Mayu yelled out the window. "Soooo, where were you last night?" Asked Kumakie "N-No where why?" Replied Mayu.

"Thats funny , because I called your house last night and you didn't answer." "M-Mabey I Was Sleeping." "At 6:30pm ,I don't think so. you were out with Hagie again , Weren't you?" "N-Nooo! I wasen't. Its not like that me and Hagie are just friends, thats all." "Suuuuuure whatever." "Honestly!"

To Be Continued.......