All this world is about is my suggestions on anime and manga.
Every week or so i'll post about a recent anime or manga i'm been watching or reading. The websites i usually go to are, or

Cage Of Eden

Cage of eden is an ongoing manga series that has about 157 chapters and so far really really awesome! Cage of eden can be found at and This manga takes place at an island inhabited by dinosaurs and other extinct creatures, Akira and his friends fighting to survive and to eventually get off the island if not being eaten. This manga has lots of ecchi or stuff that includes nudity but if you can get past that it's really good.

Defense Devil

The manga i've been reading lately is Defense Devil (can be found at there's about 100 chapters i'm on 45 right now and so far it's really good. The main character Kucabara, a kind lawyer for people who have died and are sent to hell, finds evidence that proves that they should't go to hell and takes the dark matter from them that makes them sinners. The dark matter that he collects will determine if he can go back to the demon world or not. I would definitely recommend reading this.