Yo to the world! I'm Crow Rogue to the online world. It's a shorten version of my name that I shall never reveal to the world, but enough of that I'm here to give you news from sources all over the web. I never want to give news that is false, so I will carefully make sure the news I get is true. I may also write articles about random things. Random things are awesome and make life interesting. I have enough to say. Thank you and remember anime is your anti-drug.

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. I'm a girl who traveled from South America to North America
. I going to be Seventeen
. I've watched anime since I was 3.
. Manga since I was 10.
. Go to Anime Conventions
. Talk to otakus, meet/chat with voice actors, photograph amazing cosplayers
. My best friend is a chibi Asian that I can't stop hugging
. If you have a gaiaonline -- send me a pm

This video is a demo/promo/pilot for a prospective animated feature, based on a feature-length storyboard by Yasuhiro Aoki


To all you people going out of town or just spending at home for this Memorial Day weekend, I hope you enjoy it. For me...I going party at Animazement. Hopefully I have put pictures up of my endevour (hope I spelled that right) by Monday. Last year was a mess, but the best time I ever had.


The school year is going to end soon, and prom is tonight. Sadly I will not be going with a date, I will be working as a waitess...lucky me. Well at least I have my health. The juniors and senior have been leaving one by one as each head to the salon to get their nails and hair ready for tonight. As for me, I have been waiting to catch up on my sleep for the past couple of weeks.

Still have two hours to go before school out for the day. I can't wait for Art. The teacher been out for a week now. I'm curious to when she will have her baby. Heh...Her baby can be "ejected". My friends are funny. While I can no longer listen to my lavish ipod, I can listen to the stories of the upperclassmen and their "misadventures". The people in this town have to much time on their hand with the stuff they do.

Of course! TGIF. As much as I love Fridays, the day somewhat goes by slower than a Monday. I might finally be able to get to the pool this weekend with my friends. Time to put my begging face on. Well class is finally over, better sign off for today. Hopefully I can write more later. Later!

Can ‘Chuck’ Be Saved? Even Josh Schwartz Isn’t Sure

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Only in Belgium

My grandfather got this video in an email, and I thought I share it with everyone on The O. Happy Easter everyone!

If you don't have anything nice to say...

Police have arrested a 27-year-old unemployed Tokyo woman named Tomoko Fukushige on Tuesday for allegedly sending threatening email messages to Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the popular One Piece pirate manga. According to the authorities, the woman's husband was dismissed as an assistant from Oda's office, so she reportedly sent about one hundred messages that read "Die, Die" and similar words to Oda's mobile phone from September to December of 2007. Oda reported the incidents to the police before they investigated and made the arrest.