Barajou no Kiss -Dark Princess- 1


“Father, what’s this?”

A little girl asked pointing at a black choker in her father’s hand. He put it on my neck and told me

“Now listen to me Haruka, this is something precious that will keep you safe, Haruka, a ‘charm of protection’. You mustn’t ever untie this necklace nor must you lose it. Do you understand?”

The man took a breath and continued.

“Should you ever lose it; a terrible fearsome punishment will befall you.”

I was the little girl and that’s my most vivid memory of my father. Now he’s gone.


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Haruka "Dark Princess" Yamamoto

Information: She is the Dark Princess. She owns a special black choker given by her father which has supernatural abilities. She was told never to remove it or a "curse" would be laid upon her.

Ability: *to summon any of four boys to her rescue.
*to kick butt (she’s strong)
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Kaede "The Black Knight" Higa

He is Haruka’s childhood friend, neighbors and classmate. He and Haruka use to be very close until one day when Haruka noticed something. Ever since her dad gave her the choker and the more she grew up there would be more and more people trying to fight her, so she started ignoring Kaede to protect him. He started getting mad at her and now they’re more frenemies. They unconsciously are still pretty close, but they don’t even notice it. He always tends to give her a hard time. He swears occasionally, but is truly a nice person.

Ability: *attack techniques
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Mitsuru "The White Knight" Tenjou

Mitsuru is a third-year student and the student council president, whose devout followers include men and women alike. With that he’s extremely popular and respected by all. He is extremely wealthy.

Ability: *restorative and defensive techniques
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Kurama "The Crimson Knight" Mutsuki

He is a second year student. Haruka has respected him ever since she first heard of him. He’s known as the most mysterious person in the school. He is plagued by rumors of his fearsome disposition. Apparently lives in the basement of a family's church.

Ability: search and seizure techniques

Asagi "The Sky Knight" Seiran

He’s a first-year student. He is very popular because of his cute, girlish face and figure; he is much-admired idol of the academy. He has talked to Haruka only once or twice.

Ability: *alchemy, science and knowledge-related technique

-Last Period ~ Clean Up-

“Here, let’s go through here. I heard it’s a shortcut.”

My friend said dragging me into the next hallway.

“That’s him, President Tenjou has arrived. It kind of sucks that we can’t break through the throng of third year chicks around to get any closer than this, though, but he’s so cool.”

Said one of my friends

“Oh please ‘cool’ doesn’t begin to describe him.”

Said the other.

“Oh god that’s disgusting. He looks like a freaking pansy. ”

Then that friend dragged me outside.

“Liking cool guys is great and everything, but take a look at him. He’s so cute. You like him?”

She said with blush on her face.

“Him? I thought that was a girl?”

“Haruka you’re hopeless. What type could you possibly like?”

“It’s simple. None of –“

Kurama bumped into you glared at you and kept walking. You blushed strongly.

“How rude, he should have apologized.”

You friend said with an angry tone.

“That was so scary”

The other one with a frightened.

“Hey, Haruka your face is all red.”

The angry one noticed.

“So that’s your type. That’s so bold of you.”

They teased you.

You got mad.

“Let’s just go back to class before a teacher catches us.”

You said frustrated.

-Back in the Classroom ~ Last Period ~ Clean Up-

Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there's a difference for me, you know. There is a difference because in that other room I shall be able to see.

-Helen Keller

I wonder what that means.

“Stop slacking off”

Kaede said flicking the back of my neck.

“Stop that, you know I hate it.”

You demanded angrly.

“That’s why I’m doing it”
He said with a smirk.

“AHHH, now you’re going to get it”
You smirked back with the threat.

You put him in a head lock and started noogeying him.

“Stop this madness this instant or else there’s going to be detention afterschool for the both of you”

Mr. Toniwa said coming through the door.

Me and Kaede got up and apologized.

-Home Time-

“Give me a ride home”


“Come on. Think of it as carpooling. I mean bike pooling.”

This happens everyday afterschool. You and Kaede argue over ‘bike pooling’. Once, you even stole the bike and Kaede had to walk home. Oh and don’t get Kaede wrong, when it rains he always picks you up.

“ERRRR, fine. There’s no point in arguing with an idiot like you. Get on, you wicked witch.”

You smiled and hoped on the back.

“Kaede, what do you think death is like?”

“I don’t know. Why do you ask?”

“Cause one day I’ll have to die and you will too.”

“A woman once said ‘Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there's a difference for me, you know. There is a difference because in that other room I shall be able to see.’”

“Don’t’ cram you’re mind with stuff like that. There’s years to come until we die and I’ll make sure of it”

“How? How are you going to make sure of it?”

“Because, stupid, I’ll protect you until the end”


-To Be Continued-

“You thief, you stole my chocker.”

“Summon him. You want it back don’t you?”

“Open to the path of destiny”

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