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Hey all. I wanted to just say that over the week I discovered one of the greatest sites and just had to share it. It's and it is quite awesome. Though it has news and chatroom like TheO, that is not it's defining quality. The kicker is 100% authentic anime music, free and legal for download. I kid you not. If I was, I wouldn't be posting this. All they ask are donations. You want Bleach and Naruto music? It's here. You want BECK and K-ON! music? They have it. They also include a rare original tribute album to Detriot Metal City which include today's greatest J-Pop and J-Rock hits METAL STYLE! Tell me that's not awesome. You'd be dead wrong. Many animes to choose from. Why risk using illegal downloads from LimeWire and Kazaa? Keep it easy, my friends.

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