Hello and welcome to my Basket of Rain World! Basically, this world is where I will talk about my life (however boring it might be). I owe this to Darksong, as she helped me come up with the name.

So if I'm not here, blogging, you can find me on numerous other worlds/clubs. They are:

Community Fusion- I'm Ariel the White Tiger

Ouran Furuba of Mew Mews- I'm Keira Sohma, the Tiger Zodiac

Demons in the Carpet- I'm Keisha and Kiana

Cross Academy- I'm Maia

Pokemon Delta- Max and Jayden

Necromatic- Maxine

Cross Academy Host Club- Yoko

Alagaesia: The New Age- Kia and Ruby

Vampire Academy- Ayame and Hari

The Illusion of the Rose- Axel and Rain

Check out the worlds, as they are fun and entertaining!

Thanks and Enjoy!


Hi! So, I want to write a fan fic, but sure what it should be. I'll take any requests! Please send them my way. ...

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I would like to talk with some people about different kinds of anime (preferabbly ones I know, refer to other post) so if anyone could comment or PM me, I'd like to talk about it.


Hi everyone. I'm Rain, an 18 year old senior. I am counting down the days till I graduate high school. Only three weeks left!!! I have green eyes and long hair that is currently blonde with dark lowlites on the bottom. I like to think I'm tall at 5'7". I am very sporty, my favorite sport being basketball. Though, I hate to run. I don't get it either ^-^ My hobbies include reading, writing, and playing basketball. I love reading and watching anime/manga. My favorite being Fruits Basket,Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic, Naruto, and others I can't remember. As for non-anime shows, I love Smallville, Supernatural, House, Friends, and Charmed.Horror movies are my favorite. The more gore and blood the better. I have yet to find one that actually scares me. No movie has ever made me cry-my friends say I have no heart. If you can think of one that would let me know. I want to see if I can find one. As for my personality, I'm kind of shy and quiet, but once I get to know a person, I get a little more outgoing. I love love love music. I can't seem to concentrate without it. I like just about anything, though I HATE Rap. My favorite bands being Linkin Park, Evenescence, Within Temptation, The All American REjects, Pink, and many more. I love meeting new people and making lots of friends. So, if we have lot of stuff in common,PM me. I would like to thank DarkSong for getting me to create this world. I have met so many great people here already! Thanks guys!