Hello and welcome to my Basket of Rain World! Basically, this world is where I will talk about my life (however boring it might be). I owe this to Darksong, as she helped me come up with the name.

So if I'm not here, blogging, you can find me on numerous other worlds/clubs. They are:

Community Fusion- I'm Ariel the White Tiger

Ouran Furuba of Mew Mews- I'm Keira Sohma, the Tiger Zodiac

Demons in the Carpet- I'm Keisha and Kiana

Cross Academy- I'm Maia

Pokemon Delta- Max and Jayden

Necromatic- Maxine

Cross Academy Host Club- Yoko

Alagaesia: The New Age- Kia and Ruby

Vampire Academy- Ayame and Hari

The Illusion of the Rose- Axel and Rain

Check out the worlds, as they are fun and entertaining!

Thanks and Enjoy!

Please Read!

Ok, so now that I have more time on my hands, I am thinking about starting a RPG world. I am open to suggestions and ideas. I would like to see what you all are interested in before I decide what I want to do.

So, please leave comments or PM if you are interested! I would like to start this soon! Thanks everyone!

Peace Out

Classes have started!!!

So first day of classes have started! I am now officially a college student! Yeah! I even got homework already in spanish class. It wasn't too bad though, pretty easy actually. But anyway, I get to watch Star Trek again tonight, and you all know how I feel about that movie! :p Love it!!!

Other than that, not a whole lot is new. Still meeting new people, all of whom are really cool. No complaints yet, but that could change, never know.

So I have my work meeting tomorrow. Its training me in the library so I'll have a clue of what I'll be doing! lol. Can't be too hard. how hard can working in the library be?

So this post is really lame, going to stop while I am ahead!

Peace Out!


So I haven't been on in awhile due to the fact that I have moved into my dorm at college and am getting all settled in, you know making new friends getting everything figured out.

So imagine my surprise when I log in today and find that not only do I have one more fan word, but I have been promoted up a level! Yeah!!!!!

I have never had a promotion, and I feel this is totally awesome! So, that's all, just thought I'd share!

Peace out!

nothin much

So, I still have nothing to add to this world right now, it seems. I only have to add that I have 6 days till I move away to college! Yeah! 6 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoo! Now that that is out of my system, I should be better. But I'm so excited! Now all I have to do is pack all of the crap that is my room! Good luck to me.

Wow, lame post...

peace out

What's up?

Ya, so I haven't been up to much of anything lately. Kinda boring! I'm almost done shopping for my dorm, so now I have to go through everything in my room and figure out what is coming with me and what is staying. Groan. Kill me now! ...

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