Hello and welcome to my Basket of Rain World! Basically, this world is where I will talk about my life (however boring it might be). I owe this to Darksong, as she helped me come up with the name.

So if I'm not here, blogging, you can find me on numerous other worlds/clubs. They are:

Community Fusion- I'm Ariel the White Tiger

Ouran Furuba of Mew Mews- I'm Keira Sohma, the Tiger Zodiac

Demons in the Carpet- I'm Keisha and Kiana

Cross Academy- I'm Maia

Pokemon Delta- Max and Jayden

Necromatic- Maxine

Cross Academy Host Club- Yoko

Alagaesia: The New Age- Kia and Ruby

Vampire Academy- Ayame and Hari

The Illusion of the Rose- Axel and Rain

Check out the worlds, as they are fun and entertaining!

Thanks and Enjoy!

What's up?

Ya, so I haven't been up to much of anything lately. Kinda boring! I'm almost done shopping for my dorm, so now I have to go through everything in my room and figure out what is coming with me and what is staying. Groan. Kill me now! ...

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Racist Rant

Ok, so my boss's daughter really upset me and I would like to talk about it, so here it goes. I was telling her- we will call her Tina- that my mom had made a joke about how I like foreign things. My mom had made the joke that I'm a white g...

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Hello everyone! So, if I'm not on for awhile it's because I am on vacation, and enjoying the relaxation. I'm hoping it will take my mind off all the stress I've been dealing with lately. *sigh* My parents are being so strict with me, and i...

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so, I really don't have anything to report, more like a question. How do you get videos on here? I tried and failed. I see everyone else has some up, but I just can't seem to figure it out. Can anyone help me? ...

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My Rant!

So I'm sure everyone has had a friend that their parents don't like. Well, my parents don't like my boyfriend, who I care a lot about. He is so nice, always talks to me, pays for everything, holds doors open. The only thing is is that he doesn't h...

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