Hello and welcome to my Basket of Rain World! Basically, this world is where I will talk about my life (however boring it might be). I owe this to Darksong, as she helped me come up with the name.

So if I'm not here, blogging, you can find me on numerous other worlds/clubs. They are:

Community Fusion- I'm Ariel the White Tiger

Ouran Furuba of Mew Mews- I'm Keira Sohma, the Tiger Zodiac

Demons in the Carpet- I'm Keisha and Kiana

Cross Academy- I'm Maia

Pokemon Delta- Max and Jayden

Necromatic- Maxine

Cross Academy Host Club- Yoko

Alagaesia: The New Age- Kia and Ruby

Vampire Academy- Ayame and Hari

The Illusion of the Rose- Axel and Rain

Check out the worlds, as they are fun and entertaining!

Thanks and Enjoy!

Nothin Much

I don't really know what to write. I'm not really doing anything, and I'm still kind of bored. I won't be on again until next monday since the library is closed tomorrow, saturday, and sunday for the 4th of July. SO, I thought I should post someth...

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More Movies

Who doesn't love the thrill of watching a horror movie with a fun companion to watch it with? I certainly love it! I love to watch it at night when it's dark out, it seems to just set the mood! I watched the newest Friday the 13th movie, wh...

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I'm just really bored today. Nothing special to talk about. I haven't done anything fun in awhile. Just that I found out from my college that I have to read this book over the summer. I was like read a book? No problem! I love to read books. ...

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Transformers 2

Hello all! I went and seen Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen. It was really sweet! I absolutely love this movie. Of course, I still think Star Trek was better, but hey. (No, I'm not obsessed with Star Trek ...

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Not Much Up

Not a lot has been happening lately. I seem to be getting more bored by the day, which is not good. I don't know what to do with myself. Last night, I watched the original transformers movie. I loved it! It's really funny. I watched it wit...

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