My Rant!

So I'm sure everyone has had a friend that their parents don't like. Well, my parents don't like my boyfriend, who I care a lot about. He is so nice, always talks to me, pays for everything, holds doors open. The only thing is is that he doesn't have a car, because the motor has a problem and he needs to get it fixed.

My parents don't like him because when I had him over, he didn't really say much to them (He's shy) But, I take responsibility because I never introduced them. It was my fault, but they blame him. I'm going off to college in a month, and they have a curfew set up for me to not see him or talk to him after 10:00. I think this is a little rediculous beings I'm 18 and going off to college soon. There is more, but I am so upset that I can't even talk about it because I'll just get even more pissed off and nothing will make sense.

Ok. If you have been a situation like this, please comment, as it will help me get through this.