Hey Guys here is a world that will show every birthday Picture i do for you guys..The Birthday Picture will be a Dedication as well since its drawn for that Exact member...

And every Dedication i get from you Guys will also be on this site..That means your Drawing can get twice as much Feedback as usual..This site will update depends on my Pm inbox..

Artists I really Admire..: (Friends and Non Friends)

just.me Mercury Dragon
innocent heart Brunette Kakashi Lover7573 spawnjin Wowie animae Bluesen12 Iruka Sensei lutaru

Working Progress: Art trade/Request


Drawing: Black Butler

Dedication Too IyamiNaHamusutaa

Well here is the drawing for IyamiNaHamusutaa..Hope you like it..

External Image

Dedication for ReiRei18

Here is a drawing i did for ReiRei18..I always love looking at her art and decided to draw this..Hope you like it Rei

External Image

Birthday pic for Bluhart

Hope you will have a great Birthday Bluhart

External Image

Birthday drawing For Narutofangirl8

Here Is a drawing i did for Narutofangirl8 Happy Birthday..May you have an awesome one..^^

External Image

Birthday drawing For Shizuka101

Hope you have a great Birthday Shizuka..

External Image