Act. 8

L coughed from the humid heavy air that insisted to slowly suffocate him. He moved around slightly, and located Lights form just next to his.

After checking himself, in which he found a large bruise forming around his right temple, he placed his hand on Light’s head. ‘Damn.’ He sighed inwardly as he felt warm liquid come off onto his hand, ‘who? What and more the reason…. When? And why? To the normal person we look like two regular guys.’

He didn’t know how long it was as he sat there and tried to think about what happened. He stopped when Light finally started and groaned. “Light-kun?” he whispered, slowly helping the youth to lie on his side.

“Throbbing.” Light whimpered and attempted to move his position.

“Don’t, Light.” L said firmly holding the boy in place “You’re injured there. Whoever kidnapped us hit on you extra hard.” He could barely see Yagami, yet he could hear the irritated sigh he gave off at being denied some comfort.

“I thought you said no one knew who you were!?” The boy snapped “What happened to ‘it’s just a vacation, Light. We’ll be safe’ Huh!? HUH!?”

L actually winced at the boy’s violent reaction. “Light….” he said trying to stay calm “I’m a detective not a psychic. I can only know and solve things that have already either happened or are in the works. I had no idea that or first time out of the office would come to this, okay?” he gently began to stroke the caramel locks slowly feeling the fuming anger leave the teen. “This is very unfortunate and I apologize for you getting drug into this.” He sighed heavily for the millionth time, waiting to see what Light would say next.

“L, you’re an idiot. I’m not only mad about US, what about the KIDS!?” Light huffed out. “What if this person finds them and causes them harm?” a soft sniff broke the dark, and soon the teen threw himself into an all right sobbing fit.

‘Should I suspect a concussion? Maybe a bit of trauma from his head wound?’ L thought patting Light’s shoulders as the boy sobbed into a slumber again. ‘But, what can I do? My hands are tied.’

The container they were in was no bigger then a 5x5 closet. They had no leg room and were forced to stay huddled or slouched. Not that this would be hard for L, but poor Light with his male beauty problems would have a fit. If he came out of this mentally stable that is. Would they get out? What about the kids? Were they safe? Even alive?

Thoughts were again interrupted only this time by the sharp scratching on one of the walls. L stopped dead for only a moment, until they came again.
“Wha-?” Light whined as he woke and rubbing his swollen eyes turned his attention to the wall. “L?”

Said man gently placed his fingers to the boy’s lips to silence him. Then he moved to press his ear alongside the surprisingly warm wall. Taking his bitten nails he slowly scraped the container.

The opposite scratching stopped for some seconds until it returned with so much force that both men scooted as far away as humanly hopeful from the frantic noise.

“L, it’s got to be another person.” Light stated braking the tense moment. “M-maybe you should try to see what it wants?”

“It’s not being coherent, Light-kun.” L retorted keeping his voice low “What if it’s been driven mad?”

“It’s stopped.” Lights said eyes wide breath coming in small gasps.

Indeed. It had stopped. As though the person on the other side had gotten that they would not respond to it.

“Please, L.” Light begged franticly holding onto L’s long white sleeve.

“What?” He could feel the others nails slightly digging into his skin

Now messy locks swayed as the head at his chest just swung to and fro. “I’m sorry. I guess I’m just a little jumpy is all.”

L sighed and slumped on the wall. Light turned away from him and tried to set his mind at ease.

“Just rest for now, Light. You did get injured when we were brought here. In fact let me cover that for now.”

Light turned wondering how L would help him. L ripped part of the bottom of his huge shirt, while Light’s eyes growing the size of plates. L flashed the ‘what’ look wrapping the long strip around the boys head to cover the still damp wound.

“Thank you, L.” came timidly as Light touched the bandage.

“Your welcome.” L replied “I wouldn’t want you to die here of all places. That would be an insult, even if you’re Kira.”

Act. 7

“We’re did Mello and Miss. Kara go the other night?” Near said playing blocks with Mar, who seemed to take a fancy to the tiny boy.

“What the Hell is it too you!?” Mello growled slumping against a large oak. He had been carving various dirty messages into it with the large he knife he pulled from one of his immposibly tight pockets.

“Nothing I suppose.” Near said twirling a lock of his snow white hair. “I was simply awoken at some un-godly hour by the windows being opened and then Matt and Mello’s non-stop fighting till dawn.”

“Nothing, then.” Kara said smoothy, pulling grass out of the ground to stack into little bushes for the growing castle. “If you think it’s nothing then why ask?” Her eyes meet the boy’s for half a second till he smirked and silently went back to building.

“We’re tha Hell‘re L and Light?” Tsuki stated suddenly from her branch upside down in a tree. “They lef’ FO’EveR ago! I though’ we we’re gonna go to a park or som’thin’.”

“They’ll turn up.” Matt said sitting a few branches higher. PSP in hand. “They do that meaning their gonna get up some damn good snacks!” He sucked hard on his cigarette and blew a perfect ring.

“OH! I want a double chocolate ice cream bar!” Mello said practically drooling at the thought.

“I wanna smoothy.” Mar said Near nodding next to her.

“Let’s call L and ask ‘im!” Matt said hoping down and flipping out his cell. He hit the sped dial and put it on speaker. It rang a few time them went dead suddenly.

“……What?” Mello said grabbing his phone and dialing the number.


All eyes went to Near as he was already pulling out his phone. “It’s not doing anything.” He stated putting it back.

“And Lighto doesn’t have a cell sense HE’S under observation.” Mello growled ripping into a chocolate bar. “Why would L have his phone off?”

“Better yet why did it die.” Mar said standing up strait. “Call the old man.”

Matt nodded dumbly and hit 2 on his cell pad.

They waited while it rang.

They counted to ten all holding their breath.

‘click’ “Yes, Matt?” Came the kind old voice. They could hear papers and things being moved around in the back ground.

“Whammy.” Matt breathed a sigh “I mean Watari. We’ve been trying to get a holt of L and his phone not working. When was the last time you got to talk to him?”

“L turned off his phone because they are working on classified information right now. I think it would be best if you children played there for a while. I’ll pick you up later.”

“Bu-.” The line cut off, giving them no opportunity to protest being called “children”. Or to ask what they originally we're worried about.

“WTF!” Mello shouted (thought un-abbreviated) “They said we we’re gonna go somewhere. And now L decides to WORK! HE'S A RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“It seems pretty fishy” Mar muttered from her place on the ground. “Why would he say one thing then do another?”

“Yeah.” Tsuki said flipping out of her tree. “I don’ think he would do that without saying somethin’ to you guys first.” She tucked her long hair into one long braid behind her baseball hat earning an ‘awwww.’ From the red head gamer next to her. He liked he hair loose.

“Watari was quick to cut us off also.” Near said his finger moving like a top “He said he would come get us ‘later’. Why would he feel he needed to do that? Given the circumstances I’d think something happened that he doesn’t want us to know about yet.”

“Plausible.” Mello said starting to pace around. “Maybe something happened to Yagami. He is L’s little pet for now.” A snicker made it way up his throat “Maybe he got hit by a car?”

“Not cool Mel’s.” Matt stated.

The three girls had been whispering to each other, but finally stood up and got the three geniuses attention.

“You know.” Kara said “Maybe he was kidnapped?”

All eyes opened wide as the thought sank in.

It was the only thing that made sense.

Act 6

L came back from the other room dragging a disordered Light behind him. He stopped at the sight of the two blonds sitting and laughing on the bed. His eyes didn’t change as a smirk splayed on his thin pale lips. He cleared his throat causing the two to glance his way. “I don’t think that this is very appropriate behavior for two children who have just meet, am I right?” He said turning to the exhausted brunet.

“I don’t see what the harm is, L.” He said rubbing his temples and looking over the scene.

“Clearly the night has killed your senses, Light. For I see an overly compromising position myself.” L stated

Mello looked around himself and jumped off the bed suddenly when he saw how close his hand was to the girls thigh. A heavy blush covered his face and he marched/stomped out of the room yelling “PERVERTED PANDA! I DIDN’T EVEN KNOWTIS THAT!”

L chuckled deep in his throat and pulling Light with him he moved to the door. “Good night, my ladies” he said addressing the two remaining girls “I’m off and I’m sure your friend will be back soon enough. Don’t worry about her, Matt’s very docile.” He started to close the doors then stopped and popped his head back in "By the way I’ll ask for immediate lights out since I’d rather Near to sleep with out interruption. Thank you.”

When the door shut both girl looked at each other. “Well.” Marge sighed “I’m going to bed I guess.” With that she jumped under the covers and lay still. She had a horrible weakness for children and would ACTUALLY listen if meant they were involved. Not to meantion it WAS for the hottie raven man! Hehe!

“I’ll wait up for Tsuki then.” Kara said sitting down and running a comb through her short hair.

About an hour later Tsuki came back still playing on her DS. She said flopping down on her bed. “WE wer’e tolled t’ go t’ bed by some jerk in de café.” She mumbled obviously taking her anger out on the suddenly defenseless N.P. characters.

“Hahaha! Sucks for you, huh? Should of stayed anyway.” The tanned girl said just sitting by the window when the light went out. How long she was there she didn’t know but she started when a shadow was suddenly cast over their window.

“Wha-?” she whispered pulling away from the frame to watch what the figure did. She could hear hushed whispers. Eaten with natural curiosity she peaked through the curtain to see Mello balanced on the railing talking with Matt. It looked like the blond was leaving or something, she pressed closer to try to see if she was right.

“L’s gonna kill you, you know.” The red head said blowing a wisp of smoke out into the warm sea air.

“Shut up.” Mello muttered with distaste. “Besides, it’s not like I’m going out by myself.”

“Oh?” Matt said “And who is the unfortunate person to be dragged into your plot?”

“That cute girl from next door of course.” Mello stated sitting up proud.

The red head hung his head to stifle his laughing “You’re an ass, man.” He blurted “What makes you thing that she’s gonna trust YOU enough to stalk the streets and get killed for it later?” he ignored the deep frown his friend was sending him and continued. “How would you ask her? Would you play it up like a date? Remember she is a girl. And a stranger still at the same time.”

“How was YOUR date with Tsuki, Matt?” Mello said moving closer so the gamer couldn’t leave his range of vision.

Matt stared for a moment then turned away waving. Mello returned a not to kind gesture before he carefully stood and hopped to the girl’s window. He took out some chocolate to help him think and calm his nerves. Why did he so want this!? It was stupid, but great all in one. He shook his head while turning to toss his trash. He turned to the window and doing one more check over of himself softly tapped.

Kara had stepped away some when the teen had appeared in the frame. She didn’t want him thinking she had been up this whole time. Which she had been but hey why should he know? Right? He didn’t need to know he was already found out by the very person he came to see? Right? Right!

She heard the tapping and froze. She walked over to the window betraying no emotions and calmly opened it to see the boy looking like he was going to do it again.

“Oh?” he said with his Cheshire cat smile “Did you like what you heard?” He sat on the sill and watched her eyes almost open more a fraction.

Remembering what she had been taught about lying she opted to just ask her own. “Well then we’re we going?” She felt her insides churn at the idea of being caught she should have just left them alone. Maybe.....

“It’s o.k.” He said pulling her onto the window and helping her climb down using the jutting sides for support. “And I’m taking you to a coffee shop down the road. We can talk and not be stopped by parties left not mentioned.” He snickered as they reached the bottom. “Come on.” He said pulling her along.

“Trust me.” She said rolling her eyes “With the grip you have on my hand I couldn’t go anywhere if I wanted.” She watched his face heat up but he just squeezed harder. ‘Not that I would go anywhere.’ She smiled to herself.

“Yeah well, don’t try.” He stated pulling her into the coffee joint “because I didn’t just risk missing my mocha coffee to be rejected or tattled on.”

“And so you threaten the unfortunate gamer.” Eyes meat at that then they both chuckled and Mello shook his shaggy head.

“Guess I owe him more then I’ll ever admit.” He picked at the dust on the table “What will you have anyway?”

“The same.” Kara said as though it was the most obvious thing on earth.

This got her a grin from the other who got up and placed their order. They waited in silence. The order was called and two very satisfied teens sat in comfort while simple talk was exchanged and mochas were critiqued. They stayed till the shop closed at 1 am and quietly made their way back to their individual rooms. Sending each other a smile and a wave. The game couldn’t get better then this.

Until the others woke up and then the night was spent teasing and fitting till dawn.

Act 5

While the two chocoholics discussed their stuff, Tsuki crossed the threshold and to try to get the red head to start a conversation with her. It might be hard seeing as how the guy was in a total trance it seemed. But, she was determined. So, she tied back her long hair into one braid and pause their quest. Evil. Yes, very evil of her.

When his character sat down in the ‘status’ mode Matt looked up to be eye level with his gaming partner. “Ummmmm…..” he started feeling odd “Why did you stop the quest? Do you wanna stop?”

“I waz jus’ tryn’ to get your attention.” She said plopping down on the bed next to him. “Thought maybe we could talk or somethin’.”

Matt suddenly swung off the bed causing the whole frame to creak and bounce around. “Alright.” He said smiling at her and offering her his hand “Wanna get some soda or somethin’?

She wrinkled her nose at the word ‘soda’ “Yeach!” she exclaimed “Naw thanks to soda, but, if the’ got somethin’ better that’s coo.”

“Coffee?” He said baffled. Eyes widened when she shook a firm no. “Tea?” A no again. “What kind of girl are you!?” He said glancing around the room as if for help.

“A smart one thanks.” She said coolly hopping off the bed and dragging him to the door.

Light suddenly appeared in the door way to the next room. “L wants to know where you are going.”

“To the lobby te get somethin’ to drink.” Tsuki answered for the stumbling gamer. She was obviously in control here. Hehehehehehe!!!!!!

Light passed on the news and then left them nodding. Matt by this time was ready to go and pulled the door open. He let the girl go first and then shut it.

“Gezz.” He mumbled as they walked down stairs. “Gotta know every little damn move we make! Not like we’re ditchen’ to go rent a room or nothing!”

Both pairs of green eyes popped at Matt’s out burst.

The whole lobby went stone quiet as the two red heads passed through. Someone was ignored when they heard the comment ‘dumb kids’ pass by.

Matt stopped her before they could actually enter the dinning area. He smiled and held out his stripped arm for her. “It is supposed to be a formal place.”

Tsuki couldn’t believe her luck! She smiled and took the offer. People glanced and whispered at the two teenagers. Some where smiling others frowned.

‘Who cares.’ She thought as she glared back at some snob. ‘None of their business anyhoo! We should crash their fun with dirty notes or sabotage-’

“Here we go.” Matt said halting the plots. “We can sit here and drink and talk….”

Tsuki noticed they were on the balcony. She felt strangely warm. Not hot, but happy with their new found friendship. It felt nice.

“Sit!” came Matt’s happy chirp as he held a chair out for her. The rest of the time was spent trying assorted fruity drink and talking all about game stuff and trading items over their consoles. It was cute to almost anyone who passed.

Or as Mello called it later, “The nerd’s love.”

Act 4

The ride on the bus had been quiet. L forced all the boys in the back and girls in the front. To keep the previous threats from the boys as just that. He and Light had sat in the center keeping Near with them and rubbing ice on his boiling skin. Quiet whispers had broken through the back at one point and the chuckling that followed caused all to look at the boys like they were insane. But, other then that each group kept to themselves.

“Whoa!” Tsuki said when the bus dropped them off at a high class hotel. “Hey! Hey!?” She shouted at the other red head who turned and looked at her with all to much interest.

“Yes?” He said mock bowing in her direction and then pulling out a red DS. “Can I help you, Mam’?”

Tsuki scooted closer to who she had already claimed. But, also to see what he was playing. “Ummm... Why are we stoppin’ in frona’ this rich place?” She pulled out her own DS and turned it on. “Open your portal, Man. I’ll join your quest.”

“You play “Cornea Wars”?” Matt hummed “Oh. And we’re stopping here to crash and care for Near.”

“Th’ little pail kid?” Tsuki said loading her character into the others world. “O’ course I play “Cornea Wars” Don’ go anywhere with out the DS.”

Matt watched her character expecting some low level he’d have to care for, but, was surprised. ‘This chicks gotta level 65 flame thrower!? Damn….. It’s as cute as here…’

“Ellooooo.” A hand waved infront of his eyes “Earth to the Goggle boy.”

Matt turned away from her to hide the slight color that covered his cheeks. “Names, Matt, Chick.”

“Tsuki.” She said but couldn’t say more once the caramel guy called every one to attention. Both her and Matt paused their quest and slumped back so Light wouldn’t scream at them about ‘not listening’.

“All children from Whammy’s and us will be staying here.” He ignored the frown shot at him by the crazy blond hurricane standing a little ways away. “As for you girls, you may go back to where ever you came from. Good night.”

“Wait a sec.” Kara called out “Why don’t we stay and talk or something?”

“I agree.” L said with a smirk “we may as well get to know our stalkers. Or rightly their stalkers.” He said thumbing toward the boys.

“Yeah!” Mar called from where she was hiding in the group. “If we know each other, you boys can’t call us stalker. And we can hang out more, maybe change a few things.” Her green eyes blazed as she stared down a very confused Light.

“Alright then.” L walked into the expansive place and reserved three rooms. “If everyone will take their things we can get out of the general public.” L stated leading Near to the elevator. The others grabbed the stuff and began up the stairs. When they all meet again L handed them their rooms’ keys. Matt and Mello got one room. The girls got the one next to theirs. And L, Light and Near had the last one. “All the rooms are connected, but after midnight, everyone must be in their own rooms.”

“Right.” The others said together.

“This is huge!” Mar stated earning a laugh from the other people present. She turned to the open rooms before theirs. “Hey unfortunate guy on the chain.!” She called out. Her gaze hardened when Light poked his head around. “NOT YOU!” She shouted and dully noted the howls of laughter of the younger men “I MEAN THE REAL UNFORTUNATE, YOU PERVERT!”

Mello shouted and Matt nearly died in his game because of he hit the floor butt first. “This is fricken’ awesome!” Matt shouted “Absolutely perfect!”

L appeared in the doorway, and to Mar’s surprise, NOT chained to the pervert. “Yes?” he said walking forward and stopped right in front of her.

“U-umm.” She stuttered as the raven entered her space bubble. “I-I was wondering who y’all are and where you come from?”

“Well. You come from the states.” L stated and watched all the newcomer’s eyes pop. “As for us, we come from various places but live here.” He motioned for the other to gather. “I am Ryuzaki. No real back ground worth mentioning.”

“Mello.” The two blonds looked at each other and then glanced away. “I’m German.”

“Matt.” A gloved hand was raised from his position. “Italian/American heritage.”

“I’m Near” the burnt child stated bluntly “It is believed that I am from Thailand. Though that is unconfirmed.” He twirled a curl and looked back at the ground.

“I’m Light Yagami, from Japan.” He called from the other room seeing as how L chained him to the bed to keep him still.

“Your turn.” L said laying a out hand to the girls.

“I’m Kara Elerick.” She looked at all of them wondering why they only had single names. “And I’m from Florida.”
“Sweet.” Light said from wherever he was.

“Names Matt Tsuki.” The girl with long red braids stated boldly. “And I’m from Canada.”

“Really?” The other Matt said. “Get snow?”

“Hell Yeahz!” She said slashing an enemy from hitting the other preoccupied character.

“And I’m Mar Orlander.” The last girl said from the door way. “I come from Texas.”

“I thought so.” L said. “Well now that we all know each other I think we should go about our business.” He hustled the tiny albino back into the room saying something about taking his temperature.

Mello marched right into the girl’s room and plunked down on the bed with Kara. “Florida, huh?” He said pulling out a chocolate bar and broke it in half offering one to her. He like her already he thought. ‘She looks pretty cool.’

Kara was pretty as well as cool. She was thin, but fit. Her skin was lightly sun kissed from the early surf season and lovely soft blond hair stopped just three inches from her shoulder. She wore surf shorts and a tank. ‘Not showy.’ Mello smirked at her. It seemed as though she was looking at him too. But he wouldn’t say anything. Yet. From previous experience she seemed to have a short temper. ‘Finally someone more likely to understand my temper problem.’ He turned and faced her and she just looked at his face.

“You don’t have to look at me.” He said turning away. “You don’t have to see my face.”

“You looked at me first.” She retorted like a whip.

‘Yes.’ Mello thought ‘I will definitely like this girl.’ He turned back “Your crazy.”

“Not as much as you.” She said with a confident look on her face. “Lets see. Mello. German. What about your age?”

“Right. Yes. And eighteen.” He said smirking, why did he want to laugh!? “And yourself? Miss. Elerick of the awesome place of Florida?”

“I’m sixteen.” She said with a small laugh of her own biting into her chocolate chunk

Seeing that did it. They both started laughing very hard. Eventually starting a topic on hobbies and favorite things in that category.