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1. The Fool- Pennguin
2. The Magician-toyotami kun
3. The High Priestess -ElleXVI ^
4. The Empress-Otaku1029
5. The Emperor-Allie Elric
6. The Hierophant
7. The Lovers- ChinaSan
8. The Chariot fluffy sama fan
9. Strength
10. The Hermit-Pennguin
11. The Wheel of Fortune Laboccadellupo
12. Justice-haziran ^
13. The Hanged Man-nataku00
14. Death-Alchemic Mushroom
15. Temperance - Bluesen
16. The Devil mangaandanimelove
17. The Tower-nikkeh09 ^
18. The Star -littlepooch
19. The Moon-Evalinna ^
20. The Sun- Gerychan ^
21. Judgement elementalprincess ^
22. The World. - gaaraskittygirl



1.Ace- Miracle Star19(cups)
11. Page.
12. Knight- Otaku1029 (cups) and Kaze1 (swords)
13. King
14. Queen Artgrrl (swords & wands)


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More Potter..?

This post is being written by Aurora with parts dictated by Borealis.

Borealis: Guess what I was doing at 3am this mourning?!

Aurora: What?
Wait just a sec I ca't work without music...
*turns on music*
Ok. Go!

B: I was registering you for Pottermore!!!
A: Which is..?
B: No clue... Apparantely its JK Rowlings latest project a website of interactive reading that will be public in October.
A: Soooooo Why are we registering so early?
B: People who register from now until Aug 6th will be apart of a million beta testers and get a sneak peek!!!
A: And so you registered me without my knowing again? Cool.
B: I figured that YOU Tsubasachro
A: Ah my other user name on TheO...
B: Would be ok with it! And I was up a 3 anyway and I wasn't doing it again anytime soon...So I figured I'd just go ahead and do it! *smiles* Are you happy?
A: I guess...
B: Or maybe YOU should have just have woken up at 3 and done it yourself..?
A: Ah no thanks!
B: So I did you a favor! :)
A: Suuuure its not like its the first time you've ever done it... which is kinda creepy when you think about it...
B: Well, seeing as we share an email account and TheO account *dramatic crying sounds* I thought you would understand! T-T
A: Which is why people are going to think we're siblings again or something.
B: If we were siblings I would have ran over and woke you up at 3 O'clock and you could have done it yourself. I like to think of it as a pleasant surprise... An experience we can share... *smiles contentedly*
A: That's one way to put it I guess...
B: *dances to my music*
A: Are you going to reply??
B: To all those people out there... *pets my cat* Who actually wish I signed them up... You can still have five more chances tonight's clue will be from the 4th book. Grab you friends, Your unwilling ungrateful friends and go to pottermore.com!!!
A: We sound like we're being paid to plug it on this blog...
B: It might not have seemed that way if we updated more often. Just saying...
A. Uh-huh.
B: Not that its either of our faults we just marathon a lot and we forget. *matter of fact nod*
A: I guess... So what else should we talk about...?
B: Seriously that what you wrote? Maybe we should talk about how awesome I am and how grateful you are and why you won't just admit it... I think its something we need to talk about.
A: For those of you who know Japanese comedy... I'd be the straight man... XD
B: *thinks* So...You're hurting my feeling to make the audience laugh? Sniffle...
A: No just stating a fact.
B: *clears throat* *sips drink* You just called yourself a straight man.
A: Its a term in Japanese comedy. Two people get up ones goofy and the other is the "straight man" that knocks the other back into reality. Laughs all around.
B: You don't think I am in reality just because I want to be a part of the magical world of Harry Potter! I thought we were supposed to be the biggest fans or something?!
A. Well I did wait 14hrs in line to see the last movie...
B: Aha! Then my action is justified!
A: ...
B: Its no mystery that I am the one making all the excuses because you won't say anything!
A: Tactical maneuver...
B: Doesn't seem strategic for chatting...
A: Probably not... But I would like to take this time to say... MY REAL NAME IS NOT AURORA....
B: O.o Where is this coming from??
A: I dunno... lots of people just think its my real name...
B: Well, I refer to you on DA as Aurora because I am a little sensitive of your privacy.
A: I know, its not your fault... people just assume my user name is my name...
B: So now shes accusing the audience! What a Charming *sarcastic* chatting partner!
A: Is anyone even reading this?
B: Yeah its kinda long huh... two friends struggling to understand each other... Hoping the other accepts them... But yea no ones reading this.
A: Great... *sarcastic*
B: Isn't it?
A: Lets call it a day yeah?
B: We can call it a post but Ia m not ready to give up on the day just yet.

A: Fine. Seeya imaginary readers!
B: My names not Borealis...
A: You're not going to say good bye?!
B: Well... You made it seem like the name was so important I felt there'd have been something wrong with me if I hadn't addressed it directly.
A: So you're NOT going to say good bye...
B: Yes I am going to say good bye Aurora.
A: Well then...
B: This much pressure... *hides*
B: Peace out!!!

I am tired.... so is i (so AM I) us be tired

Aurora: Thats a long title...
Borealis: well, they are required, so we should make the most of them.
A: Whatever...
B: Yes?
A I'm too tired to argue right now...
B: Then maybe we should settle this over another round of rainbow road neh?
A: I only lost because I was talking on the phone! >.<
B: On speaker phone, as was I
A. No you were not.
B: I was screaming "Whoo hoo Im winning!" And the phone could hear me ^_^
A. Jerk.
B: T______T
A Why were we posting agian..?
B: To remind them "were" alive and to deliver the status report on... Senior Ball!!!!!
A. It's "we're" but yes Iam alive...
B: YAY! so anywho...... it was fun! we took a limo with a buncho friends aaaand, tried to dance.
A. Lotsa dancing... hours and hours and hours of dancing...
Haven't danced like that since two weeks ago...
B: *Scrapes hand on the desk.* OW!
A: Are you okay?
B: yeah... Anyways, Don't forget the FOOOD! Potatoes, cheese pasta, salad, fruit salad, roooooollllllssssss + butter ^_^, and meat which I did not eat.
A. It was good meat! ^.^ yuuuuummmmmy....!
B: The pineapple was sweet
A. yum yummy
B: The potatoes I liked, but not Aurora
B: OH gosh thats a dead face!
A. They were that bad...
B: a tad salty but I enjoyed em.
A. the the chocolate fountian! ^o^
B: there was a chocolate fountain?
A Yeah... didn't you see it?
B: I got dessert when it first came, so maybe it wasnt set up yet
A. hmmm too bad...
B: Well, what I thought was good were the roy rogers and sherley temples ^^
A. *nods* Very
B: And I danced with all the boys I had planned to dance with all 4 of em ^^
A. lol
B: ^^; and yesh, bad selection of music as always
A. WORSE then always...
B. hahahahahaha....
A Let's wrap this up.
B: k so I'm going to post a piccy of me in my dress ^^ but probably under my Wall-iE world
A. Bye~bye ^.^b
B: And if you got this far through the post, congrats! you win a prize!!!!!
A. They do?
B: WE HAVE soooooo Many gifts we havent used yet -_-;
A. What gifts..?
B: ya know, gifts that TheO offers? 6 at a time
A. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh
B: ^_^ So see yall later have a wonderful (for us anyway) last week of school! and then expect to hear more of us
A Bye


It all began on a stormy night...

Aurora: Or rather in the morning of the stormy night which was to happen later that same day...
Borealis: Good! Now, this happened on a tuesday (of this week) and we met! Walking to the library- I aquired a LIBRARY CARD

A. Why she didn't have one, having lived in this city for about 10 years, escapes my sphere of knowledge...
B... Anyways. We (I) got a couple math books in preparation for the college placement math test I would be taking the next day! Then.... we walked back to Aurora's house.... Wherein:
A. What did we do... ummmmmm
B. Strawberry's, green bouncy ball, veggie burger, moving avi, study your
A. OH! yeah I hav a bit of a bone to pick with you!!! I spent HOURS cleaning up Borealis pic and she picked a different one to post... >.<# Plus Bor work up up to study math... Uggg!
B:I just ate a chocolate bunny ^^
Yes..... One of my other drafts of Bluesen12's character Allik for her story the Silver Moth was perfected by Aurora... But then I submitted a different picture -_-'
A. why yes yes you did...
B. Anywho, we made my (wallpaperotaku's) avatar in that time and it is pretty cool! We put all the syaorans into it, but it didn't feel complete.... So We put Kyle in at the end! Whooot!
A. Then the storm... there was wind and hail and a piece hit my eye...
B. I warned you there was hail, but you didn't believe me noooooooooooo. You said "there's no hail. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!" as it hit you.
A. ...

B. Well I hope you all have a wonderful thurs.
ps. The math test thing was easy and surprisingly short.


We have a confession to make… Although we quite ashamed for not telling you before…
Aurora is tsubasachro and Borealis is wallpaperotaku
Aurora Borealis began as an account for our combined work but it has evolved into something much greater. We love all our friends very much, and we hope that you forgive us and that you do not misperceive our intentions.

(aka tsubasachro and wallpaperotaku)