More Potter..?

This post is being written by Aurora with parts dictated by Borealis.

Borealis: Guess what I was doing at 3am this mourning?!

Aurora: What?
Wait just a sec I ca't work without music...
*turns on music*
Ok. Go!

B: I was registering you for Pottermore!!!
A: Which is..?
B: No clue... Apparantely its JK Rowlings latest project a website of interactive reading that will be public in October.
A: Soooooo Why are we registering so early?
B: People who register from now until Aug 6th will be apart of a million beta testers and get a sneak peek!!!
A: And so you registered me without my knowing again? Cool.
B: I figured that YOU Tsubasachro
A: Ah my other user name on TheO...
B: Would be ok with it! And I was up a 3 anyway and I wasn't doing it again anytime soon...So I figured I'd just go ahead and do it! *smiles* Are you happy?
A: I guess...
B: Or maybe YOU should have just have woken up at 3 and done it yourself..?
A: Ah no thanks!
B: So I did you a favor! :)
A: Suuuure its not like its the first time you've ever done it... which is kinda creepy when you think about it...
B: Well, seeing as we share an email account and TheO account *dramatic crying sounds* I thought you would understand! T-T
A: Which is why people are going to think we're siblings again or something.
B: If we were siblings I would have ran over and woke you up at 3 O'clock and you could have done it yourself. I like to think of it as a pleasant surprise... An experience we can share... *smiles contentedly*
A: That's one way to put it I guess...
B: *dances to my music*
A: Are you going to reply??
B: To all those people out there... *pets my cat* Who actually wish I signed them up... You can still have five more chances tonight's clue will be from the 4th book. Grab you friends, Your unwilling ungrateful friends and go to!!!
A: We sound like we're being paid to plug it on this blog...
B: It might not have seemed that way if we updated more often. Just saying...
A. Uh-huh.
B: Not that its either of our faults we just marathon a lot and we forget. *matter of fact nod*
A: I guess... So what else should we talk about...?
B: Seriously that what you wrote? Maybe we should talk about how awesome I am and how grateful you are and why you won't just admit it... I think its something we need to talk about.
A: For those of you who know Japanese comedy... I'd be the straight man... XD
B: *thinks* So...You're hurting my feeling to make the audience laugh? Sniffle...
A: No just stating a fact.
B: *clears throat* *sips drink* You just called yourself a straight man.
A: Its a term in Japanese comedy. Two people get up ones goofy and the other is the "straight man" that knocks the other back into reality. Laughs all around.
B: You don't think I am in reality just because I want to be a part of the magical world of Harry Potter! I thought we were supposed to be the biggest fans or something?!
A. Well I did wait 14hrs in line to see the last movie...
B: Aha! Then my action is justified!
A: ...
B: Its no mystery that I am the one making all the excuses because you won't say anything!
A: Tactical maneuver...
B: Doesn't seem strategic for chatting...
A: Probably not... But I would like to take this time to say... MY REAL NAME IS NOT AURORA....
B: O.o Where is this coming from??
A: I dunno... lots of people just think its my real name...
B: Well, I refer to you on DA as Aurora because I am a little sensitive of your privacy.
A: I know, its not your fault... people just assume my user name is my name...
B: So now shes accusing the audience! What a Charming *sarcastic* chatting partner!
A: Is anyone even reading this?
B: Yeah its kinda long huh... two friends struggling to understand each other... Hoping the other accepts them... But yea no ones reading this.
A: Great... *sarcastic*
B: Isn't it?
A: Lets call it a day yeah?
B: We can call it a post but Ia m not ready to give up on the day just yet.

A: Fine. Seeya imaginary readers!
B: My names not Borealis...
A: You're not going to say good bye?!
B: Well... You made it seem like the name was so important I felt there'd have been something wrong with me if I hadn't addressed it directly.
A: So you're NOT going to say good bye...
B: Yes I am going to say good bye Aurora.
A: Well then...
B: This much pressure... *hides*
B: Peace out!!!