I can't stop listening to this song! x_x

Lately, I've been getting more into the whole utaite community over at Nico Nico Douga and this guy has emerged as one of my favorites. He seems to be very popular, as his voice is quite, umm... pleasing to those of the female persuasion. ^^;;

You appreciate his cover all the more when you compare it to the infamous original:

I should join one someday...

I was lucky enough to catch two different protests tonight. The first was a group of picketers protesting for Hyatt to add a hotel worker to their Board of Directors in a busy area downtown. The other occurred right outside my window just now. A HUGE group of people went by holding signs, bouquets, and megaphones. I'm not sure what they're marching for, since all of their chants were in Spanish. The group was so big that it took about five minutes before the whole crowd finished walking through.

It's 11PM right now and 30 degrees outside.


So it ended up being a very pleasant weekend. Even without my saying anything, we ended up not going out at all. But we still visited many things & ate out a ton.

One of the places we visited on Sunday was a "Before I Die" wall that was installed at a nearby art center last spring. My own entry was, "before I die, I want to publish a popular fiction novel." Because I won't be satisfied unless it's POPULAR! ^^;

My friend seriously considered writing the same thing, but opted for "falling in love for real." :)

what do.

I have a college friend who is visiting Chicago this weekend. I just realized that, considering this friend's interests, she'll probably want to go out out. Thing is, when I'm home in Chicago, I really don't go partying at all, so I have no idea what the good bars and clubs are downtown. She'll find me completely useless in that regard! ^^;

This is sort of a recurring conflict for me, that I have friends who enjoy partying much more than I do. Honestly, I don't even like drinking alcohol at all unless it's drowning in sugar. I must be a diabetic's nightmare!

Is it possible for something to be TOO cute??

This dog is adorable. I seriously can't get over it. Why is it so cute??


*ahem* So yeah, I am seriously obsessed with DRAMAtical Murder right now. Anyone who follows me on Tumblr probably already knows this lmao. The translation will probably be complete by the end of this month with a possible partial English patch being released around the same time. (!!)