How I Discovered Anime

The way I discovered anime was actually a pretty funny, ironic way. I was watching it, but I had no idea that it was called anime or where it even came from. I started out as a little kid watching some of the anime that showed up on Cartoon Network. I was even watching this stuff since before I can remember! I was just a baby watching Pokemon. My mom kind of freaked out about it and Digimon. She got this weird idea from somewhere that said those shows were demon like and possessed kids. (Something like that. It was very ridiculous) But she seriously believed it since my brother and I would go crazy when she took us away from the tv when were watching it. I was just a tiny kid hooked on anime, which at the time I just thought was simply cartoons.

My real fascination with anime and anything began in 2nd grade. We were doing projects on countries, and I just so happened to get picked for Japan. Believe it or not, but at the time I was very upset. (Upset being pissed off.) I absolutely believed I'd gotten the loser country! I really didn't want to do it or work on it at all! I remember wanting some different country, I believe it was Italy or maybe even America, but little did I know this project was going to change my life and everything I thought I was for the rest of my life. Being the stubborn person I am, I did some research, but didn't do the report myself. I actually had my dad type the report and my mom make the poster. Oddly enough, I was actually watching anime while slacking off!

The true secret was the report. My mom had me read the report before I presented it in class the next day. The thing that most caught my attention was the thing about anime. It was only a sentence or so, but that was enough for me to realize that most of my favorite shows at the time were classified as anime. Sailor Moon, DragonBall Z, Pokemon, all were my favorites. However, this only made me more fascinated with Japan instead of the anime. I completely changed my mind about Japan. I remember thinking that maybe it was actually pretty cool! I loved Japan so much after that, I actually marked my race as Japanese on a test before! I was never caught, though.

The super-anime craze began in 6th grade, when I began school in a brand-new school nearer to where I lived. I didn't know anyone at all, so it was quite a scary experience. Until, I heard some girls talking about shows I watch. They called it anime, and asked if I knew about. I had totally forgotten the anime part in that report, but I said yes guessing that was the name of what all those different shows. We talked and eventually became closer. In a way, anime helped me make new friends and school a whole lot less scarier. Talking to them, I found out alot about a whole lot more anime that I was missing, and learned some new Japanese words. I just exploded into the world of anime! Now everyone at school knows I'm the anime girl. All my PowerPoint projects feature some sort of anime. I will put it wherever I can. Just at the beginning of this week, we made children's books. I did a Hetalia one!

Anime made this boring party where I didn't know anyone, much better and livelier. I met some people that liked it, so we set up a section and talked about it. They didn't believe me at all when I said I watched Dragon Ball Z, and started quizzing me on it! I aced, though. At the end of the party, we exchanged contacts, and still talking about it in various ways! I was so happy to meet more anime people. They aren't very common where I live. I'm always glad to see them because of this!

I love anime. It gives me a shot to be different and make an identity for myself. That is very needed, considering the many people that look just like me and the thousands of people at our school. I'm never mistaken for anyone anymore. Anime continues to help me form bonds and make new friends. I love watching it, and wouldn't give it up for the world. Especially Hetalia and Dragon Ball Z. Those are my babies! I will continue my anime craze long into my lifetime.