Hi there im Bleachigo this my world will ill be posted most of my wallies and showing them to all those who want to see them and if you wanna leave some criticism just PM me you can just call me Bleachigo

Name : Dan


Birthday: December 8

here is my fav wallie i made


its coming fast now we only have a few more days and i wont be on..:( ..but hopefully this summer i get a laptop and then ill be back but it all depends on if i save enough money so please cross your fingers with me. as i hope that my paychecks are as good as they were last year ok peace out people ps if i get the laptop then you will be seeing alot more of my art work. everyone stay shinigami like and sharpen your Zonpaktou"s for when i get back

awesome day

today i had an awesome day which happens like one out of thousand a year for me and today i got to go on a field trip to my local news station and meet the weatherman and i got to ask questions that will help me in choosing my career and decided on what my future plans are and to top it off on the way back we stopped at Mc Donalds (thank god i was starving) and i got to miss my science math speech and english classes which was awesome and all im left with is computer classes for the rest of the day which is awesome cause all i do is listen to music and talk to ppl on the O

Here is pic from the trip

To who ever actually cares

hey everyone well summer coming rapidly and as u all know school is over soon and mine is little bit away its june 5 and this also means i wont be on also so to those of you who wish they could talk to me im not going to be on over the summer cause i only get on during the school days sorry guys hope you read this bye

some thing new

Here isanother wallie but i think this one of my worst edits please give me your opinon


Alright i have a problemidont know if this good enough or not i need some opions wether i should post this work or not please help me