Hi there im Bleachigo this my world will ill be posted most of my wallies and showing them to all those who want to see them and if you wanna leave some criticism just PM me you can just call me Bleachigo

Name : Dan


Birthday: December 8

here is my fav wallie i made

New wallie

here a another


I finally found a new Mech wallie of Code Geass


ZOMG! Ello everyone! *epic waves* I'm Heartkruez! Well after many many (many many) times of visiting this world only to be greeted with "There are no posts in this world" I'm going to do something about it. First post! YEAH! Heheh.........anyways, hope ya don't mind Bleachigo/antonio. ^^

EDIT: I just saw the new post.......ignore the first posting thing...hehe...
Ah and btw Bleachigo add an introduction to your world. Intros give it some PIZAZZ!

lancelot red

here a wallie im currently working with