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Hetalia Quiz!

Heyo! I'm gonna be holding a Hetalia Quiz here! The quiz will begin once there are 5 participants. If you want to enter when there are already 5 participants ready, I'm afraid this works on a first-come-first-serve method. The first participant to answer a question correctly will win 1 point. There will be 10 questions, and if anyone who is not participating answers a question, they will be asked to leave throughout the quiz, and if they don't, they shall be reported. Anyway, that's enough of that - come and join the quiz!

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That was Gateway To The Mind. It's all over the Internet, and people have argued whether it happened or not for ages! I'm not religious, so I don't believe in God, but I still wonder if it's true or not...

Quote: In war, pick a side. In life, respect both sides.

Gateway To The Mind: Part 4

The shouts quickly rose into aggressive screams, so loud they could almost deafen the deafened. They told him about how the world was going to end, and the man began running into walls out of pure insanity, trying to take his mind off of these horrible thoughts. He crouched into a corner and began clawing his eyes, and even ate chunks out of his own arm, pain unable to stop him. He sat on the bed, and silently cried, tears running down his face. He was sedated, and the voices stopped throughout his deep slumber. He awoke later, made perfect eye contact with one of the scientists despite being blind, and said "I have done it. I have made contact with God. God has forsaken us. God has forgotten us." He then died, leaving not only the Gateway To The Mind sealed, but also the legend surrounding whether it really happened or not for 30 years as of the start of 2012.


Gateway To The Mind: Part 3

The voices got louder as time went by. The man heard things about the scientists in his mind, things only themselves and their closest relatives could ever know. Some of them abandoned the experiment in fear, and the man stopped talking about these few, however continued talking about the remaining scientists. The voices echoed into shouts, and told him more.

Gateway To The Mind: Part 2

The operation was a success! The man's senses were removed, and, in time, he began to hear small whispers from his dead wife. He quietly uttered back to her, and the scientists recorded this as normal. He then began to hear more voices, louder voices, no longer whispers, now at regular speaking volume.