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I've decided on some rules when you post your reviews or book ramblings:

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  • Finally, even though I love love love manga, and I feel they are books like others, this world is reserved for novels, ok?

In addition to book reviews, you may also write an author spotlight (click link for the post regarding those). That would be basically a general overview/review of an author that you like. :) See my (Angel Zakuro) posts for examples of how these should be done.

That's all I can think of for now. ^_^ I hope you don't mind! *hugs* So enjoy! And share the world with all your book-loving friends!

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Author Spotlight: Fiona McIntosh

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Name: Fiona McIntosh
Genre: fantasy
Books: Trinity, The Quickening, Percheron and Valisar – all trilogy series – and some more.
Warnings: Mrs. McIntosh is not shy of writing descriptive gory scenes, or violence. There’s not too much of that though.

I’ll start off by saying that the minute I started reading Betrayal, which is the first book in the Trinity trilogy (also, apparently, her first published book), I was so captivated and sucked into the story that it was incredibly difficult to put the book down. Destiny, Revenge and the Quickening series followed soon after... To the same effect XD

What strikes me most about the Trinity trilogy in particular is that almost every single character in the books is described in some detail – there are few individuals who just happen to pass by once, never to be mentioned again – and there are a lot of different characters! Each character is at least given a name, and most also have a background story. The tale is so cleverly constructed, every subplot intertwines with the others and most of them come together in the end.

As I mentioned above, Fiona McIntosh’s style is incredibly descriptive. Her language is beautiful, and descriptions are so detailed that the reader is allowed to form vivid pictures in their mind of characters, scenery and emotions. However, it does not get boring. Descriptive parts interchange with lots of dialogue and action.

Trinity is a series about danger (a furious god seeks revenge on both the rest of the gods and the mortal world and a small group of people – including the Trinity – counted on to save the world, in a nutshell), but more important are friendship, loyalty, trust and especially love. Main characters in the book are Torkyn Gynt and Alyssa Qyn... and a lot of others, reallyXD But these two especially go through a lot in the book. It’s kind of a tragic romantic story between everything else.

On to the Quickening trilogy. I must say that this is one of the most unique and intriguing stories I have ever read so far. The main character, Wyl, is a boy (growing up throughout the story of course) who is born to a family of generals of his country’s battle forces. When his father dies in battle, he grows up at the court. The king is a good man but his son is everything but – and so the boys come to hate each other deeply. When Wyl is forced to watch the trial of an accused witch, he shows her some mercy and she gives him a gift he is to use wisely – the Quickening. To say anything more about that would reveal too much of the plot, so I’ll leave it at that.

So far I have only read two of Fiona McIntosh’s trilogy series, and I would absolutely recommend them if you like reading fantasy. Even after reading them a couple of times, their magic is preserved. And I definitely intend to read her other books as well!


coming soon.

Hey, fellow book lovers! :) *hugs* Sorry, I haven't updated this in a while! And no one else has written another review yet. I've been stressed and busy, so I haven't had the time. Also, I guess I ended up waiting until I finish the Night Angel trilogy to write about it. XD I'm about 200 pages off from doing that, so I might even write the review before I finish the last book...or not. We shall see.

So yeah, I basically just wanted to update this in case people forgot about it! :)

I want to write reviews on these next:

  • Cethe by Becca Abbott [finished it a while ago, but I should write about it eventually...if I remember anything from it lol.]
  • the Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks [this will most likely be next]
  • author spotlights on: Karen Miller, Carol Berg, & Elizabeth A. Lynn (maybe)

Happy reading, people! :) Take care~

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Hey guys. :) I just wrote our first author spotlight, so please take a look at it (below)! That's roughly how I'd like them to be...if you decide to spotlight an author.

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If you are going to post here, please send me a PM when you do!
Just to let me know that you posted; that way I can take a look! :) You don't have to run your post by me, just tell me that you did. It would be really helpful. Thank you!! <333

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