Welcome to books are love! I decided to create this world because I'm an avid reader. Or at least one of fantasy books, and I tend to want to ramble on my other worlds about the books I've been reading...so why not make a world for it? It's open to anybody. So if you want to be a guest poster, please send me a PM!! I hope you enjoy it! :)

I've decided on some rules when you post your reviews or book ramblings:

  • When you post, please put the book's title and author in the title of the post!
  • Either at the end or beginning of your review/rambling, please give some "warnings" to what's in the book. Example: "This book contains girls/boys love, profanity, sex scenes, lots of violence etc..." just so it's known in case someone has an aversion to it!
  • Oh, and also along with the warnings, do say right away what genre the book is!
  • If there are spoilers, do use the spoiler bars. But make sure to say *SPOILER* first...some people like to see what's under the black bars regardless lol.
  • It'd be nice, if you do a review, to have some sort of rating at the end. :) Like a #/10 or a letter grade! <--these are preferred
  • Please use proper grammar. Or at least to the best of your abilities! So no chatspeak (but "lol", "omg", and "wtf" can be used SPARSELY. No "omg this wz ze bst book evrrrr 4rlz.")
  • If you can find one, do post a picture of the cover of the book. *optional*
  • You may review a whole series at once! If you read a whole one and think it's easier to do that instead of book by book, go right ahead. :) Just make sure the previous rules are still applied!(like the warnings, be specific if one book has something others don't.) And list the titles of the books in the series at the beginning.
  • Finally, even though I love love love manga, and I feel they are books like others, this world is reserved for novels, ok?

In addition to book reviews, you may also write an author spotlight (click link for the post regarding those). That would be basically a general overview/review of an author that you like. :) See my (Angel Zakuro) posts for examples of how these should be done.

That's all I can think of for now. ^_^ I hope you don't mind! *hugs* So enjoy! And share the world with all your book-loving friends!

Please PM me to let me know when you do write a review/spotlight! I don't get the notifications in my backroom when people do guest post or comment.


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The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

Alll righty, I am finally getting around to making a guest post here on BOOKS ARE LOVE <3 ^___^ I told you I'd find time, Zakuro-chan! This is the most recent book I have read, THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER. A friend lent it t...

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The Vampire Armand by Anne Rice

I'm posting this under Interview With The Vampire because it's part of the series and, well, I dread using the Other category because it's so ambiguous D: On with the show! ...

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addition: author spotlights.

Hey guys. :) Aside from my first review, no one else has done one yet! That's fine! No rush. ^^ I might do another soon. But first...I thought of an addition to this world that maybe people would be interested in:

Author spotlights.
I'll add this to the "rules" up in the intro. But what do you think? Instead of just posting book reviews, you can also post what I'll call an "author spotlight." If there's an author you really like, you can write a post just about them. What books they've written, what books you've read by them, what their style's like, what sorts of things they always like to have in them, if they have websites or blogs, or if you know their personalities, etc. Things like that. :) Because I know that I love certain authors a lot. If I have a book by them, most likely I love it, but maybe I read it a while ago and don't remember exactly what happened to write a review...I might write an author spotlight on them instead and just be real general about the things they've written and why I like them so much.

Does that make sense? What do you think? If you want, I can write one first to set an example as well...but yeah. XD Happy reading and writing, people! <3

The Nightrunner Series by Lynn Flewelling

(So this is the first review of the site! I'll try to make it like an example of what I'd want to see. :D But really, you guys can do whatever you want, as long as they follow my little rules up there! I'm no expert here, so I'm just going wit...

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books are love: intro.

[I am reposting this one more time, before I write the first review here, to get the word out some more! :)]
Hello~~ As I mentioned in my post on my regular world, I was considering making this world! So here it is!! <33 So please read the intro up there, with the rules I came up with. If any of you think of other rules...or think some are ridiculous (I wouldn't know why though lol), just let me know here.

I added some people to the guest poster list. So check your backrooms! I added the people I could think of...several people I found through my novel idea challenge. If you want to be a guest poster, and you don't see it already in your backroom, just let me know here!! And PLEASE PASS THE WORLD ALONG! The more book-lovers the better!! ♥

I'm planning on writing the first official post here (Nightrunner series review) soon. I probably won't have time tonight...but possibly tomorrow. ^^ If any of you beat me to the first post, then great lol! I just want to do it first so you can see what I'm thinking about in regards to my rules...

So enjoy and have fun. ^^ Haha. These aren't book reports, so they don't have to be perfect...and if you don't want to write a review per-say, but a summary, or maybe just ramble on about characters or things, you can do that!

Take care~