well this story is bout somethin tht happened to me not too long ago.....Well it all starts off bout a year ago. I had met a beautiful girl named Tashia she had got me into anime in no time. When she discovered i lived right down the road from her she kept inviting me over to her house almost every single day. I didnt mind at all i was always ignored till i met her. Anyway she has an evil girl named Jazz she has been Tashia's gf for years. But then bout half a year ago Tashia started calling me less and inviting me less. I thought nothin of it at first but then when she got word Jazz was moving ishe sounded so happy. But i could tell she wasnt happy at all her voice was starting to sound less cheerful and it almost sounded like she could cry at any moment. then 2 months ago Jazz didnt have any control over our local anime club and Tashia is usually the one to take charge and we listen to her. But now tht Jazz has moved in i KNOW tht Jazz is using Tashia to get control not only over the club but also to get everything she dosnt deserve. I keep trying to wake Tashia from this nightmare but she's too brainwashed by her gf to see how much i love her. I told the anime club and almost all agree with me they all encourage me to do my best. I give special thanx to xXHaseos GirlXx who has made 2 music videos for me and Tashia i thank her from the bottom of my heart. But unfortunatly Tashia is ignoring me either cuzz her gf told her not to or she's too damn scared to face the truth i tell. Truthfully i think Tashia would've broke up with her a long time ago cuzz i got my 1st kiss form her and she said she has a crush on me. But the only reason y Tashia's still with Jazz is cuzz Jazz fights drirty always threatening to kill herself if Tashia broke up with her she's also a drama queen and knows how to throw a fit to get Tashia's attention. I dont want Tashia the girl i love more than anything in the world to be used for the rest of her life so anyones got any ideas to help me plz tell me as soon as possible. Im crying juss typing this this plz help me. Some people say to find a new girl. But....when u find someone thts saved ur life many times tht she'll ever know u cant juss give up people who read this letter tell all the people u know to give me advice. I WONT GIVE UP TASHIA.....AND JAZZ ....I WILL NOT FAIL!!!!!!!

DAMN TEACHER!!!!! *smacks teacher*

well now my math teacher is purposly anoying the hell outta me on purpose for no reason he wants me to do his math probems his way but i learned a lil short cut that works as the same concept but nooooo he juss always has to say no you cant do it that way even if i get them all correct he gets ticked at me and tells me to do them again and every time i stick up for myself he always hides behind the threat of sending me to the principals office for disobbeying him and during the problems he does on the board he always goes "no here is where u take the problem and multiply it by the answer.....CHAD" but he says it in a way juss so he can get me angry URG!!!! and it was the same teacher who made fun of tashia too im suprised nobody's planted his face in the floor cuzz he needs it badly but he's a substitute for 2 weeks at our school and hopefuly our real teacher will come back man i miss her i'll even hug her lol well yeah see ya

juss flat out feelin worthless

hey its been a long time since ive posted on this world well what im posting up with has nothin to do with jazz but my sister heres the story she was supposed to take me to borders to get some new books but when i told her to drive caefuly she smirked at me in an evil way tht i could tell wasnt good and i got too scared so she took me home and juss basicly dissed me so much i cried she called me a "big ass pussy" and kept saying "fuck u chad i could've been at 2 christmas parties but no im here with your srry ass!" i cried for about 30 minutes or so i juss felt completly worthless and this is my sister tht said this man im so shooken up *sigh* i have to keep myself from crying as i type this my mom says to apologize to her but i can picture her saying "its a little too late for apologies bitch!" then being punched in the face. so idk i juss feel sad


i finally got to see tashia!!! she looks as beautiful as always anyway she's in town today for trick or treating and she told me she was gonna be dating guys soon but as always i feel like i wrry too much but i wonder will she pick me if she does? man i cant even stand the thought of rejection made me almost shed a few tears thinkin bout it anyway i hope she dosnt


i finally heard tashias voice on the phone today! it was like a heaven but also hell. tashia invited me over but i said i was sick because i fear jazz will be lying in wait for me to fall into a trap of hers it sounds like somethin she'd do and i didnt want to risk it but at last i heard tashias voice, my angels voice, the voice i treasure the voice of the one i love.

hole in my heart

hi everyone *sigh* its been 4 weeks since i heard or seen tashia im worried bout her its not like her to to this now i fear jazz has told her never to see me again as it says in the title its like there's a hole in my heart i tell my mom but she tells me to give up but the more i think bout it she always tells me to give up on things but i wont give up it feels like everything i love goes away no matter how hard i try but when tashia came it was then i felt love from her times when i'd cry in her arms and always smile at me i felt like she acctualy loved me till jazz moved in idk what to say now but someone help me.