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Welcome to my world here you can find updates on what i'm up to! what i have found and what not so dont be shy!

To my loving fans and friends~

I just wanted to let all of you know I do have a deviant art!! My user name is wolfnamikaze if you want to watch me!

This is sad

I have began to notice that a lot of people are deactivating their accounts :/ its sad. I thing we need someway to attract people back.

Aura Kingdom!

Sooo i found a new MMO called Aura Kingdom! anybody happen to play it here? I need some friends XD

Oh my God DX

I found an old sketch book, compared to now my art is sooooo much better esh talk about crap! I hate finding old art because im like that looks like Shiitake mushrooms Lol.

This isn't good!

Why has the O become so dead!! :C we need to fix that!