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Welcome to my world here you can find updates on what i'm up to! what i have found and what not so dont be shy!

what fun.

The reason I do the Secret Santa is because I'm excited who's art I get to see in something on the wishlist I make.but if the person never dose it. Why would I want to do it again. I have received all but my fan art. What's going on!? I'm more then a bit frustrated.


Well, so much for having a boyfriend. He crushed me yesterday. I don't think he realizes how good he's got it. But what happens, happens I guess. I am going to go cry in my corner. Alone.

Aww. . .

I excitedly get on every day hoping to see the rest of my secret Santa gift but I haven't at all. I got my Icons which where amazing! Thanks, I don't wanna sound selfish but my excitement is decreasing cuz I'm starting to think I will not get them.

Icons for KLASSIC!

I got Klassic as my icon Secret Santa! I did my best! I hope you like them! if you message me I can send you the files them selves! I did a little everything :D

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Icon wish list

Animal corssing Villagers.

Spirited away.

Howls moving castle.

Harvest moon (Any)

Nightmare Before Christmas.

Sugar rush. From wreck it Ralph. Any of the racers.