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Welcome to my little blog and randomfest <3 i'm a weirdo but welcome

Secret Santa fanart wishlist.

Nami Kaze Oc - Picture

Dasha Darii Oc - Picture
these two can be together.
Cress Darii Oc - Picture

Tomoe - Picture

Squid sisters - Picture

regarding SS 2015

I chatted with itachi. And I would like to host the event this year. I am going to use this world, and give it a Christmas makeover. :P I really want to get more active here so now is my chance. I am probably going to need at least two co hosts depending on how meany people we get so spread the message! :D

Secret santa.

I see that our two lovely normal hosts ate rather busy this year so I wanted to see how meany of you would help me if I hosted to event. I need to get more active here and I think that's my chance. I also wanted to start like a blind art swap on a cretin week of every month as well. Lemme hear your thoughts. Thanks.

Update on me

Hey guys! How you all doing? I am doing pretty good lol. Still recovering money from my con I went too. woot. anyway here are some cosplay pictures of me The cure muse one is not from the con but I got the wig for her and got excited. my contacts ...

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Hi Guys

Sorry I have not been very active! I do come on here to check my messages and stuff. Just been busy with life. Ugh. Any way just letting you know im around so messages me or whatever!