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Welcome to my world here you can find updates on what i'm up to! what i have found and what not so dont be shy!

Thank you all!

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! I needed a little cheering up because of some friend drama. I am now 19 its weird.

All the Broken promises

When I first started high school I made lots of friends and people I though liked me. But I lost quite a few of them only to find out all the nasty things they said about me behind my back, or find out they where only tolerating me. like the one p...

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Who is going to Kumoricon?

Sooo I am going to Kumoricon this year! I was wondering if any of you guys are? I am putting my user name on my Badge so if you wanna come say hi please do! I would love to meet any of you! Im not shy :3

what fun.

The reason I do the Secret Santa is because I'm excited who's art I get to see in something on the wishlist I make.but if the person never dose it. Why would I want to do it again. I have received all but my fan art. What's going on!? I'm more then a bit frustrated.


Well, so much for having a boyfriend. He crushed me yesterday. I don't think he realizes how good he's got it. But what happens, happens I guess. I am going to go cry in my corner. Alone.