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Welcome to my world here you can find updates on what i'm up to! what i have found and what not so dont be shy!

Guys i want your opinion

Soo, we all know how in okami Ammy has the flying disc with the fire....i was thinking because Nami uses a fan may be hers should be the fan?? what do you guys think?

MMD Lamb (made by me)

To my dear friend

Rest in Peace to my dear friend Zack Leyes who today February 7th committed suicide today and later died in the hospital i knew him from when i first began my schooling in elementary....now your gone forever! you made a selfish decision and now your friends have to pay for it....

Miku Miku Dance

SOOO i have found this program and now can use it very well!!! anybody have a song they like with a model or better yet may be a vocaloid you made?

Ever had those moments?

Ever have those moments when something really weird happens and you have no explanation?? Well that happened to my mother this morning....I had this picture on my dresser and it some how ended up on top of our washing machine and she had put a load in before getting in the shower, when she came out there it was right on top!! She was the only one home and our house was locked up! HOW!? I't doesn't make any sense at ALL!