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Welcome to my world here you can find updates on what i'm up to! what i have found and what not so dont be shy!

This is sad

I have began to notice that a lot of people are deactivating their accounts :/ its sad. I thing we need someway to attract people back.

Aura Kingdom!

Sooo i found a new MMO called Aura Kingdom! anybody happen to play it here? I need some friends XD

Oh my God DX

I found an old sketch book, compared to now my art is sooooo much better esh talk about crap! I hate finding old art because im like that looks like Shiitake mushrooms Lol.

This isn't good!

Why has the O become so dead!! :C we need to fix that!


Sometimes you have to call it quits with the people you thought where your friends especially if they start blaming you for their own issues.....so good by to Nadia who i though was my friend but i guess not.