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Welcome to my world here you can find updates on what i'm up to! what i have found and what not so dont be shy!

Secret Santa wishlist.

I am knocking this out of the way!

1.My Alice in the country of hearts character found herewith Blood Dupre. Hey its the internet XP Hes mentally my hubby!

2.Pokemon Gijinka Dasha

3.Pokemon Gijinka Cress

4.Smexy Naraku

5.Harvest King

Anybody up to help me? UPDATE!

So I have an Idea for a comic I wanna make but I need some characters. Anybody wanna help me out with the construction of things?

Okay to give you guys some more idea this is the story line

In the city of Tengi everything is based on technology, everyone relies on it for everything. Dinner, Medical attention. Even justice, but the emperor who rules this city is unfair in his actions and a lot of the time innocent people suffer. Yume Hoshikuzu lost her parents due to this cruel ruler and wants revenge, (Her friend I need help with) Create power suits to fight back against the ruler.

So Here is the list of sorts I need help with.

Her friend

Im learning

So I discovered the wonder of pixel art, and that I can animate it so Requests? I will do what I can. But I have a bad art block so gimme the idea on what you want animated and I can do the rest.

Pinkie Cosplay!!

So after some procrastinating! I made a pinkiepie costume! Its what I am going to a halloween party in! And to the fact I love pinkie X3

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Brave souls Skype me?

So I was wondering if perhaps any or you would like to Skype me? My user is pinkiepieDJ. I do not bite! Hahah If you do request me in the message give me your user name! I always like to get to know my fellow artistes!