Would you like?

I am going to make a manga for Nami! With her back story and such. Would anybody have a goddess character of an element you would like put in my story or even a character! I have some main ones but only about three. so four characters total including Nami. PM me with a design and stuff if your inrested

Collab time!

So because of the photobomb challenge. I was wondering if anybody would like to do a or some collabs with me! Comment or PM me if you are inrested! I think it would be fun to create something with one of you guys!

Help Please?

Okay so! I am looking for some things for my cosplay! First! Where is the best place to find colored contacts? Mainly Mikus blue. Second I am looking for some boots for a character called Cure Muse. I can't find them anywhere! So if you can help me I would be greatful!! I am getting things put together ahead of time for Kumoricon.

Thank you all!

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! I needed a little cheering up because of some friend drama. I am now 19 its weird.

All the Broken promises

When I first started high school I made lots of friends and people I though liked me. But I lost quite a few of them only to find out all the nasty things they said about me behind my back, or find out they where only tolerating me. like the one p...

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