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Welcome to my little blog and randomfest <3 i'm a weirdo but welcome

To do list and status!

For Judai! Felicia : status is Sketch

Splatoon lnkling: Sketch

Pony silhouette: Not started.

My list of things. I have a joint account on Deviantart with my friend it's toxicwave97 we are making wallie and stuff that's what the pony silhouettes are for.


Got this game last night! it's way fun! Anyone want to swap friend codes? It's just so colorful, the graphics are great. The music in it is so catchy if you don't have it. I recommend it to a beginner or expert gamer.

I am BACK!

I have returned from my trip! As for Nami's manga I am making I am still in the process of completing the front cover. I also have Inuyasha the final act all of them X3 I am so happy!

Nami Story starting soon

I am making a Manga for Nami, my Okami Goddess! Funny thing her name translates to Wave wind. She's a wave of wind lol. Anyway here's is the story base line

Hundreds of years ago a serpent creature attacked the village of wind. Nami protected them but in the end, she turned to stone using the last of her power to protect the people she loved. But this srepent was also turned to stone. Now The seal is waring off and he's almost loose. It's up to Nami and the help of the villagers to save them.

Would you like?

I am going to make a manga for Nami! With her back story and such. Would anybody have a goddess character of an element you would like put in my story or even a character! I have some main ones but only about three. so four characters total including Nami. PM me with a design and stuff if your inrested