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Welcome to my world here you can find updates on what i'm up to! what i have found and what not so dont be shy!

Otaku Legend

So I get on this morning to find I have been permotted to Otaku Legend! Thanks so much to all of my friends and fans on here! You guys are the best!

Party Ponies!

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I kinda am obsessed with this right now! hahah! Not just one but two! And the fact is I love pinkie.

Oc Check List!

Soo I am just making a random list of all my Oc's because I loose Track XD and i use the name Yuri A a lot!

-Night -Cure Gless -Anna
-Dasha -Cure Harmony -Ishia the ice wolf
-Cress -Hakari -Lenna
-Suger -Sakura -Ginger Sutcliff
-Lizzy -Berri -Akira Silver
-Nami Kaze -Goddess Luna/ Yuri -Mew Shiro
-Ruby Shnora -Yuri the Phoenix -Mew Blueberry
-Lilee C. Akagi -Mitsuki -Yuri(Demon)
-Kari Akari -Bell?(Looking for new name)
-Azumi Hatsune -Destiny Brush -Astrle
-Coco -Rosa Raven -Lily-Lavender
-Rose -Kichigo -Cotton Candy
-Mandy -Akari -Raven
-Dash -Peach -Asia
-Gloria -November

To my loving fans and friends~

I just wanted to let all of you know I do have a deviant art!! My user name is wolfnamikaze if you want to watch me!

This is sad

I have began to notice that a lot of people are deactivating their accounts :/ its sad. I thing we need someway to attract people back.