I am Bulma briefs, the smartest and prettiest woman on the planet. I can make things other scientists don't even know are possible. I have been a member of TheOtaku since 2003-08-30.

I'm mated to the strongest and sexiest (and grumpiest) man in the universe.

I know you wish you were me - but you aren't.

Sometimes I will blog about my personal life, sometimes about Vegeta, sometimes about my spare time creativity, sometimes about the world around us all. I will even tend to rant about that movie being made about me. It's hard to say what I will write about in here. All are welcome.

Peace, love, and Dragonballs,

The Matrix versus Saiyan training..

I sit here and watch the Matrix and I wonder if the Saiyans had anyone as wise as Morpheus. The Kung Fu scene is on right now and it just makes me wonder. "Stop TRYING to hit me, and HIT ME!" or the whole "Don't think you are, know you are."

I don't know. Maybe Vegetas home planet had no structured training at all. maybe they just tossed the babies into fighting rings and told them to go for it.

Maybe I should ask Vegeta. He will probably just grumble at me about how Humans can't possibly understand. Oh well.

Twitter much?

So I decided to get one today. Enjoy.


Vegeta made person #8 - and he is not impressed..

Not only did he rank at #8.. he doesn't see himself as a supporting character. He is grumpy---er.

problem solved

Got my package - all is well.

Track this!

So I ordered something for Vegeta yesterday. I spent $54 dollars for overnight shipping. I have been tracking it all day long (online with the tracking number) to see when it would arrive. I have been sitting right here by the door - waiting. Imagine my surprise when I check the tracking again and find out it says delivered! Not only does it say delivered - it says delivered to my garage! I... do.. not.. have.. a garage!!!

I am sooo furious. I tried to report it missing but they will not accept that until a full day has passed. It occurs to me that saying delivered, although it was clearly not, means it is already missing even without the waiting time.

Tomorrow I will call them and give them a piece of my mind. I could have paid normal shipping if I wanted it after today - but I wanted it TODAY!

I am one unhappy woman.