Welcome to Cafe Mew Mew!

Hello and Welcome to Café mew mew!

I shall be your hostess today, let me introduce my self I’m truly also known as Mew Torte!

This club is about relaxing, having fun and most of all helping the mew artist! Here you will find special services cratered to helping anyone who needs it! I’ll be posting links to awesome web sites, resources, and art information that will sure benefit you!

Don’t worries if you just need a place to sit down to have tea and cake we’ll cover that too! Here at café mew mew we hold unique contests like fashion shows that people can compete in for unique Tokyo mew mew charms and jewelry made be me!

Oh, you want a menu of everything that happens here? Here, take a look!

• Character intros- You can post a sketch a possible fan mew and get comments and/or advice on it by me or the rest of the members of the club or just post it there if you don’t want to submit it to TheO.

• The café help line- You can seek advice to how to improve your character like the bio, costume, back-story, weapons, mew names, etc.

• Tutorials and resource discovery- I will post tutorials and guides how to make a mew (including my own). I’ll post pictures of poses, bodies, reference pictures, etc made by me. I’ll post links around the web of great stock pictures, inspiration, character development, drawing information, free Photoshop brushes and tutorials, etc so will never hit art block again and stay inspired!

• Mew repair- If your mew needs a full revamp, needs work, or you just hit a road block that you can’t go over, and you can submit your mew to get a design repair/option!

• Fashion shows- Hold themed fashion contests for members to have a chance to win custom jewelry from me!

• Mini stories. Short stories about my own mews that you don’t see often. Members can submit there’s too!

That’s just the beginning! New services and events are always around the corner, so stay awhile! :3

TMM Cosplay!

*Whips the dust off the TMM club*

Yes, I know its been A YEAR since I updated the club! In fact the last update that I did was on 4/17/10! Christ, I didn't think the next update would take close to forever but alas it did. XD

Well, in all honesty I still love this place! People still come to it because the views keeps soaring despite my lack of activity haha. I just haven't had anything to post about. Even thought I still draw Mew Torte, nothing in that story has been updated. Well that's not true either, I just haven't typed it down or anything, it all stays in my head. I want to redo the whole story but I have an issue with committing time to comics. I always have an idea I want to draw out or just work on something new so I tend to leave things unfinished. I'm not making any promises with redoing the story but I would love to take up that challenge soon. At least to practice making comics and paneling.

Getting that out of the way I do have something to show and talk about, TMM cosplay!

No to long ago I saw a lot of TMM cosplay pictures on DA. A lot of them were really good so I want to show them off! You can click on the link to the pages were you can find them! The one that's down below is my all time fave and is by cocoaferret.

This one I took while I was at Zenkaikon. She was the only mew I saw and of course I couldn't resist the cuteness of Mew Mew pudding!






There is plenty more on DA and on the web! Hopefully these were the best ones haha. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

Tokyo mew mew memes!

Welcome back to café mew mew!

It’s been a while but I haven’t forgotten about this place by far. I also want to say we have now over 6,000 views. Thanks for everyone who takes a look at this place even if I don’t update it as much as I should.

I’m in the process of looking for good content for the club. If anyone has any ideas you can comment or if you want to write up one your self I can let you do that also. :3

I was looking for meme’s on DA when I stumbled on 3 Tokyo mew mew memes.

Here’s Candy’s Tokyo Mew Mew meme.

Here’s Super squirrel’s Fan Mew meme.

Last but not least Sneko-chan’s Male meme.

If there’s a TMM meme that you know of let me know so I can add it to the list!

Thanks for coming.

Tutorials and stock!

Welcome back to café mew mew! This time will be a very useful post.

Lately I’ve seen a lot of my peers talk about how they struggled with coloring in Photoshop and anatomy (even though I think they improved a LOT). But none the less both of this issues is something that a lot of artists struggle with (I always want my bodies to look like the ones in the anatomy for doctors book and fail). So I thought that this will be good time to update café mew mew!

Here are great links to anatomy, stock photos, people, poses and hugely helpful coloring tutorials!

To really bone up on anatomy just to take 15-30 minutes or however long you want a day and just sketch what you see. It doesn’t have to be perfect at all; I wouldn’t even try to shoot for a half ass good looking picture. Just getting into the flow of everything and getting use to drawing what you see is all you need and day by day things well get much easier.

Another thing is to is draw similar stock pictures or a part of a body you can’t draw well then later in a day try to draw it without looking a reference if you can, or just practice it A LOT though out your drawings. That works a lot for me.

So without farther ado here are the sites that I use and is super helpful!

http://www.posemaniacs.com/?p=623 < This one is really great for practicing a pose at all angles!

http://senshistock.deviantart.com/ < A great place to get sailor moon/magical girl poses



Now for all of us coloring can be a big pain between the lighting and shadows and just where to start. The biggest thing about getting better with Photoshop is finding as many tutorials as possible and trying and experimenting. That’s what I had to do when I first got Photoshop look, learn, try out and experiment! Don’t be afraid that the picture won’t come out as you want, just practice and learn. If you go back a few pages in my gallery I wasn’t great in Photoshop at all it was like learning a new medium, which it is!

Here are the tutorials that I tried out when I first got Photoshop (and a tablet later on) that really helped me in the long run.

http://kuitsuku.deviantart.com/art/Photoshop-Lineart-Coloring-Tut-56907784 < Used this tutorial to make the coloring in this picture > http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/277901/have_a_rave%2527n_new_year%2521




There’s plenty of good tutorials out there so always do searches on art sites and Google!

That will be all for now, I hope this post helps everyone!

WInners declared!

I just declared the winners of the Tokyo Mew Mew challenge! It was really hard, I enjoyed everyone’s characters and people did a good job with the designs and personalities. I’m really impressed with everyone that joined I didn’t think that many people will join. I wanted to extend the end date I couldn’t ;__;….

Seriously if you didn’t win it wasn’t because yours wasn’t good I loved everybody’s entry. I have to make another TMM challenge… I’m thinking of the revamp Mew berry contest because I would love to see someone work her good into a real mew even though I like her the way she is (brick thrown passes her head). So is anyone up for that challenge? >:D

If your one of the winners please PM me with your request. I’ll get to it as soon as possible!

Draft One of My Twins

Heyy! This is actually really old but I thought I might show it to all y'all on Cafe Mew Mew. I wanted to make two twin boy Mews, so here's their first draft page. You can see I erased lots and etc.