Hi, y'all! ^_^ As you can probably tell, I'm CaramelSaffron (my real name is Cara Ronsaff XD) but you can call me Cara. =)
This is my random stuff world, which is going to contain all of my REAL serious crap. Feel free to ask questions and stuff. I'm always there to talk if you'd like, so just PM me if you need someone to talk to and I'll say hi ^^ I don't bite! Promise! ^_^
Talk to you later, guys! Bye! -waves-
<3 Cara
P.S. If you don't know, a Caramello Koala is a chocolate filled with caramel in the shape of a koala, made by Cadbury. Link: http://www.cadbury.com.au/products/pre-teens-confectionery/caramello-koala.aspx

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes!
Evangelyon, GrellOtaku99, JohnPhillip, SuitLea, Tezzeret, Valerie014, and XxArrancarFanxX, thanks a lot! I really appeciated the comments, cakes, the present, and the box of pocky!

Birthday! =D

It is my birthday today!
I'm fourteen in two hours and fourty-four minutes, exactly!
My sister says I'm a tree... o_O

New Experiences

Hello, all!
Firstly, how are you?
Secondly, I'm in a very good mood today! =D As you may or may not know, I'm now in foster care (it was in one of my earlier posts), and my family is great! ^^ Mom's brother owns a big property in the country, and he has several horses there too, so my family regularly go out riding out there, and it's so beautiful!
We drove up to my uncle's property this morning, and then we got ready to go for the ride; mom made me pack my swimming gear and stuff, but wouldn't tell me why, and then we left. We stopped a few times on the way, and then we got down to the lake (no, not all of this is on my uncle's property, just the horses), and went for a swim, and had our lunch.
My mom says I'm a natural-born rider, but today was the first day I've ridden a horse, so I don't know. It was fun, though, which is great! I can't wait to go next time!
Also, my horse's name is Chester.


I am about ready to kill someone here!!!
I'm a Scientologist, alright, please, don't criticize me on my choice of religion. I was defending someone on wattpad because of a post I saw they had written about someone trying to force someone else into being Christian. I'm now receiving so much shit from all these people saying Scientology is a cult, and that I 'need to get out whilst I still can', or all these other things; why can't people just be polite and respect others' opinions. I just don't get it.
-makes a wall cave in with one punch-

Sorry for the rant guys; I know hater's are gonna hate and stuff, but I'm not very good at taking it.

EDIT: GREAT! Now, apparently, my soul is evil! I'm ready to hit this guy... -sigh- What do you guys do when people bag you and what you are and what you believe? THIS is the sort of thing that made me avoid all sort of society of three years...

When you remember things from your younger years...

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Hey guys! =)
As you may or may not know, I've just gone into foster care, and I just wanted to post an update on that, but firstly...
I have 14 more days until it's my birthday! That's also how old I'm turning (in years, not days, though).
Anyway, so yeah, I'm good, and my foster family are really good to me. They've been helping me move in this weekend, and I've even gotten some early birthday gifts too ^^; They bought me a new bed, because my old one is, well, old, and I got the Platinum set of Neon Genesis: Evangelion, and I've watched it whenever I've had the time to today, which has been fun. You know how when you watch something you watched when you were younger (I first saw Neon Genesis: Evangelion when I was about nine, but it was second-hand, and stopped working on episode three..), and you're just like "OH MY GOD! I REMEMBER THIS!!!" and freak out? I was doing this today when I watched episode 1. I'm just like, "I REMEMBER THIS SONG!!!" and started mumbling the words in the way I do (I fail at life, guys xD) which was fun!
What've you guys triggered from when you were little/younger?