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The Fall Anime Season

Just a quick post on what I've picked up and will likely pick up in this season's shows. Coppelion: Even though the 1st ep. played out in the daylight, something about its tone struck me as unnerving. There was danger somewhere, bu...

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Twilight of the Idol

The picture I'm working on is taking longer than I thought it would. How hard could it be to draw an aspiring school idol?! Yes, I'm still working on my pic of Nico Yazawa from Love Live: School Idol Project, and I'm almost at the point w...

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Well, after all this time I've finally completed my Gunslinger Girl collection with the last volume. Here's the final pic. Even thou...

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Possibly, Something Is An Anime Fan

This item on the front page reminded me of something, so I thought I'd post it here. (I never met the person, so I decided not to comment on the a...

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Stop the presses, my Black Rock Shooter Figma came in today! As promised, here's some pictures. BRS still in its delivery box with bubblewrap: ...

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