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Metal Thrashing Madness

Okay, I've seen the future of metal, and it's - idols.

I literally heard this group, BABYMETAL, today, and it has to be one of the nuttiest musical concepts I've come across...and that alone makes it pretty awesome.

I imagine if μ from Love Live! actually made music in their KISS uniforms, it'd probably sound something like this, haha.

Goddesses of Thunder

This is one of the most amusing things I've seen from the current anime season: KISS Singer Gene Simmons Reacts to Love Live KISS Parody. Heck, that whole episode itself was pretty good (especially Umi acting out of character).

Now I just need make a new Nico "Ace Frehley" Yazawa avatar.

Business Never Personal

When you follow the right members in Twitter, you sometimes get a chance to see the industry conducting serious business:

Bring Forth The Winter Season

Well, I had planned one of those grand Best-of-Whatever-Year posts here, but that never came about. (A Certain Scientific Railgun S might have been my favorite last year.) I'll have to make do with quickly moving on to what's up for this ...

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All I Want For Christmas Is A Cyberbrain

From Ghost in the Shell "Stand Alone Complex" OST 3: "Christmas in the Silent Forest" by Ilaria Graziano