"There is no emoticon to describe how I am feeling!" Friedrich Nietzsche

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Chaos Music

Ever watch a show and love it for its music as well? I think I'm like that with Witch Craft Works, which is one of my more recent favorites (probably my favorite from 2014, if I write up a year-end list). I've been listening to the OST ov...

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Figmadness Pt.3

To continue from my last post, here's the mystery box's contents. I figured my Black Rock Shooter figma was getting lonely being by herself, ...

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My Anime

I just got another DVD boxset in the mail today, so here's my latest purchase! I've been looking for the My Hime Complete Collection...

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figmadness Pt.2

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to display The Thinker sitting with and forever thinking of Hana Isuzu in a classroom setting.

Adding to the Otaku Uniform

A while back I had posted about my buying a Death Note t-shirt, so this is pretty much a continuation of that. However, this time I bought the Bl...

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