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Sherlock Higgs

Once again, the search for the Higgs boson heats up again, as scientists prepare to announce tomorrow, July 4, 2012, their latest findings. Yesterday on Twitter, there was plenty of buzz about the Higgs boson, as it trended well into the ev...

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Stockpile of Arms

Yeah, whenever you hear weapons in the title, chances are good that I'm merely updating my Gunslinger Girl collection. This time around, I've added the 4th omnibus containing volumes 9-10. While this never was the most joyful series aroun...

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Brief Comments on Current Viewing

Okay, so keeping up with 5 currently airing anime is a tad more difficult that I thought it'd be. I'm still behind an ep. on at least 2 of 'em. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm actually watching 6 shows: I'm also watching Clannad. (Or,...

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Nomenclature (Requiem)

Maybe I shouldn't have used the same name on almost every other site I belong to: I'm typing in the right name, but am now starting to type in the wrong passwords on the wrong sites. #firstworldpains And here's some Faure while I'm a...

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Leaving on a Jet Plane of Existence

Sylvain Chauveau "Fly Like a Horse"
Album: Nauge