"There is no emoticon to describe how I am feeling!" Friedrich Nietzsche

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Brief Comments on Current Viewing

Okay, so keeping up with 5 currently airing anime is a tad more difficult that I thought it'd be. I'm still behind an ep. on at least 2 of 'em. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm actually watching 6 shows: I'm also watching Clannad. (Or,...

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Nomenclature (Requiem)

Maybe I shouldn't have used the same name on almost every other site I belong to: I'm typing in the right name, but am now starting to type in the wrong passwords on the wrong sites. #firstworldpains And here's some Faure while I'm a...

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Leaving on a Jet Plane of Existence

Sylvain Chauveau "Fly Like a Horse"
Album: Nauge

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Is it real, or is it art? Enter the potentially surreal world of ...

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Working Title

Just a quick post to keep this World somewhat active. Okay, I think I'm almost ready to submit my annual fan art! Put up the rough pencils in my draft section yesterday, and will let the finished(?) piece sit for another day or two before I...

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