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Collection Time, Part 6

I'm pretty sure this is the sixth time I've posted on my increasing Gunslinger Girl collection, and I'm also pretty sure no one is tired of seeing it over and over again. ...

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They Don't Write 'em Like They Used To

...thankfully, I might add. I was going through some historical stuff, finding old campaign songs from previous historical elections, and some of the lyrics I found were forehead slappers. Here's a choice selection of a catchy li'l ditty us...

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Absolute Dissent

Jill Stein, Cheri Honkala arrested, call tonight's debate a "mockumentary" To this outsider, the idea of a presidential candidate being arrested causes cognitive dissonance in my ...

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On Reviewing Films

I thought I'd share this article I read today on movie reviews: Confessions of a Critic: The three main blind spots...

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The Hot New Thing

Anyone ever hear of this site called MyAnimeList?! If not, you should join it!!! I did and my name over there is PleiadesRising. I think MAL might have a future! Now, for a quick r...

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