I'm kind of a music junkie, and an opinionated one at that. Here is where I'll be reviewing various albums in my CD collection. 'Cause I listen to CDs. Like a dinosaur. Rawr.

My very first post will be my master list. This will list all the artists I own albums from, and, well, the albums of theirs that I own. Artists will be listed alphabetically and their albums will be by year.

Subsequent posts will be artist posts. At the beginning of each artist post, I'll post things about my relationship with the artist, such as how I discovered them, what I think of them, et cetera. I will break up each post so that the following pages will be my album reviews-- one review per page.

Reviews will be track-by-track. At the end I will list my choice of MVT (most valuable track), strong songs, and weak links. If I can, I'll add a music video, lyric video, or AMV.

Please note: The vast majority of my collection is made of rock albums that came out between 1995 and 2006. There are some anomalies, but unfortunately, the further the albums date back, the more scarce they are to find in my collection. But don't despair; my CD collection is always growing... that is, until they cease to manufacture new ones and/or there are no longer any means to play them.


This is the post where you, my dear readers, make requests. They don't have to be specific. You could say, for example, review your favorite/least favorite/oldest/newest/latest purchase, et cetera.

Keep in mind that I'm only reviewing albums I own. They are all on this list.

If you have listening recommendations, I'd be up for those, too. Who knows? I just might add it to my collection, and then it'll be available to be reviewed.

Here's what I have queued up:

  • Favorite Goo Goo Dolls album
  • Fallen by Evanescence
  • Favorite 3 Doors Down album

Artist/Album Master List

This is what I have to offer from my ever-growing CD collection. Actually, I have more CDs than this, but they are unlisted due to the fact that I have yet to form an opinion on them. Or they're anime soundtracks in Japanese and I don't even know ...

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