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Just a little place to write about my life... so sorry that there will only be sushi in the picture above, or if I write about it in a post.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! (wow, is there an echo in here? XD)

I hope you have a wonderful day! And if you're single, treat yourself to something nice :3

Sketch Marathon - 2015 (Update)

Hi all.

I know I haven't posted anything on my Sketch Marathon comic as of late, but rest assured that I'm drawing a sketch a week. It's just that I've been busy with a room redo, and I'm kind of lazy so I need to motivate myself to scan the papers... and I need to find weeks 2 and 3... I know I have them in my mess somewhere...

Anyways, just wanted to let you all know.

Also, I've been playing waaaay too much Grim Fandango Remastered lately.

2014 Secret Santa Wish List

Secret Santa 2014 Wish List (click here for a link to the world! :D)

To my Secret Santa:

Hello, and thank you so much for participating this year! :3 I'm really looking forward to this event, as I'm sure you are. So here is my wishlist to give you some ideas for things I like.

In terms of characters, here are some of my favorites:
-Ratchet [Ratchet & Clank] (Right now, he's my absolute favorite character, so him in a drawing would absolutely thrill me. Face-wise, my favorite look for him was in "A Crack in Time", which is also my favorite game in the series. But if you want to come up with another outfit for him while keeping the same face, that's perfectly fine! :3)
-Max [Sam & Max]
-Cocky [Sam & Max fan character by Maritza Campos] (there should be plenty of references on her deviantart page, since he's been in a lot she's been posting lately, but here and here are some to get you started :3)
-Midna [The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess] (imp form, if possible)
-Athena Cykes [Ace Attorney series]
-Kaito [Vocaloid]
-You could also draw one of my OCs, currently my alternate self Tomiko (here, here, and in chibi at the top of this world), Orenji, and Sabrina.
-For my non-human OCs (brand new ones, too :D), I have Lyndi and Ret. I apologize I don't have many other pics of them; there's one more with Lyndi here. Also, Ret's eyes are dark blue (they're closed in the pic)... annnnd yes, that's not a mistake, they both really do have six fingers.

If you want to draw a couple, I would be happy with:
-Hiro x Female player character (from Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns; he and my character are married and expecting a little one X3)
-Tomiko x Kaito (Vocaloid and my OC... shameless... XD)
-Tomiko x Hiro (Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns and my OC... I'd say shameless, but my character in that game is named Tomiko, sooooo...)
-Ret x Lyndi (my OCs mentioned above :3)
-Tomiko and Ratchet (I say "and" because I don't want to see them as a couple; rather, just hanging out as friends)
-Ratchet and Lyndi (again, just friends)

And here are some themes/things that I like:
-Couples/sweet romance
-Theme parks
-Japan/Japanese culture
-Video games/arcade
-Tropical locations
-Big Hero 6! :D
-Just hanging out
-The colors blue, teal, green, and purple
-I prefer silver over gold... for some reason...
-Crossovers! In case you're feeling ambitious and want to draw more than one character listed above... and not in the "couples" sense

Now, if you don't mind, there are a few things I would NOT like:
-Undressed guys (The exception being Max, because he doesn't wear clothing anyways. If you're going to be drawing any "sexy" picture of a guy, then please at least have him fully clothed and not doing anything suggestive.)
-Anything "steamy" if you're drawing a couple... if you couldn't get away with it in a PG movie, I don't want to see it, thank you. Besides, being a romantic, I prefer sweet, old-fashioned romance :3

I know, a lot of this stuff was on previous lists, but if it isn't broken, no need to fix it :D Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!


Happy Easter!

Just like the title says, I hope you all have a happy and blessed Easter! If you're not following me on tumblr (http://celestialsushi.tumblr.com/), I saw three rabbits last night while on the way home from the Easter Vigil Mass at church. The Easter Bunnies were out! XD

Seriously, I hardly ever see rabbits out in the wild and it was like, BOOM! Three of them :D


GUYS!! If I've ever recommended that you watch the Aria the Animation series and its related seasons, you can now!! It's now available on Hulu!! I'm so excited!! XD I thought the only way you could watch it before was if you bought the RightStuf DVDs, but now...!!

Okay, thanks for listening to my little freak out of happiness over here. ^_^ Here's a link to the show page on Hulu to get you started.