SS Valentine's Day 2013 Wish List

To my Secret Valentine 2013:

I'm so glad you were picked to be my secret Valentine :D Thank you so much (in advance) for taking the time and effort to make something especially for me ^_^

In terms of characters, here are some of my favorites:
-Link [The Legend of Zelda, specifically, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, but more the former than the latter]
-Zelda [The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword]
-Midna [The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess]
-Pit [Kid Icarus: Uprising] and Palutena (not really an absolute favorite, but Pit works for her so they interact a LOT)
-Sanji [One Piece]
-Howl [Howl's Moving Castle]
-Kaito [Vocaloid]
-Megurine Luka [Vocaloid]
-You could also draw one of my OCs, currently my alternate self Tomiko (here, here, and in chibi at the top of this world), Orenji, and Sabrina

If you want to draw a couple (I was inspired to add this after I saw Panou's wishlist X3), I would be happy with:
-Link x Zelda (Skyward Sword had the cutest couple, methinks X3)
-Howl x Sophie
-Hiro x Female player character (from Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns; I'm currently courting him... if only the game wouldn't crash on me >_< EDIT: And now he and my character are married X3)
-Tomiko x Link (Twilight Princess Link and OC Tomiko in some random adventure outfit or something, you pick... shameless, I know...)
-Tomiko x Kaito (Vocaloid and my OC... and again, shameless...)
-Tomiko x Hiro (Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns and my OC... I'd say shameless, but my character in that game is named Tomiko, sooooo...)

And here are some themes/things that I like:
-Couples/sweet romance
-Theme parks
-Japan/Japanese culture
-Video games/arcade (specifically, I'm a Nintendo fan :D)
-Tropical locations
-Just hanging out
-The colors blue, teal, green, and purple
-I prefer silver to gold... for some reason...
-Crossovers! In case you're feeling ambitious and want to draw more than one character listed above... and not in the "couples" sense

Now, if you don't mind, there are a few things I would NOT like:
-Undressed guys (if you're going to be drawing any "sexy" picture of a guy, then please at least have him fully clothed and not doing anything suggestive. On this note, if you choose to draw Pit, please don't make him sexy... game creator Masahiro Sakurai put Pit's appearance {because he's an angel} at around age 13 ._. If anything, Pit is just plain adorable :3)
-Anything "steamy" if you're drawing a couple... if you couldn't get away with it in a PG movie, I don't want to see it, thank you. Besides, being a romantic, I prefer sweet, old-fashioned romance :3
-Anything that violates site rules (but I know you wouldn't do that)

Forgive me for using most many of the same items from my Christmas 2012 SS wishlist, but my likes haven't really changed much since then :D Thanks again!