There’s this thief and he’s never been caught. The reason why he has never gotten caught is because he can change how he looks. His best friend is a news reporter and she always trying to figure out just who or what this thief is.

Name: Kuori Youkai
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 145lbs
Hair: Blonde flat medium length
Eyes: Ice blue
Appearance: Some muscle to him, fair skin tone
Bio: He grew up with his step father and mother since he was little. When he was 15 he found out that he could change his appearance.

Name: Miyuki Diwari
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5’4’’
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Shoulder blade length, red hair, naturally wavy but she likes it straight.
Eyes: extremely light green
Appearance: curvy and innocent looking, slightly tanned but is still quite light
Bio: Is a senior, but just got an internship at the local news station as a reporter. Her family consists of both her mom and dad along with one sibling, one older brother who is 23. Been good friends with Kuori ever since they were in the same class together in 4th grade.

Chapter Thirty: No, Maybe, Yes, Wait No...

~*Miyuki*~ “W-Where am I?” I wondered as I looked around. I saw Kuori over by Taisuke and I ran over there. “Kuori? What’s going on?” He didn’t turn. “Kuori?” “Who?” He ...

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Chapter Twenty-Nine: Will You Go On A Date With Me?

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Will you go on a Date with me? -Kuori- I walked out of my room and left Miyuki in there to sleep. I went out to the kitchen and picked up a cookie and ate it. “I have no clue what I’m going to...

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Chapter Twenty-Eight: Mending

I opened my eyes and looked at the clock, again. This time it said that it was 9:30 AM, and I rolled back over. I had fallen asleep for maybe 30 minutes when I went to bed, but then spent the rest of the night trying to go back to sleep after I wo...

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Chapter Twenty-Seven: Run Along the Beach

-Kuori- After Taisuke and Miyuki left to go to the museum I went to my closet and grabbed my clothes that I usually wore for stealing. I went to the bathroom and quickly got changed. I checked the house one last time to make sure that they ...

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Chapter Twenty-Six: Insecurity

~*Miyuki*~ “Why not Kuori?” I complained. “Because I said no.” “That’s a horrible excuse!” I exclaimed. I didn’t get why he wouldn’t come along to back me up. &ldquo...

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