Chapter Thirty-Three: I'm starting to Figure it out


“Did you have fun at your cousins house for the past few weeks?” My mother asked when I was taking off my shoes.

“Yea I did. I don’t see why you couldn’t have let me get my own apartment.” I stated.

“Remember you didn’t have any of your blankets.” My dad answered.

“Oh yea that’s right. But I am nineteen now. Why can’t I get my own apartment?” I questioned.

“Your father and I will think about it.” Was all my mom said and they both left me in the hall and went out to the living room.

I went up to my room. Garnet our house was bigger then my cousin’s house but there’s felt more comfortable to be then being here at a new home. I knew that Miyuki was just a few houses down but still. I just went to my room and I opened one of my boxes that had my clothes in it and started putting them away. I got a good amount of my boxes emptied and I didn’t have to work tomorrow so I stopped and took a break for a while. I went down stairs and my parents were already in bed because it was dark down stairs. I grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge then went back up to my room. I set my water on the nightstand.

I laid down on my unmade bed my blankets were still in their box. I was afraid to open it because it might explode. Also I just didn’t want to unpack anymore. “Why didn’t Kuori come up with another excuse so he didn’t have to go with us. I knew that I had to go anyways considering that it’s my job. But he hurt Miyuki’s feelings so much.” I muttered to myself.

‘What was Kuori’s deal when the news said that Zero was stealing that night? Also how he’s never gone with Miyuki before. She’s after Zero, but Kuori comes up with a bunch of situations that could happen to her and they pretty much end up happening the same way…it can’t be him…can it?’ I thought and drifted off to sleep.


I felt bad that I didn’t have much time to go and visit Kuori and Miyuki with unpacking and work.

“Taisuke.” My commander of the force I was in said and I stood up to greet him.

“Good morning sir.” I nodded towards him.

“Have you gotten any news on Zero?” He asked.

“No sir, I apologize sir. The only thing I know is what my friend who is a reporter told me. And I have been able to confirm she descriptions.” I told him.

“Alright then, keep talking to your friends and see what else they know.” He told me then walked away.

“Yes sir.” I answered and sat back down once he left.

I helped out with some of the things around the section of the building that we had. The researchers in my group were trying to make some new weapons that could possibly help us with capturing Zero. The fun part was is I was the one that got to test these things. So I had some random pills and things in my bag that I’ve forgotten about when I go out to attempt to capture Zero. I didn’t understand how he was about to get around so fast. No normal human can run that fast. ‘That’s so strange…it’s not possible for a human to do the things that he does. Also the only items that he steals are the items that have a strong magical presence to them. I’m sure that if I told my commander that he wouldn’t understand what I was talking about then he would start questioning me, which could spiral into chaos if that happens so I’m better off keeping my mouth shut.’

“Taisuke look out!” One of my friends on the force yelled at me and I ducked without even looking at what was flying over my head right as I ducked. “Sorry about that Taisuke.” Dan stated running over to me.

“It’s alright.” I answered standing back up.

“I still don’t know how you can move so fast.” He said.

“It’s my family genes. We’re really quick on our feet.” I answered.

“That’s cool though if it were me I probably would have been whaled in the head.” He laughed sheepishly.

“That’s why you’re working on things and I’m the on that’s testing them out.” I mentioned.

“Yeah, it’s better that way, but still…” He looked down at the ground.

“Don’t worry about it, that’s what I was assigned to do so that’s what I’m going to do.” I told him. “Well I’ve got to get going. See ya.” I waved and walked out of the building.

I took out my phone to look at the time. It was around 4 in the after noon so they should be home but they are both in the play so they might have rehearsal tonight. I didn’t text or call either of them just in case and I went home. When I got there my parents were gone and I looked around the house for a note. They left it on the table in the kitchen.

Tai we went to the movies. We’ll be home late go ahead and have dinner without us. We love you. See you when we get home if you’re still up.
Love mom

“Awesome so a Friday night and I’m stuck at home finishing up packing.” I muttered to myself and set the note back on the table. I did the dishes that my parents dirtied up during the day then started unpacking my mom’s nick knacks and putting them on the entertainment center.

Once I unpacked a couple of boxes I stopped for the night and made myself some Ramen then went up to my room and laid down. I tried to just relax but my mind kept going back to Zero and then Kuori and Miyuki ‘I don’t get it…Miyuki seems to be a bit more comfortable around Kuori then she does with me. Well that’s understandable she hasn’t known me for that long. But then with Kuori he seems to be a bit more distance with me and with Miyuki, when we were younger he always told me everything. Now it’s like he’s so secretive that I don’t even know him anymore. So what’s Miyuki and Kuori’s connection to Zero? Obviously Miyuki is trying to become a reporter and capture Zero, but every time she talks to Kuori about it he gets really defensive and storms off then makes her cry. So it’s not what’s Miyuki’s connection with Zero, it’s what’s Kuori’s connection with Zero? Then that night when Miyuki and I got back to the house and he seemed kind of down and a bit mad. Then when I tried to talk with him and get him to stop moving he was able to counter act me so quickly. Since then there’s kind of been a strange feeling being around him. It’s kind of like mine but a bit weaker.’ I got up off my bed and went over to the window and opened it then leaned out the window. ‘It can’t be possible…can it?’ I watched the sun set then whet back into the house and turned off all the lights inside and turned on the outside lights then went to bed. My head was starting to hurt from trying to figure things out. Once I hit the pillow I was out.


I didn’t have to work for a while thankfully I only had to go in when Zero was about to steal something. But that’s because I had to take a pay cut and I was cut back hours. I didn’t mind it but it seriously set back me from getting my own apartment any time soon. I didn’t hear any movement down stairs so I just laid in bed and I didn’t move until about 10 in the morning. I opened my window. The breeze was crisp and you could defiantly tell that it was November. It was surprising how there wasn’t any snow yet. I closed my window so I wouldn’t let the heat out then grabbed a change of clothes and hit the shower. I grabbed a black long sleeved shirt and a dark blue t-shirt to go over the long sleeve and some jeans.

I had no clue why I hadn’t thrown the either of my shirts away they were both to small for me length wise. They both showed a bit of my stomach but I really didn’t care until the wind started picking up and I didn’t have a hoddie or something on over it. I pretty much had a lazy day around the house. I wanted to see Miyuki and Kuori but I didn’t want to walk to Miyuki’s house then probably here that she was over at Kuori’s then have to walk over there so I just stayed home and chilled on the couch for the day watching movies and reading. Around seven my mom got home.

“Hey mom.” I said walking into the hall to meet her.

“Hello hunny and how was your day?” She asked.

“I just laid around the house all day but I was wondering if I could go over to Kuori’s house for a bit.” I asked.

“Of course you can. You know you don’t have to ask.” She told me then kissed my cheek “I’m going to go and take a shower. Call me if you need me.” She said and went into our down stairs bathroom. I went back up to my room and grabbed my phone off my bed and stuck it in my pocket. I was debating on taking a jacket then decided not to and went back down stairs put my shoes on and left.

I went to Miyuki’s house first and knocked on the door. Her mom answered the door. “Hi, I’m Taisuke, Kuori’s cousin, I was wondering if Miyuki was in?” I asked.

“Oh hello, no I’m sorry she’s over at Kuori’s house.” She answered.

“Okay then, thank you.” I bowed slightly then started walking away “It was nice to meet you.” I waved.

“Nice to meet you too.” She smiled at me and waved back then closed the door.

I went over to Kuori’s house and Aunt Nadia told me that they were probably going to go to the movies to see a movie. I thanked her and made it look like I was going to walk home and I just took a walk around the block and then headed into town. I wasn’t to sure where the theater was so I kind of walked around a bit and around 8:30 I found the theater and just decided while I was there to see a movie. I watched one of the new thrilled movies that were out but I got bored half way through and left the movie. I didn’t see Kuori or Miyuki in the lobby when I was leaving so I just started heading home. “Well this was kind of a useless day for me.” I muttered to myself.

“Zero!” I head Miyuki’s voice not to far off and I ran to where I heard the voice.

I stopped short when I saw that she was with him and he looked like he was in pain. He fell to his knees and his hair changed to blonde and the same length as Kuori’s hair. ‘It can’t be…’ I thought staring at them and Miyuki jumped back a bit when she move some of his hair out of his face.

“K-Kuori? Oh no, wake up.” She said shaking him. “Wake up!” She said a bit louder.

I turned and ran away from them. I didn’t know what to do when I left it looked like Miyuki got out her cell phone. ‘Why? It can’t…he can’t be stuck with this curse too.’ I thought and shook my head as I ran. ‘No, I can’t jump to conclusions. I know how I’m going to make sure that I’m right.’ I ran home and my mom and dad were sleeping so I didn’t bother them I just went upstairs and crawled into bed.


I woke up early and went down stairs to my mom and dad sitting at the table eating and having their morning coffee. “Morning.” My mom smiled at me.

“Morning son.” My dad said.

“Morning.” I answered looking down at the ground.

“Hun, what’s wrong?” My mom asked as I sat down at the table.

“I don’t know if I’m right but I think that…Kuori is Zero.” I told them and they looked at me shocked. “But I want to find out. I want to go back to school.” I said sounding like a made up my mind.